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What You Need to Know Before Buying an Epilator?

What You Need to Know Before Buying an Epilator?


The world is evolving with time; look at the change that has happened from prehistoric times to the modern women who crave for best epilator!

The early man and woman used to have lots of body hair. However, with time, and the progression of centuries, hair growth began to lessen considerably. In that context, it can be suitably argued that we should strive to get rid of hair growth that we do not deem essential.

Thus, while scalp hair is necessary, hair on the underarms, arms, legs, and bikini line should be scraped off.

In tune with this argument, particularly in respect with women, giant companies have come up with finished epilator products of myriad designs and functionalities. Some have diverse features; some offer similar but consistent results, but the general aim is to make a woman’s fine parts smooth and hair-free.

Men use razors to whisk off their beard and mustaches, which otherwise grow to voluminous proportions.

Likewise, women should also let go off unnecessary hair growth and make sure that the amount of regrowth lessens with time. This also uplifts your confidence in a woman and gives you the flair to experiment with different clothes.

You should, however, get well-read about the situation and take cues from best epilator reviews before resorting to a particular epilator.

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Types of Epilators:


There is a wide variety of epilators in the market today. After intense research, we discovered that there are broadly five types of epilators obtainable in the market.

  • Rotating Spring Epilators:

These were the 1st and earlier versions of the epilator. It is basically comprised of a spring in the head which is bowed in shape. As the head is rolled onto the skin, it ‘collected’ the hair in a bunch and pulled it from the roots.

This type of epilators has however been wiped out. The replacement is known as the rotating disc and can be found in your local beauty stores.

  • Electrically Powered Epilators:

The second type is the electric epilators which are also cordless but require constant electrical charging or using rechargeable batteries. A few models are known to come with an AC adapter. It has varying speeds and several other control options.

  • Rotating Disc Epilators:

The rotating disc epilators work using the same principle as the rotating spring epilators with the core difference being that it material used to make the head is different.

The rotating disc epilators use rotating discs to operate, unlike the latter which uses springs. They, however, work the same way such that they pull the hair into a bunch, by rotating, and pluck it out from the roots while still rotating.

  • Tweezer Epilators:

The tweezers epilators work the same way as the rotating disc epilators with a slight modification in the head.

As technology takes over, the epilators get better and this particular one has metal plates mounted in a plastic case in the head rather than the rotating discs. As these plates rotate on the skin, they push collectively, once per revolution and thus pull out the hair from the roots; simplified to grab, pull, and discard.

  • Battery Powered Epilators:

When it comes to operational functionality there are two types of epilators. The battery-powered epilator is one of them. The cordless epilators, the ones that operate with the help of batteries, use two to four alkaline batteries and are most useful when traveling. It has varying speeds and several other control options.

Epilator Benefits: Why Use Epilators?

An epilator is an electric, hand-held device for removing unwanted hair. They function by tweezing hair directly out of the roots as opposed to cutting it like with an electric shaver.

There are a number of epilator brands (such as Braun, Panasonic, Epilady, and Emjoi) available in stores or through online purchase.

The best epilator usually has a range of features and benefits such as combination electric and battery operations, corded and non-corded, dry-use and wet-use, special attachments for underarms and bikini areas, pivoting heads, ergonomic shapes, and many others.

“Understanding Epilators and its Benefits”

  • Why Should You Use an Epilator?

Hair removal through epilating produces the best results in terms of smooth, sleek skin for long periods. Epilating can be done on almost any part of the body – legs, arms, underarms, and bikini. It offers a single solution for multiple hair removal needs.

The same cannot be said for some other methods such as waxing or chemical ointments. Some models of epilators are even gentle enough to use on extra sensitive areas such as fine facial hair and upper lip hair.

Additionally, epilators can be used repeatedly and over many years, if well maintained.

  • Benefits of Using an Epilator:

Perhaps the top advantage of epilating is that, unlike manual shaving that has to be repeated daily, the user can go for long periods in between epilating sessions. Since the hairs are removed by the root, it takes longer to grow back and gives the convenience of longer breaks in between.

Epilators are fairly easy to use, clean, pack and carry. They haven’t got the mess and hassle of home-waxing kits, for example.

Epilating can be done all in the comfort of your home, so there’s no need to visit the salon for hair removal. Also once you invest in the epilator, you cut out the cost of salon visits and repeated purchases of razors.

As you get comfortable with an epilator, you are less likely to experience razor burn, wax burns, skin irritation, scratches and ingrown hairs. Epilated hairs also tend to grow back slower, softer and sparser.

  • Disadvantages of Using Epilators:

The main concern beginners have with epilators is the pain. Epilating is initially quite painful, however with repeated use and using the right techniques, the process becomes less uncomfortable.

