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Ease Your Cleaning with an Electric Pressure Washer

Ease Your Cleaning with an Electric Pressure Washer


When it comes to buying an electric pressure washer, “What is the best electric pressure washer I should buy” has been a common question that often occurs since peoples will be offered with so many types option which can be chosen by them based on their needs, requirements, and also budgets.

Many people prefer buying electric power washers to handle their household cleaning activities since this tool are known as handy tools, environmentally friendly, and powerful enough to tackle any kind of stuff which is set indoor or outdoor.

And since they are runs on electricity, the maintenance cost of this household power tools would be comparatively low, especially when compared to the other types. But, to get the best out of this tool, of course, you need to spend just on the best product.

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Let’s Talk the Language of Pressure Washer:

Pressure Washer
Pressure Washer

Some of the terms used normally are not simple words that ordinary people sometimes don’t comprehend. It’s actually too technical, so it’s better to explain or get a simplified meaning in order for you to decide correctly and efficiently. Sounds good?

Definition simplified and analogy

  • Pressure – this means the amount of force over the area in engineering term. Simply put, the smaller the size the higher the pressure. For example, a high heel shoe has a high pressure at the back end because of the smaller part. High pressure hurts!
  • Motor – this is the one which powered the pressure washer. It functions to convert the electric or gas into a mechanical (action work).
  • Pump – attach to the motor to move the liquid from a source e.g. water to a certain direction (any direction).
  • Discharge/GPM – it is the amount of water or liquid coming out from the hose or similar. The common unit used is the GPM which stands as gallons per minute.
  • Power Cord – this cable attached from power source to the motor.
  • Hose Length – save your time by allowing yourself to move around the right length of the hose.

It is important to understand the above terms to understand the correct specification of the electric pressure washer required for your needs.

The sets of need are always different according to the works performed such as gardening, washer your car, cleaning air-con or for business purpose or personally (DIY) cleaning your own house.

If you already know the terms, feel free to skip.

Advantages of Using an Electric Pressure Washer:

An electric pressure washer is way lighter and smaller in size as compared to the fuel powered ones that require constant maintenance due to the fuel tanks installed. Also, the washers have a higher mobility depending on the length of the cord and can easily be carried from one place to another.

These washers do not produce much sound, hence they are very suitable for indoor cleaning as well as those places that require fewer disturbances.

The electric washer also does not emit harmful gases or intensify the humidity level within the building as it operates on an electric motor hence very favorable for indoor cleaning.

Many firms end up saving a fortune from not buying fuel.

With the electric washers, all that is required of you is to plug in the washer to a power source and commence on your cleaning task without worrying about refilling your fuel tank.

So How Do They Work?

Well for starters there are a few different kinds of pressure washer such as gas, electric, petrol and hydraulic. But the most common one and the ones we specialize in are the electric pressure washers.

They plug straight into a mains electrical socket, require a garden hose to feed on the water source and that’s it. You use them for all your cleaning purposes!

The electric motor directly drives the water pump which feeds it straight into the high-pressure hose and as with a normal hose gun, there is a trigger at the end to dictate when and where you want the water to be sprayed.

There are a few different ends which you can put on the trigger gun for different types of spray to be used such as flat, a spiral shape or a more direct spray (more pressure in 1 spot). Each has its own advantages and disadvantages and you need to work out which is suited best for the job at hand.

“How Does a Pressure Washer Work?”

What You Should Think about Before You Purchase One:

From macro-perspective in can boil down to personal or business use. That’s a major consideration because of different function such use cleaning an air-con, spraying a lawn, washing a house because you are an independent contractor, washing a car. The use is never-ending.

Therefore, the points below are most important things to consider before buying:

  • What Will You Use it For?

This is probably the most important question as it will determine what power you will need; and will also determine how much you will have to spend on your power washer.

If you need it to do a big job such preparing the large surface for repainting you will certainly need one that packs a punch. If it is merely to wash down a few outdoor items such as garden furniture; or to use on your motor vehicle, then a small handheld one may be the right fit.

  • Are You Going to be Using it for Multiple Applications?

If the answer to this question is yes then you will have to definitely consider a model that offers interchangeable tips.

