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Best Web Hosting Services of 2017 – Guide and Reviews

Best Web Hosting Services of 2017 – Guide and Reviews


Searching for best web hosting company for your website is really tough task as all the companies offer almost equal features as well as promise to provide excellent support. But if you really value your website, you really want to make sure your web hosting is reliable, robust and low cost.

Hence we have decreased your trouble and collected 5 top web hosting providers in the industry. These 5 hosting providers have everything you need to start your website. We have kept comparison very simple so that You don’t need any technical knowledge to understand.

All of these web hosting companies are tested and reviewed by us. We have also checked customer reviews of these companies and rated accordingly. We have only listed top 5 so that you don’t get confused between lots of options.

The Top 5 Best Web Hosting of 2017:

BlueHost (Our Pick)
$ 120month
Free Domain
Daily Backup
Unlimited Emails
24/7 Support
Check Price
$ 120month
Pricey Domain
Instant Backup
Unlimited Emails
24/7 Support
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$ 120month
Free Domain
Site Builder
Unlimited Emails
24/7 Support
Check Price
$ 120month
Free Domain
Full CGI Access
Unlimited Emails
24/7 Support
Check Price
$ 120month
Free Domain
Daily Backup
Unlimited Emails
24/7 Support
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Our editorial reviews are written and checked by web hosting experts who know what they’re talking about. We look at each package and work out how easy it is to use, whether the features actually work, and how much value for money they represent. Have a read through before deciding which web hosting service is right for your website.

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BlueHost is the web hosting company which needs no description. BlueHost was established in 1996 and till now they have emerged as the most dominant web hosting company. The company which is known for its reliability and having trusts of millions of customers. BlueHost is regarded as the number one brand in web hosting market and is awarded many times for their exceptional performance.

On past stats, it is concluded that BlueHost hosts about 2 million domain names and is providing services to about 2 million people. BlueHost is not just limited to hosting but their other services are the mark of perfection in the industry. BlueHost is also recommended by wordpress.org since 2005.

  • Pricing:

Pricing is the main concern for the customers and BlueHost understands that exceptionally well. BlueHost offers such super amazing packages which include almost everything in unlimited amount. Not just this, but the company also offers packages from small scale to large scale websites and online businesses.

BlueHost offers single package for shared hosting with a number of free additional features like free domain name, free domain protection and much more! Apart from this, the pricing of the package from the company is such attractive that you can’t even go anywhere else! BlueHost charges $2.95/month for web hosting which is quite affordable.

  • Technical Features:

BlueHost is specialized in providing super awesome technical features. It comes with unlimited space so now you don’t need to care about the disk space. It comes with unlimited bandwidth as well which is an additional feature you can’t find in all brand’s packages. Unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, cPanel and so many other exciting features don’t let any other company stand nearby.

  • Features and Add-Ons:

You get exciting coupons of Yahoo and Google credits. Moreover, you get premium website builders so now you don’t need to hire any professional for the work. You get easy installation of CMS which is a plus point for many customers. You get premium website SEO tools and free sitemap submission facility with it.

  • Uptime:

Uptime is the thing which many site owners and webmasters are concerned with because they don’t want their website to go down while their customers are making purchases on the website. So, BlueHost provides a reliable uptime guarantee which ensures that you won’t leave your customers behind. BlueHost provides 99.9% uptime guarantee so you never need to care about the downtime.

  • Scalability, Room to Grow and Flexibility:

Flexibility is another great plus point for this best web hosting company as their services are so flexible that you don’t even worry about them. There are options to upgrade to VPS and Dedicated servers so that you don’t need to go to other hosting company for upgrade. Moreover, the hosting solutions from the company are very much user-friendly which handles most of your online work very easily.

  • Security:

Security is a major concern these days and there is no doubt that BlueHost takes your security seriously. When it comes to security for hosting solutions, BlueHost ensures that there is no data theft from your website. Hence, they have added many additional security protections and firewalls for their hosting which prevents your sites from malware, DDoS attacks and vulnerabilities.

