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The 5 Best Sewing Machines (Updated Apr. 2018)

The 5 Best Sewing Machines (Updated Apr. 2018)


Searching for the best sewing machines in the market can be a challenging task. With a lot of models that are being released, it’s so confusing to pick the best among all.

Well, it’s impossible to simply tell you the best sewing machine because it actually depends on your needs, what kind of work you want to do with the machine as well as the amount money that you are willing to spend on it.

Sewing machines are not expensive, however, if you do your research wrong, you can end up picking a machine that is expensive and yet doesn’t include the features that you are looking for.

If so, then you will love our chart below. We have ranked what we think are the best sewing machines in the industry. You can sort by whatever criteria you wish to figure out which machine will work best for you.

The Top 5 Best Sewing Machines of 2018:

Brother CS6000i (Our Pick)
$ 120per month
60 Built-In Stitches
LCD Display
13 Pounds
25 Years Warranty
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Brother 1034D 3/4
$ 120per month
23 Built-In Stitches
Display: NA
19.8 Pounds
25 Years Warranty
Check Price
Brother SE400
$ 120per month
67 Built-In Stitches
LCD Display
10.9 Pounds
25 Years Warranty
Check Price
Singer 7258
$ 120per month
100 Built-In Stitches
LED Display
19.2 pounds
25 Years Warranty
Check Price
Singer 9960
$ 120per month
600 Built-In Stitches
LCD Display
28.2 pounds
25 Years Warranty
Check Price

With a wide range of sewing machines vying for your attention in the market, we found it important to bring forward the Top 5 sewing machines which have maintained its reputation and superiority in the market over a long period of time.

Also, honest and truthful sewing machine reviews are always from the end users, and going by the reviews on Amazon these machines have found a considerable favor and fan following among the masses for its ease of use, durability and overall utility.

For more information, click on the sewing machine’s name.

Brother CS6000i
Brother CS6000i

Brother CS6000i is a computerized sewing machine having a motor power of 110 volts. It has an LCD screen that shows the details about stitching pattern and its length is selected.

Brother CS6000i Overview:

Following is an overview of Brother CS6000i 60-Stitch Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine.

  • Stitch Selection System: It has a computerized stitch selection system that enables you to select the stitch on the LCD screen. The LCD screen shows length and width of the stitch and provides other details about the general settings.
  • Auto Needle Threading Option: It has an auto threading option that automatically places the thread into the needle.
  • Reverse Stitching: It can also perform reverse stitching functions. You just have to press the relative button.
  • 1 Touch Button: It has 1 touch button for start, stops and reverse stitching options so there is no need to do anything manually.
  • Dual LED light: It also has a dual light system that continuously throws light on the working or stitching area.
  • Provides Accessories: You will also get various side accessories along with this best sewing machine. The accessories include a wide table that can be used to do large projects such as cutting and designing bed sheets, table covers etc. and the storage case for the sewing machine so that you can keep it in this storage box after using it. Other accessories include extra bobbins, needle set, extra spool pin, twin needle, seam ripper, cleaning brush, eyelet punch, screwdriver, and assorted types of snap-on presser feet.
  • Warranty: It provides a limited warranty of 25 years.
  • Built-in Stitch Function: It performs 60 stitch functions. These stitches can be done for utility, decorative, heirloom, quilting and other stitching purposes.
  • 1-step buttonholes: It has a total of 7 buttonhole styles so you can also make buttonholes on this sewing machine.
  • Provides Foot Package: It also provides a complete quilting foot package which includes a walking foot, quilting guide, and spring action quilting foot. The feet include Monogramming Foot, Buttonhole Foot, Blind Stitch Foot, Overcasting Foot, Zipper Foot, and Button Fitting Foot.


  1. Contains 60 built in stitches.
  2. 7 styles of 1 step buttonholes.
  3. Light weighted.
  4. Contains dual LED lights.
  5. Has quick set bobbin.