Another factor that may have you looking for such a model is if you have poor water pressure then it may be prudent to get one that had adjustable spray nozzles and also offer a turbo nozzle in order to get the most out of your power washer.

  • Do You Want Your Washer to Last for Several Years or Just get a Few Jobs Done?

When you are looking to buy an electric pressure washer then the best advice if you are looking for one that will last is to buy a model that offers triplex pumps with stainless steel or even ceramic plungers. These seem to last longer according to reviews and most people are in agreement that induction motors are the best for these washers.

  • Weight and Added Extras:

What features are you looking for? How important are their sizes? As with any new piece of equipment, you will need to look at how compact and lightweight your washer is and if you want certain added features such as a built in the detergent dispenser or hose reel and other clever little extras that make usage easier.

  • The Cost of Electric Pressure Washer:

Obviously, the cost of electric pressure washers will vary depending on the size and model you would like to buy. But the good news is that they have come down in price over the last couple of years, as the components used to make them are more readily available and cheaper to make.

So if you just wanted a small basic model, you can expect to pay as little as $100 if you looked around. But you must ensure that the model you look at with be sufficient for the job you need it for.

If you need to clean a lot of industrial waste of the floor of your factory, then a small little machine is not going to be sufficient. You will find different powered motors, so there will be a size that is right for you.

  • Read Customer Reviews:

When looking at the various pressure washers for sale online, you should also take the time to read customer reviews for each model that you are interested in. This is a good way to see if there are any common faults and if people that actually own and use the same model that you like to think it is good and worth the cost.

If there are any common problems with a certain model, you will be able to see it from reading the reviews, so the more you can read the better. You will be able to form a much clearer picture in your mind as to which one is right for you.

“How To Choose A Pressure Washer?”

Are Cheap Electric Pressure Washers Worth it?

From time to time, electric pressure washer reviews comes across so called ‘bargains’ only to test out a washer and find it’s absolutely worthless.

You will find plenty of pressure washers for less than one hundred dollars floating around the internet – but our advice to you would be to leave them alone and invest in a washer between 150 and 200 dollars, purchased from a reliable source.

Most cheap washers are that cheap because they are made from poor materials. You will likely find that to begin with that they seem like a good enough deal, but as time goes by, the material will start to weep and you will just end up having to buy another washer.

Whereas you could just buy yourself a decent washer, to begin with, and avoid the disappointment of having a washer fall apart on you.

We would advise that you follow websites like Amazon where you can actually find full reviews of products before you buy them. And if a product is on Amazon, then it’s likely to be of good quality. You will even be able to check out reviews, just in case the one you are interested in, isn’t as good as it seems.

Safety Issues of Electrical Pressure Washer and Its Disadvantage:

These machines make work areas wet. They may also make you wet. Then chances are you may receive an electric shock when the machine is faulty, and it is dangerous.

Most shocks occur when electrical faults make the metal lance at the end of the flexible hose, or the machine’s casing, live. Some also may occur when people spray into equipment that is still connected to an electrical supply.

So, try to route the wires away from the work area, and not across paths where the get caught and pulled over, or run over and damaged. This includes any extension cable because it too will be most likely to fail at its connections at the plug and socket.

Where to Buy Electric Pressure Washers:

Due to the popularity of these machines, the availability of electric pressure washers is quite widespread now. You can buy them from a number of hardware chains across the county, plus you will be able to order them online from big online stores such as Amazon.com.

Once you have established your budget for your new pressure washer, you can then start to look around to see what is available.

It is always a good idea to start your research on the internet. You will be able to look at many different makes and models in just a matter of minutes and get a really good idea of what you want.

You will see that there are so many different types to choose from, so it is important that you look at all of the functions and capabilities of each model before you decide on your final purchase decision.


The electrical pressure washer has been designed to serve the operatives efficiently, by having a variety of different functions as well as being durable and lightweight. These models come with varying temperature adjustments from cold to warm to hot water depending on your preference.

Not all jobs that require a pressure washer will need a large industrial sized model, so the electric pressure washer has been made to fill that gap and allow users a more portable option. They can still carry a very powerful jet wash, so they are perfectly adequate of removing a lot of ground in dirt and oil, and other substances that are hard to remove.



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