For security they provide additional features as mentioned above which include SSL certificates for encryption and domain theft protection which is another master key in security checks of the company. They also take backups of your website so that you don’t need to struggle if anything goes nasty.

  • Customer / Tech support:

Customer support is the segment which you can’t ignore while selecting a web hosting company because you will face minor issues one day or the other. So, customer support from the BlueHost is also very exciting with online chat support, phone support and email support. Not just this, the hosting comes with money back guarantee which ensures that your money doesn’t get wasted.

Online support is excellent in solving your technical problems. And sales related issues are solved on the go. FAQ section of the company is also very informative which makes a check that you don’t worry about your hosting issues.

  • Customer Reviews:

BlueHost is number one hosting provider when it comes to user reviews. Customers have always appreciated BlueHost for its fast, reliable and incredible service. After reading all the rating by customers, the average reading of BlueHost is 4.5/5 and that’s really very great.


  1. Unlimited storage and data transfer.
  2. Live chat support.
  3. Money-back guarantee.
  4. Search engine submission.
  5. Availability of coupons.


  1. Limited CPU usage.
  2. High renewal prices.
  3. Not the fastest web host.

Whenever someone thought of hosting, HostGator has always been the number one choice since 2002. HostGator is known for its reliability and customer satisfaction capabilities. HostGator has been the key market player for hosting since its birth and till now it has not been displaced by any other web hosting company.

HostGator has been a prominent leader in making web hosting more mobile, easy to use and a next generation online platform for the businesses. HostGator the name which owns self made reputation is known in world for its world class VPS and Dedicated servers. Hosting offers by the company are also mind squashing!

  • Pricing, It’s What Really Make a Difference!

Since HostGator has always been the front runner. Company’s main objective has always been to cover all the targeted audience no matter if it’s for few dollars or thousands of dollars plans. However, to be true the company has always followed its tradition of offering a candid pricing for the plans they offer to the clients.

Pricing is all what matters for the beginners so HostGator is the number one name for the clients as far as the pricing is concerned. HostGator has 3 Plans for shared web hosting which start from $3.95 per month.

First is Hatchling Plan which costs $3.95/month. It provides unlimited disk space with unlimited bandwidth. You can host only one domain in it. Though, if you want to host more domains then no problem. HostGator has solution for it as well.

The solution is Baby Plan which costs $5.95/month. It provides unlimited disk Space, unlimited bandwidth and you can host unlimited domains as well. This plan is most recommended.

Third is Business Plan which is much costly priced at $5.95/month. Of course, it has lots of features. You get unlimited disk space with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited domains. You also get free Private SSL & IP + free toll free number. If the pricing is concerned, the company also offers guaranteed cash back offers with each plan to provide the optimum customer satisfaction.

  • cPanel Navigation, Its Super Easy!

cPanel has always been everyone’s concern as if you can’t use the cPanel yourself then what’s the use of purchasing a hosting? Well, HostGator has made the solution for you very easy! The cPanel that comes with the hosting or servers is highly optimized and user-friendly. The cPanel comes with a well-crafted and designed interface with easy to use navigation, So that you can have all the features on your fingertips! Not just this company has also added video demonstrations and video tutorials for your each problem so you don’t stuck in between your work!

  • Uptime and Reliability:

Providing a full uptime to the servers and hosting has always been the top priorities of any web hosting company but for HostGator, it’s like their main work! The company sells its hosting packages with 99.9% uptime guarantee which ensures that customer that their website is not going to be down while a customer is viewing it!

As mentioned above, HostGator has always been the reliable name in hosting market and customers trust them blindly. Maintaining that prestige till now the company has always provided the best of service to the customers without any down-time except for maintenance purposes. The packages that company offers are so perfectly designed that they don’t let you waste single penny of yours!

  • Scalability, Room to Grow and Flexibility:

There should always be option to upgrade so that you don’t need to transfer to another hosting for higher services. The HostGator company has genuinely priced the VPS and Dedicated server plans which dull the other companies shine in front of them.