  1. Has problems with thread.
  2. Cannot stitch heavy fabric.
  3. Gets jammed sometimes.

Who Should Buy The Brother CS6000i?

Brother CS6000i 60-Stitch Sewing Machine is good for the beginners and the one who need it for domestic purpose. It is not made for the professionals. Moreover, it can only stitch routine stuff that is light and it cannot stitch or repair jeans or any other thick fabric.

Brother 1034D
Brother 1034D

Brother now proudly introduces Brother 1034D 34 Lay-In Thread Serger to its valuable customers. It is a highly efficient sewing machine that can stitch even the toughest fabric without any problem. Apart from the clothing, it can stitch and design jackets, bed sheets, table covers etc.

Brother 1034D Overview:

Following are some of the distinguishing features of Brother 1034D after reading which you may have an insight information about this product.

  • Has 3/4 lay in Thread: Being a serger, it can use three to four needle at a time. This feature enables it to sew every type of fabric.
  • Built in Stitches: It has 22 built-in stitches, which add variety to stitching.
  • Performs Diverse Functions: It can perform a variety of functions including 3 and 4 thread overlock; narrow hemming; rolled hemming, and ribbon lock at the same time. It can also perform various other activities such as gentle gathers, join places, sew spaghetti straps, and make different fabric flowers and patterns for formal gowns.
  • Stitches Every Fabric: It can stitch every type of fabric including linens, formal wear, and stretchy fabric.
  • Accurate Speed Control: Its foot pedals are of high quality and helps insensitive speed control.
  • Includes Accessories: Brother 1034D 34 Lay-In Thread Serger includes various starting accessories including a soft cover, a blind hem/multi-purpose guide foot, a gathering foot, and a set of needles.
  • Provides Booklet: It also provides booklets containing detailed information about the functioning of all parts of a serger. You may get CD-ROMs for further assistance.
  • Has Warranty: Brother 1034D 34 lay-In Thread Serger is one of those few sergers that provides a five-year limited warranty to its customers.
  • Lowers Looper System: It has an efficient lower looper system that helps in fast and easy thread changes.


  1. Can stitch every fabric.
  2. Provides greater stitch options.
  3. Has 3/4-thread over-lock.
  4. Fast lower looping system.
  5. Excellent for professional use.
  6. Easy to control speed.


  1. It does not perform Cover-lock and chain stitch.

Who Should Buy the Brother 1034D?

Brother 1034D 3/4 Lay-In Thread Serger is made for every single person who wants to add variety to his or her stitching. Whether you want to use it for your domestic purpose or you need a serger for professional use, it is the best sewing machine for you.

Moreover, if you stitch clothes by using thin fabric or you want to stitch any think or stretch fabric, this serger will help you in very situation. This serger is made for those who want something unique and efficient.

Brother SE400
Brother SE400

The Brother SE400 is a computerized sewing and embroidery machine which means it not only stitches every fabric but also creates different designs and patterns on it. Now you can stitch and design professional clothes, can make your bed sheets and table covers etc. at your own home.

Brother SE400 Overview:

Following is an overview of all the features and benefits of Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine.

  • Automatic Needle Threading System: The most difficult work to do while stitching anything is to place the thread into the needle but now this has become very easy as the automatic needle threading system perform this task automatically.
  • Backlit Touch Screen LCD: It also has a backlight touch screen that has made stitching and designing much easier.
  • Built-in Push-Button Thread Cutter: Previously, you have to keep scissor with you while stitching and designing but this sewing and embroidery machine has built-in push button thread cutter which enables you to cut the thread by just pressing the button.
  • Built-in Sewing Stitches: It has 67 built-in sewing stitches. Some of these stitches are simple while the other is decorative. It can perform almost 98 different stitching functions.
  • Built in Embroidery Patterns: It has 70 built-in embroidery pattern that adds variety to it. Some of its designs are monogramming while the others are just the combination of frame patterns.
  • Has Light System: It also has a backlit system that enables you to keep checking the stitching or embroidery designs which you are creating.
  • Computer Connectivity: The good thing about Brother SE400 Computerized Machine is that it can directly be connected to the computer so you can transfer any design of your choice into the machine and then apply it on your clothes or other materials.
  • Large Embroidery Area: It has larger embroidery area as compared to other embroidery machines.
  • Provides Warranty: It provides a 25-year limited warranty to its customers.


