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Golf Range Finders – Should You Really Buy One?

Golf Range Finders – Should You Really Buy One?


Have you ever been frustrated over a game of golf because you have no skill at all with estimating distances? Does the vast distance between your ball and the hole always end up getting you confused?

If computing distances have always been your problem, then a golf range finder will the best device that will enable you to become more skilled at playing golf.

When you have this device at hand, you are sure to have something that will get your game on in no time at all.

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What are Golf Range Finders?

Those who are not well-versed in the game of golf may not have any idea on what a golf range finder might be. Even those who are into the game may still not have a clue on what it is.

Range Finder
Range Finder

Because most people who play golf believe that there are other things that one should work on to improve their game, like practicing right golf swings and familiarization with the proper golf clubs to their proper tee off, measuring distances to cover during a golf swing is often considered with off-handed attention.

If distances seem to be an obstacle in your attaining good golf playing skills, buying the best golf range finder will definitely work to your advantage. It will help in estimating distances between your position with the ball in a golf course and the hole, or at least a possible spot where you can drive the ball into for greater advantage.

This is often the case when it comes to recreational golfers, who really play the game for fun. Because it might pose to be challenging to work on measuring distances during a recreational game, most players will just turn to golf range finders, like a Leupold Devices, to do the job for them.

This would make for accurate estimates and would actually help in doing such tasks in the quickest time possible.

A golfer would then not have to spend a longer amount of time under the sun figuring out how far a specific spot would be or how strong he would need to swing the club and drive the ball into his intended spot.

When to Get Golf Range Finder:

Golf purists do not recommend getting a golf range finder for anyone who has plans on starting out with the sport of golf and before working their way into the professional golf scene.

This is because it is believed that estimation of distances in the golf course should be done manually. So if one develops the skill in such a way, it will lead to one becoming a better golf player.

However, no one should actually dictate whether you should buy a golf range finder, especially if what you really are after is only a leisurely game.

While the United States Golf Association considers golf range finders illegal for professional use, using them during recreational games will definitely aid in making the game easier and more fun.

Now if that’s what you’re looking for in a game of golf, then don’t think twice about incorporating this device into your game.

Is it Important to Use Golf Range Finders?

Because golf is a sport that needs a lot of practice for one to be good in, anyone who wants to pursue it as a career or a hobby should get all the necessary aid that they can to help them become good golfers.

A golf range finder is one of these necessary things that you will need if you plan to pursue a career in this sport. Because judging distances can only get to be harnessed when done correctly, these finders will help you with the task by providing accurate readings on distances and such measurements on the golf course.

One of the good things that you will actually discover when you get golf range finders to help you with your game is that they do not only serve to provide you a good view of the golf course.

Because you can pan in and out, you will be able to determine the exact position that you would need to drive the ball in relation to the whole golf course. This can actually help you with planning how many turns you can take in order for you to finally shoot the ball into the hole.

“Golf Rangefinder Tutorial”

Range Finder Types to Choose From:

This is the part where it gets really tiring and tedious. There are so many brands to choose from but which one really fits your needs?

If there’s one thing you should know, it’s that not all that worked for others will work for you. Of course, it is still necessary for you to find out what you really need.

What would fit your requirements? What exactly are you looking for? It really boils down to personal preferences.

This is the best time to decide what those are. But before you can do that, you need to know what range finder types are available for you first. These are your choices:

  • GPS Range Finder:

Golf GPS Range FinderThis has been touted as the best range finder countless times in the past by many golf players because of one reason: it is easier to use. Its GPS system uses distance points to map out the course and accurately measure the distance from one hole to another.

You will definitely find this a great choice if you don’t want to be bothered with technical details or you are not that technical of a person.

However, some of these GPS range finders come with a subscription. You might have to subscribe monthly to get the GPS service up and running.

  • Laser Range Finder:

Get this if you do not want a mapped out way of measuring distance when playing. You don’t need a subscription. However, it will rely on your ability to use it.

If you are not that skilled in using laser technology to measure distance, this isn’t for you. It is highly recommended for seasoned players though as it measures distance accurately.

What to Look for when Selecting a Golf Range finder?

When it comes to buying golf range finders, there are a number of things that you must keep in mind.

Because there are a great number of products that you can actually choose from, you might find that you would have an inkling to buy the cheapest since you may deem them to be not much of an essential or you might buy the priciest because you believe it will carry the best features.

While you may be right at some points, you must know that a golf range finder is essential in developing good skills in golf, so it pays to know about them to know the best ones to purchase.

  • Number of Ranges:

The first thing that you should keep in mind when buying golf range finders is to carefully note the number of ranges listed on a particular unit.

These ranges are often dependent on atmospheric conditions, which is why you should get a range finder that has a great number of ranges. Because they need to be adjusted for specific purposes, you should ensure that they can read objects from specific areas.

Don’t be alarmed though if you try it and you find that the areas are kind of unclear compared to the spot you are aiming at because that is how these range finders work.

  • Comfort and Accuracy:

Basing it on prices alone may not provide accurate information on the competence of certain golf range finder because some of them often charge more because of their brand.

You should bear in mind that you need to take note of how comfortable they are for use, as you are bound to carry them all around the golf course during a game.

While some would prefer small ones that they can opt to lug around their necks, the bigger versions are great because they can lend to easier handling with both hands. This can offer comfort and accuracy as well because the bigger versions have LCD screens that display distances without the need to look into the range finder lens.

  • Your Budget:

One of the obvious things that you might consider when looking for a range finder is the price. Range finders can be extremely expensive depending on the brand, style and design options. Ones that have outstanding design and more features will be naturally be priced higher.

You will want to look at several different ones and then determine the right budget for yours. Keep in mind with some basic research you will quickly be able to settle on the best one. And remember very often if you’re patient you can get what you want at discount online, even with some of the top brands.

  • Range Finder Brands:

Some people favor certain brands so that’s important before you choose the best range finder for your game.

As before there are quite a few brands but as you will no doubt discover only a three or four really stand to output them in the best golf range finders list.

Part of your research can include how long a brand or model has been around, their average sales, the features, extra costs and of course read customer reviews.

  • Read Real Experiences:

Reading the reviews on the selection of range finders will help you to determine which is the best range finder for golf and will help improve your game. Also be sure to read both the negative and positive reviews to get a balanced point of view.

Obviously look around and check out the different golf blogs and compare what you see here with whatever else there is, after all, you’re the best judge of quality on what is the best one for you.

“How to choose the perfect rangefinder for your game”


Always remember that a range finder can help you with your game. Keep a budget in mind and find one that works well for you.

And be sure to test it out a couple of times before playing a game so that you can make sure that you know how to work it and you can make sure that it suits you.

If you want a better golf game, go out and find the best golf range finder for you out there and be at the top of your game.


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