  • Tech Support, Hey! I need Help:

Customer support is the main segment where all the brands are fighting. Providing an excellent customer satisfaction is not that easy! But the company manages that well with its super customer support and help desk. It provides 24×7 Support. You can get almost all the answers to your solutions in the FAQ section not just this the service from the company is so perfect that if you mail them regarding any issue the reply will be in your inbox within few hours.

Additionally the company is also providing excellent live chat support and phone support so that you can clear all your sales related issues and technical problems on the go. Managed VPS service from the company has always been the center of attraction! This makes HostGator a remarkable choice for web hosting solutions!

  • Customer Reviews:

HostGator is rated very high by its customers. It is loved by the clients. Customers really appreciate HostGator’s support. Their support is really quick and helpful. And based on all ratings, it has got 4.5/5 average rating by its customers which is the highest rating among all other web hosting companies.


  1. Unlimited everything.
  2. Free transfer service.
  3. 1-Click installs.
  4. 45 days money back guarantee.


  1. Pricey domains
  2. CPU allowance.
  3. Too crowded.

iPage, the brand which is mostly referred for its outstanding service and quality. iPage, the company which joined the top web hosting companies list in 2010 is still shining at the top. iPage has managed to compete with past leaders of the market and has emerged as a leading hosting solution since 2010.

Not just this, the company has also been awarded for its outstanding performance in various categories. No matter if its technical or customer support, these guys have always been the show stopper.

  • Pricing:

Pricing is the main thing for deciding any company’s future. iPage offers their plans at such prices that are irresistible and you really can’t ignore it. The pricing offered by the company leaves no other opponent near to them. They have only one package for web hosting so that you don’t get confused between so many. They charge only $1.99/month which is quite affordable for everyone. The pricing is low but features are not at all low. They provide great features with their web hosting package.

  • Tech Specifications:

Technical specifications? Well, iPage is the one stop shop for you! Technical specifications and features that iPage offers make the company number one choice for millions of the world. The company offers unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, free domain name with every purchase and a lot more that you will surely gonna see when you will use it!

  • Features and Add-Ons:

Features and add-ons are the things that every web hosting buyer wants from the company. And iPage will not disappoint you at that point because it comes with great add-ons that no other company offers and if offers they give it in limited quantity. But in this case, iPage is really awesome. It gives you numerous free plugins, site softwares, advertisement credits and much more.

Not just this, they also offer free site builder which is again another great feature, Which means now you don’t need to worry about hiring a professional, You can do it yourself!

  • Uptime:

Uptime for any web hosting is its actual asset. But not all are blessed with it. iPage is the company which offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee and it really does prove it! Uptime power of the servers of the iPage is really phenomenal and it makes a really great significance in this competitive web hosting market. Company offers an uptime guarantee with confidence and it really works hard to be on it!

  • Scalability, Room to Grow and Flexibility:

When it comes to flexibility, iPage is really a great choice. Company offers great capabilities to its services which makes it a number one choice when it comes to flexibility offerings of the hosting. iPage provides VPS and Dedicated hosting services as well so that you can always upgrade whenever you want. The atmosphere in the company’s servers and hosting is also very user-friendly which leaves no doubt about its performance and more!

  • Security:

Online security is a major cause nowadays as data leeching is on its highs. Hence, customers are really feared of sharing their personal information online but with iPage you are fully secure. The company provides time to time updates and patches to all the vulnerabilities and tries to maintain the level best. They also offer inbuilt site locks and more features to prevent hacking of your sensitive information online. They do daily backups of your website so that you are fully secured.

  • Customer Support:

Customer support is the key feature for any brand’s support if you are not able to satisfy your customers you are not going to make any progress in future. iPage understands that well and thus provides an amazing customer support.

Their online support is so perfect that you really don’t need to care about technical failures or issued of your service. When you are buying from them you really don’t need to expect any technical issues but if you do then they are always there to help you out. iPage provides 24×7 Phone, Chat and Email Support.