  1. Has built in stitches and embroidery patterns.
  2. Has automatic threading system.
  3. Can be connected to the computer.
  4. Easy to use.
  5. automatic threading system.
  6. Reasonable price.
  7. Touchscreen LCD display.


  1. Threads get tangled sometimes.
  2. The thread cutter is not good enough.
  3. A little noisy.

Who Should Buy The Brother SE400?

Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery Machine is made for the people who want a two in one machine that can do stitching as well as embroidery. It is made for the personal as well as the professional use. It is also made for people who are looking for sewing and embroidery machine at less than $500 as it is available at only $320 at Amazon.


Singer 7258 Stylist Model Sewing Machine is one of the best sewing machines of this time. It is fully computerized and has an automatic system that not only saves your time but also cost. As the name implies, it is made by SINGER which is a well-known name throughout the world.

Singer 7258 Overview:

The main strength of Singer 7258 Stylist Model is its diverse features and benefits. Following are some of the unique features of this sewing machine.

  • Stitch Selection System: It has an automatic stitch selection system which enables you to select any of the stitch and its particular length as well as width by just pressing the relative button.
  • Built in Stitches: It has 100 built in stitches. They are the combination of simple as well as decorative or fancy stitches. This feature enables you to add variety to your stitching and use some stylish patterns on the fabric being stitched.
  • Has The Facility of Buttonhole: This best sewing machine contains 6 built in designs for buttonholes. You just have to select the most appropriate style and the remaining thing is done by the machine. It makes neat and beautiful buttonholes within minutes.
  • Has White Lamp: It has LED white colored lamp that continuously throws light on the stitching surface during the sewing which helps you to work efficiently and keep on checking the fabric while stitching. This bulb has a long lifetime and It remains cool for longer time period.
  • Automatic Start and Stop System: It has a computerized start and stop system that has added comfort and value to it. Now you can use the sewing machine without foot controller.
  • Extraordinary Tension System: It has an efficient tension system that helps in smooth stitching irrespective of the fabric being used.
  • Twin Needle Stitching System: It has a twin needle stitching system by setting which you can stitch two parallel lines at the same time. This only requires the addition of another needle and it adds variety as well as style to the fabric being stitched.
  • Provides Accessories: It also provides various accessories to the customers. Some of these accessories include Auxiliary Spool Pin, General Purpose Foot (On Machine), Spool Pin Felt Discs (2), Small, Medium and Large Thread Spool Caps (3), Screwdriver for Needle Plate, Satin Special Purpose (Decorative Sewing) Foot, One-Step Button Hole Foot, Zipper Foot, Blind Hem Foot etc.
  • Provides Warranty: The Singer Stylist 7258 provides a 25-year limited warranty including 25 years parts, 5 years electronic and 1-year labor.


  1. Has high speed.
  2. Extraordinary finishing.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. Saves money and time.
  5. Does not create any sound.


  1. Gets jammed sometimes.

Who Should Buy The Singer 7258?

If you need a good and reliable sewing machine that can perform diverse functions but still it should be at a reasonable instead cheap price then you are the right person for which Singer 7258 Stylist Model Sewing Machine is being made.

SINGER 9960 Quantum
SINGER 9960 Quantum

Have you ever wondered of buying very nicely designed embroider clothes, but your pocket does not let you buy it? You feel so bad about it. But now, you can make all those heavily priced clothes right in your own home using Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist sewing machine. Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist machine is an automatic and easy to use.