Skin irritation and redness are also side effects, but these reduce with time and by applying skin-soothing lotions. There is also the problem of ingrown hairs with epilators, but for the most part, this can be prevented by regularly exfoliating the skin in between epilating.

Some users also experience cuts and scratches, often times due to an incorrect technique or starting off on a new instrument at the higher speeds. It is important to read and follow the package instructions carefully.

How do Epilators Work?

We have always heard that small things do great wonders and epilators do prove this phrase.

Epilators are basically, as you know small electronic devices that remove your excessive, unwanted hair by pulling out the hair right from the roots. It is almost like the tweezing but is usually a faster more advanced method.

Epilator Working
Epilator Works

It is interesting to know how these epilators actually work. How is it that they pull out the hair right the roots and by thus doing, delay hair-growth for a longer time?

On the head of these devices, there is a tight spring that vibrates. As you move it on your skin, you can actually feel the head spinning and its vibrations. This is where the spring collects the hair and pulls it out quickly from the root.

Yes, this can be a bit painful, just like waxing, but you can use warm water, to reduce the pain considerably. It is just that these epilators do not pull out the skin cells from the skin surface.

Now that you know how the epilators work, you must also know which models or rather what requirements can actually facilitate epilating your skin.

There are many models available in the market today and it makes the task of looking for one that works for you, easier. The two-speeds and two-headed models obtainable in the market make hair removal faster and easier as well.

If you are a novice with epilators, we would recommend that you apply a pain softener to ease the pain and make the process more bearable. You can also choose to wax first before epilating so that you make the process simpler and faster.

It is certainly not a permanent solution to unwanted hair but at least it helps one gain that smooth hairless skin that stays for a longer period.

Again, let us say that yes, it can be a painful process, but then, these epilators are convenient and leave no mess if you use at home. Then again, why just home? They can be used anywhere; we mean, they are generally portable so they can be carried along anywhere including your workplace or when you’re traveling.

Some of these devices use battery while some are electrical. Trust us, with time, the skin will get used to epilating and the pan will become more bearable.

“Epilator – How Does it Work?”

How to Choose the Best Epilator?

There are many who keep sticking to a particular epilator, entranced by its reputation. They find it hard to change even if they do not satisfactory results (there is a mental block somewhere).

It is almost like a particular racket used by tennis players, which they find hard to get off. In the main, you have to consider the following points before taking your best one.

  • Avoid Absurd Claims:

Firstly, stay away from fanciful claims made by epilator companies. They may suggest you will not have regrowth for a year, or you won’t encounter any pain and loads of other claims.

It is better to take advice from old-time users or the fashion-centric woman in your circle. Remember that you pick the trend only with experience, something which she has more.

  • Check out Your Requirement:

In case, you have completely flawless legs and arms but have problems with delicate areas, you should avoid epilators with tweezers.

There are typical kinds of epilators for facial epilation. If your skin is sensitive or you cannot bear too much pain, you should choose accordingly, after checking out helpful reviews (For instance, Braun is less painful than Phillips).

If there is a larger cross-section to take care of, use dry epilators. Use wet epilators only when you have gained some experience, else it may be hazardous. Epilators should also come with protective caps and screen attachments.

If you want simultaneous soothing and epilation, you may pick up an epilator which massages. Overall, the product should be ergonomic in design and should ensure hair free status for 5 weeks or more in the treated zone.

  • A Few Considerations:

If you are a first-timer to the world of epilation, you should be aware of the zones which incur bumps, swelling or redness. Remember to go easily to these areas while epilating again. Again, this is not a ‘blink-and-you-miss’ act, it requires patience and you may suffer if you try to cut it through fast.

Keep antiseptic lotion and essential oils handy to use on the surface after epilation. Use an effective, even if expensive, shower gel which conditions your skin; before you undergo epilation. Wash and exfoliate the to-be-treated zones thoroughly.

Do not make a mental note (that a particular epilator causes too much pain) just after one use. You may have done it wrong and, in any case, the pain teds to subside when you get accustomed to the product.

Always use products from reputed brands. Try purchasing products which are not too noisy, or they may affect your concentration. It is better to let other epilate your delicate zones (the underarms or bikini line). You may leave a few strands in the urge to finish it off early.

Make a note of the time when the regrowth is back. Ideally, it should take 6 weeks or more. Ask friends and fashionable women for epilation advises, regarding gels, lotions and the epilating method.

“Epilator 101 and Ingrown Hair Tips”


There are women who feel quite relaxed with the hair they flaunt on the arms and underarms. However, if you are not one of them and sport excessive hair growth on unwanted hair growth, it is high time you picked a quality epilator. Assess your requirements, compare quotes, check out best epilator reviews and zing it.



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