  • Customer Reviews:

iPage really excels in its web hosting service hence it gets lots of positive customer reviews. Clients love to leave positive feedback about iPage because iPage really earns it. Based on all the ratings of iPage, the average rating is 4/5 which is indeed great.


  1. Very affordable pricing.
  2. Free site building tools.
  3. Free security suite.
  4. Everything is unlimited.
  5. Pretty good customer support.
  6. One click installs.
  7. Robust third-party application support.


  1. Slow at times (not often).
  2. No cPanel.
  3. Upsells throughout
  4. Free Security Suite.

DreamHost is a well-established name in web hosting market nowadays! Actually the company started its operations in 1996 as a LLC and till now they have been regarded as the pioneers in the market. DreamHost brings to you the exclusive pricing deals and offers that you can’t ignore.

Not just this, the company also offers exciting customer service which is the trend nowadays as we face many difficulties without hosting so this makes the answer to every question. The company comes with great deals that bring premium plans at cheaper prices to you daily.

  • Pricing & Plans:

As far as the pricing is concerned DreamHost is our first choice the company offers a great service with cheaper prices. In short, we can say that the company knows how to attract the customers to sell their services. Pricing is a point of thinking now! Because the market is getting so competitive that you really do need to care about the pricing that you are going to offer for your services and DreamHost knows how to do that very well!

Company offers one simple plan for web hosting which includes all the features needed to run an excellent website. The web hosting costs $7.95 per month. The plan offers great deals like free domain, unlimited bandwidth and much more.

  • Uptime and Reliability:

Reliability comes with time so there is no doubt that in the reliability of the company. Being among the oldest internet companies, DreamHost knows how to manage their reliability and how to maintain customers trust.

Exciting thing is that the company offers a no downtime offer i.e. 100% uptime with each of their hosting plans which is absolutely great! Their technical team ensures that you don’t face any downtime while your website is giving superb services to your customers.

However, if you face any difficulty and reports, it will get corrected in moments which is another sign of how the company performs with the customer’s relations.

  • Scalability, Room to Grow and Flexibility:

DreamHost provides you room to grow so that in future if you need to upgrade then no need to go to other web hosting company. Shared hosting, VPS, Dedicated servers and much more are the specialties of this old prestigious brand.

  • Tech Support:

Customer/Tech support is a must have thing now a days as customers are always having problems with technical stuff and solving them within no time is a great responsibility. But the company manages that very well and brings up one of the best customer support experience in web hosting market.

Online and offline support of the company is really amazing. Not just this but the customer support of the company has also been awarded as one of the most reliable one. Thus, you really don’t need to care about technical issues once you are their customer, because these guys really know how to manage and deal with customer’s issues.

DreamHost provides 24/7 technical support which includes Live chat, Email and Phone.

  • Customer Reviews:

DreamHost is among best web hosting companies. Hence it is rated highest by its customers. The average customer rating for DreamHost is 3.7/5.


  1. 100% uptime guarantee.
  2. Customer support.
  3. One click installation.
  4. Full Shell / SSH / FTP / SFTP.
  5. 97 day trial period


  1. Confusing dashboard.
  2. No site builder.
  3. Too many options.

FatCow is one of the renowned names in web hosting market. The company has been providing world class services to clients and customers since 1998 being an old name in the field, the company manages to maintain their reputation in the market by anyhow. On the other hand, the company offers an excellent customer support and plans for web hosting.

They just don’t stop here; apart from there additional services are also included in their services list which makes them a top rated choice. FatCow has been awarded as one of the best web hosting service providers many times and also for their excellent customer service support which proved to be a milestone in the success story of the business!

  • Pricing & Plan:

Hosting plan offered by the company are made targeting every class of buyer. FatCow offers single plan for Web Hosting. They charge about $49/yr for web hosting package. Additional services that company offers are also outstanding.