Singer 9960 Overview:

  • Quantum Stylist: It features Quantum Stylist, which is one-touch automatic thread cutter. It automatically cuts the upper and lower thread to make it easy for the user to use the machine again for seaming.
  • Reference Chart: It has a reference chart which shows the designs of different stitches from which the user can choose her desired design to sew.
  • Crystal LCD: It also has a crystal clear LCD display. The LCD on the machine shows the settings, the stitch pattern and variation settings of the stitch. A picture shows up on screen in case of any error, showing the error.
  • Free Arm: The free arm makes it easy to stitch collars, cuffs and pant hems. For larger clothes like bed sheets, the extension table is used to handle and stitch the clothes easily.
  • Audible Warning: If something wrong happens, the machine sounds an error warning. This gives the user an idea of what is wrong with the machine. This audible warning can be turned off.
  • Automatic Control: This Singer sewing machine has an automatic sewing speed control system. This system senses when the machine needs more power or speed to sew through thick fabric like quilts or if the fabric density changes at some places. It then automatically increases and reduces the speed of the needle.
  • Presser-Feet: The presser feet on this machine can easily be changed. There is no need to use a screwdriver to unscrew it. It can easily be snapped on.


  1. The machine is very easy to use, even the beginners can sew great patterns after a little practice and guide from the manual.
  2. The automatic settings and different stitch patterns included in the machine along with the reference guide really helps the new users.


  1. The machine does not come with a dust cover. It has to be purchased separately.
  2. The footswitch is not of high-quality plastic.
  3. There is no memory feature in the machine to store the stitch patterns.

Who Should Buy The SINGER 9960?

Singer 9960 Quantum sewing machine is one of the middle range sewing machines in the market. All the fabulous features and specifications of Singer 9960 Quantum make it a very handful machine for anyone who does not want to spend money on costly clothes of their daughters, instead, they can make them in their home. It is a must have a sewing machine for any woman who likes to spend their free time doing some creative work.

More 5 Sewing Machines (More Choices):

Following will be the short description of top 5 sewing machines in the current market as revealed by the sewing machine reviews. In order to select the appropriate sewing machine for your particular needs, it is always better to know and understand about the best sewing machines.

Brother XL2600I
Brother XL2600I

Brother, a company that is well known when it comes to sewing machines introduce the Brother XL2600I Sew Affordable 25-Stitch Free-Arm Sewing Machine.

The Brother XL2600I is a machine made especially for beginners and seasoned sewers alike for its user-friendly features. It boasts simple needle threader, built-in thread cutter, drop-in bobbin loading, and automatic bobbin winding for easy usage. It has 25 built-in stitches all with each multiple stitch function.

The Brother XL2600I also includes a one-step automatic buttonholer with a stitch balance control for perfect buttonholes every time. A light bulb brightly lit the workspace and it comes with a manual that is written in English and Spanish. It also features tension controls dial for easy adjusting the thread tension. It features a 5 presser feet and quick change presser feet so you can easily change the feet to meet your sewing needs.

The Brother XL2600I is affordable for tight budget sewer and is lightweight for easy transfer from room to room.

Singer 4423
Singer 4423

The Singer 4423 has been described as a true workhorse of a sewing machine. Singer created this product with the vision for it to be able to sew through the toughest of material. In order to do this, it was equipped with a super high sewing speed, a powerful motor, a tough interior frame, and a stainless steel bedplate.

Not only is it powerful but also it’s quite efficient. It has an automatic needle threader to save you the time and frustration required to do your own threading. Its top drop-in bobbin system is another convenient feature of the machine.

The possibilities of different projects really are endless when you can make use of 23 built-in stitches and its automatic one-step buttonhole. The machine also provides adjustable tension so that you can ensure stable stitch quality on any type of fabric and make adjustments for special project settings.

Other features of the machine that will allow you to fully explore your creativity include its three needle positions, its free arm, and its 5mm stitch width.

Singer 4411
Singer 4411

The Singer 4411 is a 14 pound, metal frame, heavy duty sewing machine. This best sewing machine has a stainless steel bed plate and it has a high-speed motor that sews up to 1,100 stitches per minute. The Singer 4411 measures out to be about 15-½ x 6-¼ x 12 inches and is only an 110-volt machine, even though it is 60% stronger than your average sewing machine.

Some of its wonderful features are a top drop-in bobbin and a drop feed for free motion sewing. It also includes an automatic four-step buttonhole and an adjustable foot presser. On top of all that is also has 11 stitch patterns with adjustable width and length options with a maximum stitch width of 5mm and 3 different needle positions.

The free arm even has an accessory storage compartment built into it. You can also reverse your stitch for extra reinforcement with the automatic reverse option. You also have the option of changing your foot presser with the unique snap-on design.

Brother PC-420
Brother PC-420

Some seamstresses are born and some are made. Whether you have sewing in your blood or are determined to sew with the pros despite no genetic predisposition, you simply must have the Brother PC-420 sewing machine.

This machine has all of the bells and whistles you’d expect from a professional grade sewing machine but is designed to be extremely user-friendly so even novice sewers can learn the ropes.

The features offered by the Brother PC-420 staggers the imagination. If you can’t find a stitch to suit your purpose on this machine, then you’ll just have to create one instead.

With the Brother PC-420, you’ll get – are you sitting down for this? – 294 decorative and utility stitches to sew till your little heart’s content. And that’s just getting started!

Janome 2212
Janome 2212

This is an entry-level sewing machine that is perfect for those who are just beginning to discover sewing. Nonetheless, even if it is an entry-level model, this does not mean that it lacks features that will prove to be essential.

Since this is a basic model, you can also be assured that it is something that will not hurt from a financial standpoint, since it comes with a practical price tag. It is also lightweight, which makes it easy to carry from one work area to another, especially if you are working on different projects in different locations.

“I really love this great machine. With the right needle and foot, it can sew just about anything and I’m using it to do the actual quilting, and not just sew the pieces together on my quilt top. It is handling the flannel, batting and quilt top with ease. I really recommend this wonderful machine.”  – Rita Hunt

Know About Sewing Machines:

Sewing machines were introduced to the public as the helping hand for all stitching needs. This is a machine which is used for stitching fabrics and any other material along with the thread. This will largely reduce the amount the manual sewing that is being performed.

Some of the best sewing machines can even create embroidery stitches. The introduction of sewing machines has greatly enhanced the efficiency of all the clothing industries.

Today, there are several companies which are involved in the development of innovative sewing machines for handling the machines with much ease and comfort. And, those people who know how to use a sewing machine can be able to express their creativity in their stitching and quilting outputs.

Why do we Need a Sewing Machine?

With your first initiation into the fine craft of needlework and stitching to create your designs, you would soon realize the need of a tool to quickly complete your work efficiently.

The exertion and the strain on your eyes from manual stitching would also force you to contemplate going for a mechanical companion to relieve you of this stress and help focus greater part of your attention and time on the design aspects rather than the actual sewing itself.

Of course correct sewing techniques and ensuring quality needlework is also a priority, however, it doesn’t make sense to spend all our time on it.

This is where a sewing machine becomes our best buddy and assistant which will not only bring a unique level of convenience but also ensures consistent quality standards in all our sewing assignments.

It will also enhance your work efficiency and aid you in creating multiple stitches and patterns in a short period of time which will eventually result in better quality designs produced with greater flexibility for your ideas.

Types of Sewing Machines:

You must be able to select the sewing machine according to the quantity of sewing and based upon your specific needs.

If you are a beginner, an ordinary electric sewing machine would be sufficient but, it will lack some of the automation. If you are an expert, you may go for computerized models and even you can purchase an overlocker machine along with it for achieving professional quality.