When it comes to price of hosting plans, the company has always added extra sweets to the bucket for the beloved customers. Like they provide free domain name services with hosting plans and additional security settings as well. They have also added extra services for making the customer’s satisfaction level to the upmost!

Not just this, the company is also offering 30 day money back guarantee which is an extra pros to the company’s long list of superb services.

  • Navigation:

Navigation is a major concern for those who want to manage their hosting themselves. Being a non-tech person, you might find managing the hosting a bit difficult but when FatCow arrives, it leaves all the problems behind. The company offers a great navigation system for the hosting plans and servers as well.

FatCow lays stress on the management of the hosting thus they made the cPanel an easiest thing to manage. Also, there are many video demonstrations and tutorials which tell you how and what each function performs.

Not just this, the navigation system for support forum on their site is also very easy and opening a help ticket is not required any rocket science now!

  • Uptime and Reliability:

Reliability comes when FatCow arrives. Yes, to be true the reliability of the company’s service is higher than any other. Being one of the oldest brands in the market, FatCow holds a never ending prestigious tag which makes the company a best choice for all the web hosting hunters.

Company offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee for the clients. FatCow ensures that you may not miss any online customer due to the outage of the hosting services.

However, additionally the company also offers great security features which make the customer trust on your website. Customer’s privacy is a great concern these days so FatCow ensures that you may not miss any customer due to security issues on your site.

  • Scalability, Room to Grow and Flexibility:

FatCow also provides VPS as well as Dedicated hosting options so that you can always upgrade to them if you want. Managed VPS service from the company is also amazing and they tend to help within few minutes.

  • Tech / Customer Support:

As we have mentioned earlier that the FatCow is one of the trusted brands in web hosting markets thus they also lay stress on the customer support as well. Being awarded for the best customer service providers leaves no question now! But still we would like to mention that the company offers lightning fast customer support service which provides surety that you don’t feel disturbed on the work.

All in all, the service and support from the company is outstanding and one must give a try to FatCow because after that you won’t go anywhere else. FatCow provides support via Live Chat, Email and Phone.

  • Customer Reviews:

FatCow is loved by many people. It has attracted customers all over the world and customers have left high ratings for FatCow. After checking all the ratings, the average rating of FatCow is 3.3/5 which is really good.


  1. Strong uptime record.
  2. Site builder.
  3. Daily backups & bonuses.
  4. Free site migration.
  5. Efficient marketing tools.


  1. More expensive than other alternatives.
  2. Higher renewal pricing.
  3. Only offers one shared hosting plan.
  4. Internal upselling.

So, What Does Web Hosting Mean?

Wikipedia defines web hosting as a kind of internet hosting service which allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.

Today, people are widely using internet services, coupled with that growth, usage of web-hosting services is increasing rapidly. The internet is being used extensively all around the world; people are using internet for different purposes, like for social networking, for gathering information and for establishing an e-commerce business, undoubtedly, today, internet has become an essential part of our lives.

The internet is flooded with thousands of different websites, it’s very important to have a web-hosting service that will host and make these websites accessible on the World Wide Web. There are a lot of companies in the market which offer web-hosting services but it’s extremely important to choose the one which is secure and reliable.

Types of Web Hosting:

Hosting can be Shared, Dedicated, Reseller or Free.

  • Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is the most common type of web hosting. The reason it is called shared hosting is because different websites share the same server. Since multiple websites are using the same server, this means shared hosting is normally the cheaper choice. Just because it is cheaper does not mean it is low quality.

Shared hosting is a great choice for small businesses and new websites that do not get a high volume of traffic yet. As long as you choose a good web hosting, shared hosting should have all the features a new website would need. Make sure they have guaranteed 99.9% uptime, unlimited bandwidth and disk space along with good reviews and shared hosting should be all you need. Once your website starts getting a large number of daily visitors you may need to switch to managed hosting or dedicated hosting.