These models will come fully built with automation and the sewing process is made easy with them. You can look in for in-built stitches as an important criterion while looking into the machine type.

There are 5 basic types of sewing machines:

  • Manual Sewing Machine:

Manual Sewing Machine
Manual Sewing Machine

These machines are to be operated by turning the hand wheel while you guide the fabric with another hand under the needle. While with this machine, you can gain complete control over sewing, this is much energy consuming.

  • Mechanical Sewing Machine:

These are the most basic and the cheapest models of sewing machines available on the market. The operator uses knobs, dials or levers to adjust stitches and settings of the machine. They are operated by turning the wheel and moving the fabric under the needle with the other hand. These are slowly by slowly being replaced with the modern types of sewing machines.

Their main advantage is their very basic and affordable nature which makes them suitable for beginners who want to learn the basics of stitching. They can also be used for basic repairs or make simple and inexpensive clothes or costumes. There is also a group of users who are just attached to them or prefer maximum control over their sewing machine.

Their disadvantages are that the stitches are less precise compared to electronic or computerized sewing machines and they lack the stitch varieties that are present in the other types of sewing machines. However, there are some advanced mechanical sewing machines which have some decorative and utility stitches.

  • Computerized Sewing Machine:

As their name suggests, these sewing machines use computer software programs to function. They have more than 100 varieties of stitches in form of computer software programs. These can also be updated or customized to suit the needs of the user. The selection of the stitch is done using a PC board stitch memory which determines the configurations of the stitches hence producing a precise job. They use cards which have the designs loaded in them.

However, there are also advanced models which can be connected directly to the computer. Advanced models may also have an LCD screen which enables you to make the necessary adjustments to you stitches in order to get a more precise work.

They are used to make the most expensive styles. These machines are also able to create embroidery designs in addition to offering all the varieties that can be offered by the electronic machines. Their biggest setback is that they are they are quite expensive compared to the other types of sewing machines.

  • Electronic Sewing Machine:

Electronic sewing machines operated by the use of buttons and other functions that are present. There are different standard settings for different jobs hence eliminating much of the thinking job for the operator.

Their pros include: they have less manual work compared to the mechanical ones, the produce more precise stitch patterns and they offer a large variety in terms of styles, utility stitches, decorative stitches, and buttonholes. However, their biggest drawback is that they cannot do embroidery work.

  • Overlocker Machine:

These machines are useful to stop fraying. With this machine, you can give a professional finish to the seams. The main purpose of this machine is to neaten seams which can be achieved by trimming during the process of sewing.

The overlocker machines will be able to sew faster than the other ordinary sewing machines. You will have to purchase the overlocker machine in addition to your sewing machine and you can’t use the overlocker on its own. This is because it is limited in what it is able to do.

The choice is now yours. Choose the type of sewing machine that best suits your needs and your pocket.

“Types of Sewing Machines”

How to Find the Best Sewing Machine:

If you are intending to buy a sewing machine, you should be really able to select the best sewing machine from the wide range of products that is available. In order to select the best model, there are certain significant aspects to consider and there are few points to be kept in mind.

For finding the product which will add more value to your money and efforts that you are going to put in for the sewing process, you will have to consider the following important factors:

  • Brand and Dealer:

It is always important to purchase any product like sewing machine from the world’s premier brands like Singer International Corporation, Janome, Juki, Bernina and Brother sewing machines etc. This is because these best brands would provide you the products with most required features you look in for and their service to the customers after purchase will be extremely good as these companies always strive hard to maintain their name in the market.

They are also known for the development of innovative products. These leading brands will show their readiness to update their products from time to time in order to stand out in the current market by beating their competitors. The after sale services offered by the popular brands cannot be beaten by others. And, it is these brands which will offer you the products with higher warranty period as long as 25 years.