  • Dedicated Hosting:

Dedicated hosting is going to be more expensive than shared hosting, but is designed to be able to handle a lot more traffic. Unlike shared hosting, dedicated hosting has one server dedicated to your website so you are able to handle a large amount of traffic.

Dedicated hosting is not the type of hosting plan you will normally want to start out with since it is rare for a brand new website to generate a large amount of visitors. It is much more cost effective to start with a shared hosting plan, and move on to dedicated hosting once it is needed. With dedicated hosting your website will load much faster and your host will normally have more features. If you plan on having a high traffic website, then dedicated hosting is the hosting plan that you are going to need.

Shared VS Dedicated Hosting
Infographic Designed by Jerry Low
  • Reseller Hosting:

Reseller web hosting allows you to sell a hosting plan as your own without the customer knowing the brand name. Most reseller hosting plans allow you to pick your own prices, packages and brand name you want to sell to your customers.

Reseller hosting can be a great way to earn extra income without actually owning the company. You do not own the server, but you get all of the perks like you do. You are actually purchasing the web space that you are selling, so you can deal directly with the customers. Just like every other hosting plan it is a monthly/yearly price, but you are able to earn more money by selling web hosting plans as your own product.

  • Free Hosting:

Most internet service providers will offer you some sort of web space for free should you have no budget at present. The restrictions on this kind of service will be what holds you back though.

You could try one of the free hosting sites, but you will have to deal with all the advertisements that come along with this. These adverts will sometimes even take up more space than your actual site on the screen so be aware of the effect that it can have on visitors. This is where the advantage of paid internet space comes into play. You can find hosting packages that charge minimal amounts for the service, but all is not always as it seems.

The Benefits of Web Hosting:

Web hosting is basically the most essential part while setting up a website. Some people find web hosting expensive but the kind of benefits it offers is definitely worth it.

Following are some benefits provided by web hosting:

  • The most rewarding benefit that an individual can get by web hosting is security and truthfulness. Your website will definitely become safer than before after hiring a web hosting company for its maintenance and hosting.
  • Almost every web hosting company provides at least one domain name to its clients so that the clients can make a unique presence on the World Wide Web. That means, you’ll also be rewarded with a free domain name after purchasing a web hosting plan.
  • You’ll have full control over the data/content which you post on your website. You can control all the aspects of your website.
  • Shared web hosting provides all the web hosting services at cheap rates. If you don’t have a big budget, then shared web hosting will definitely prove to be very beneficial for you as it’s very cheap.
  • With web hosting, you will have the opportunity to create personalized emails and email campaigns which will help you grow your business online.
  • If you experience any kind of issue or problem regarding web hosting, then you can contact the company’s customer support. They will help you to solve all your technical problems regarding web hosting.

How to Choose Best Hosting Company for Your Website?

When you are new to hosting world, it’s very difficult to choose the one which is perfect for your website. Before looking for web hosting, you should first decide your requirements regarding your website. You can also take help of following points to decide your requirements for your web hosting. Below are the most important things to look for when choosing a web hosting company.

  • Price:

When we want to buy something, the first thing we look for is its price. Hence, look for a web hosting which is in your budget. However, you should not totally rely on it. Look for something which is in budget as well as has all the features you want in your web hosting so that you don’t need to suffer it later. Hosting is base of a website. You can’t run your website without it so choose it wisely.

  • Tech Specifications:

Here comes the main point. You must check all the technical specifications hosting company provides. Compare all the specifications with your requirements and see which hosting fits for your website. Here are some important Tech Specs you should look for:

  1. Disk Space/Storage: When you are hosting a website, you must know how much data your website can store. Some web hosting provide limited amount of space like 100 GB, more or less. And some even provide Unlimited amount of storage. If your website will be like eCommerce or News then go for Unlimited one else limited storage is fine as well.
  2. Bandwidth: Your amount of traffic depends on Bandwidth. Look for hosting which provides unlimited bandwidth if your website gets lots of visitors. Personal and small business websites won’t need more than 1GB of bandwidth per month.
  3. Number of Domains and Subdomains: If you are planning to have multiple websites in future then do check for this. You may not want to buy separate hosting for each of your website/domain. Some hosting offers multiple domains and subdomains support.
  4. Control Panel/User Interface: What will be the User Interface of your hosting? Most of the hosts offer Control Panel or Plesk which are very easy to use and flexible. You won’t need much technical knowledge to use it. Hence look for something famous and known so that anyone can handle it.
  5. Framework Support and One Click/Easy Install: If you are going to use some framework like WordPress or other popular ones then look if your hosting supports it. And it is great when you can install that framework without any hassle in one click.
  6. Email Features: It is good to have Email Accounts for your domains. You should look for how many email accounts you can setup. And also check if they have solutions for spam.
  7. Language Support: You may want different languages support for your website because our preferences change over time. PHP is the most used language though. If you want some other languages like Ruby on Rails or Python then look for it.
  8. Extra Applications: Most of the hosts offer applications for Forums, eCommerce, mailing lists, etc. Hence if you need any of them, check for that.
  • Features and Add-Ons:

You can’t expect it from all the hosts. Though, there are some hosts which offer extra features and add-ons. It can be anything like free domain, free promotional credits, etc.

  • Uptime:

This one is important. Though, all the hosts guarantee to have 99.9% uptime, they can’t stick to it. So look for some user reviews.

Server Uptime
Server Uptime
  • Scalability, Room to Grow and Flexibility:

Here we are mainly talking about shared hosting but in future you may need to upgrade to VPS, dedicated or cloud server. Your website won’t be same always. You may need more space and bandwidth for your website. Hence your host should have an option to easily upgrade to higher plans. This one is only for huge amount of traffic websites.

  • Security:

Without looking for security features, you should not choose a web host. It should provide firewalls, daily backups and user authentication.

  • Tech Support:

This is should be good. If your site goes down or some problem occurs, you must have someone to fix it as soon as possible. Hence you should look for ways to contact your host. What support options do they provide? Email, Phone, Live Chat? Are they available 24/7? Do they have ticket system? Find answers to all of them.

  • Customer Reviews:

There are several web hosting companies, and most of them provide satisfactory services. However, some of them might be good for certain types of customers while others might be suitable for another set of clients. So how do you find which web hosting is the best for you?

Yes, web hosting reviews are the answer to the question! There are different types of reviews to be found at different websites. Some are more objective and numerical, while others provide experiences of real users. The different details that web hosting reviews include are prices, discounts, features included in the different web hosting service packages, users’ ratings and comments.

These reviews help you to:

  1. Understand the details of individual web hosting services in depth.
  2. Compare the offers and ratings of different services at the same platform with ease.
  3. Make a well informed decision that will prove to profitable for your business.

And the best thing about web hosting reviews is that they are free and are backed by the feedback of real people who have been the customers of these different service providers. This proves the authenticity of the information provided to you.

So these were the most important factors while choosing a web host. Based on above factors, we have already collected top 5 best web hosting so that you don’t need to waste your time and effort.

“What Web Hosting Company Should I Choose”

Windows or Linux or Apache?

Whenever someone considers the idea of hosting a website on the Internet there are 3 terms they will constantly come across – Windows hosting, PHP hosting and Apache hosting.

The first two names are more popular among professionals and the third one is a relatively new concept whose full potential is yet to be explored. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages and what this section will do is give an overview on all of them to help consumers decide on the best option for their own use.

  • Windows:


The term ‘windows hosting’ is more commonly known as ‘Microsoft hosting’. It is a service that runs using the Windows operating system. But this does not at all interfere with the working of the operating system that one may be using on his or her personal computer.

A major advantage of using the windows hosting service is the fact that it can accommodate a variety of networking formats and the list includes ASP.NET, ASP, MSSQL, etc. These are a variety of databases and encryptions that function solely on windows.

However, in addition to these, Windows is also capable of working with all other major applications and encryptions like PHP, MySQL, and more. The only problem with the system is the fact that since it is owned and operated by Microsoft, it is expensive due to the costs involved in obtaining a license.

  • Linux:


A strong contender of windows, Linux is a much advanced and better bet when it comes to security. However, there are a few hindrances with Linux because it does not support all the popular formats and some of the ones that are not compatible with Linux servers include the ASP.NET or other .NET technologies. Nevertheless, it supports the common formats like PHP and MySQL.

Moreover, Linux systems can be professionally built and customized according to the preferences of the consumer. This flexibility offered by Linux makes it the server of choice for a large number of Internet users.

  • Apache:


Apache has been present in the market from 1995 and is a major contender to the Microsoft based web hosting facilities that use the Internet Information Server (IIS) based technology.

Apache’s extreme popularity can be attributed to 3 major factors. Firstly the program is so simple and user-friendly that those who are not very well versed with networking technologies can also work easily with it. Secondly, Microsoft’s web hosting facility suffers from a major drawback due to technical factors since it is directly linked to the Windows OS. This problem is also faced by another Microsoft product namely the Internet Explorer web browser. This makes it very prone to security issues and solving those issues can be difficult because the web host is directly linked with the operating system of the computer. Apache on the other is a stand-alone mechanism that is not intertwined with a computer’s operating system and also possesses simple security encryptions. Finally it is an open program that is freely available on the net for the use of all and sundry.

General Web Hosting Mistakes:

Before choosing a best web hosting provider we always enquire about them and the company but sometimes our blunder mistake create big problems. There are many points which should be considered before handing over your site to a service providers.

We need cheap hosting everyone does but there is a certain limitation of hosting business beyond which service providers can never give you services but sometimes we find these kind of hosting companies with comparatively very low cost and hence, we loose the vision for tomorrow and start running after them. It happens almost all these kind of service providers provide very low quality service.

Always keep in mind the things you want from your hosting company as it will help you choose the best according to your requirements not the others.

In case we find a very good company still we should avoid hosting all the sites with one of them as all of the sites will stop working at the period of down time and will badly effect the reputation of your business.

Always check the availability and use of latest software and versions they are running and how often they make updates. This will assure you that you are using the latest and the best for your website.

Always keep your own backups and never trust your host for particular job.

Try to be in contact with your host always and keep the record of there contact and whereabouts always.

Questions to Avoid Web Hosting Scams:

You can use antivirus software to protect yourself from viruses, worms, spyware and other malware but scam is something that you yourself have to detect and fight. Yes, you can do this by keeping an eye for symptoms that help you identifying potential web hosting scams. Following are five questions that can help you.

  • Are they offering outrageous discounts? If a web hosting service is giving too good a discount it is likely that it is running out of business or simply wants a lot of people to become victims of its scam.
  • Are there any ‘too-good-to-be-true’ sort of offers? If you find technically impossible features being offered by a web hosting company such as ‘unlimited bandwidth’ run away from it!
  • Do they offer money back guarantee? It is very common for such companies to offer money back guarantee. Any company which doesn’t either is scam or has doubts that it will be able to satisfy you. Either ways, you don’t want your money or time to get wasted, so run!
  • Are they are offering you ‘already free stuff’ for free? There was a web hosting company that offered clients a ‘free’ Search Engine Offer. This was technically a scam because websites already appear in the results of search engines such as Google and Bing for free.
  • Do you feel something fishy? There are a number of things that you can identify as fishy. Lack of testimonials or third party references, the presence of just a payment form without any information or terms and conditions and other abnormalities and other signs should be enough for one to realize the risk they would run if they made a transaction.

The questions above will help you identify most of the symptoms that point towards the scam-ful nature of a web hosting company.


All in all what one should do when looking for a best web hosting provider is to know what they are looking for through and through and only then they can select the best company from the numerous that are present in the market. Compare the packages given to you by the other companies and what your get out of them before you actually sign up with a web hosting company as this is a matter of your online business being able to make any money at all.



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