  • Important Features:

If you are about to purchase a sewing machine, you must be able to look in for some essential features. It is important that the sewing machine must possess the automatic threading feature. This is due to the fact that the process of threading is really time-consuming and the automatic threading feature will act as a big time saver.

You can very well use your sewing machine for quilting and any other larger projects when it comes to the larger table. The machine which comes with an automatic bobbin winding system can be able to disengage the needle during the winding process and is essential to make the winding process safer.

You must also consider the sewing speed of the machine. It is important that the machine to be portable and for this, you must see whether your model comes with the hand cover which would make the transportation easier. The inbuilt buttonhole feature is also important as it is another headache for making buttonholes without automation.

  • Additional Feature:

In addition to the above mentioned important features, it is required that you also have a look at the additional features on your sewing machine. It is excellent that your work area is bright in order to sew the dark fabrics with much ease and it will be even more useful when the work area is illuminated by LED bulbs since these bulbs will always be cool. This will be useful for long working hours.

For zigzag stitches, it is necessary that the machine contains Center zigzag taper. It is essential to check for the availability of foot controller in order to gain the full control over your sewing process. For performing decorative stitches, you will be required to check the maximum width that is possible with the machine.

You must check for extra high presser foot lifter in order to gain more clearance. In order to reach the difficult-to-access areas like cuffs and sleeves more easily, it is required that the sewing machine comes with the removable free arm. The feasibility of on-board storage of accessories is essential to make your accessories to be handy.

  • Ease of Use:

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it is always required to check the ease of use of the device. The availability of automated features will help you in using this machine without any frustration and you must be able to check for the automation in all the time-consuming steps of sewing.

It would become even easier if your machine comes with an information advisor in order to recommend you for the appropriate stitch type, length, and width. In some machines, the instructions would have been printed over it, which will guide you through every step of sewing. You can opt for such kinds of machine to make it more comfortable for the usage.

  • Price:

The final and most important criterion to be checked by all the customers is the price. You must make sure that the single penny you are going to spend on a product is worthy enough. You can buy the basic sewing machine models at the price range of $150 to $400 and the most advanced model would range from $800 to $2500.

“How to Buy a Sewing Machine”

Are Low-cost Sewing Machines Worth Purchasing?

The economic times we have are really bad. Everything we buy is expensive and the problem is that the money alone is not enough. To be on the safe side, people are looking for means they can get the commodities at a cheap price. Sewing machines are part of the things we need and if you do no have enough money, you have no options but to get the machine that goes for a low price.

People keep wondering whether it is sufficient enough to have the cheap machines. One thing you need to know is that there are no options left here. You do not have the required money that will help you buy the machine you are looking for which is very expensive. The best thing to do is get the money you have and buy the sewing machine as you earn more money that will buy you another machine soon.

There are various models you can choose from. The fact that they are cheap does not mean they lack some features hence have to be less effective compared to the rest of the machines. There is a way you can have the beast of the low-priced machines.

Cheap Sewing Machine
Sewing Machine

You have to get the sewing machines reviews. They will help you make a wise decision with the machine. The size of the machine is very important accompanied by the weight of the machine. Well, here you need to be sure of the company that is selling you the machine. There are companies that will take advantage of the fact that you are looking for a cheap machine. The machines sold here are of low quality.

This is clearly not the type of a business person you need to work with. You need to get a cheap but quality sewing machine. Every type of machine you get will have its own reviews hence; make sure you get them from the company before you decide to buy it.

Do not make a mistake of getting a machine that has been having complaints from the owners. People who have worked with the machines for a long time can tell you of the best sewing machine. Working with the machines for long is something they have done and are hence in the best position to let you know of the best machine.

If there are no people to ask, the buyer can fully rely on the machine reviews. There is the testimonial slot that has people’s comments. If the comments are all so positive, the machine will be the best to buy. The reviews will also help you understand the use of the machine. Some of the machines around are not capable of fixing some fabrics and that is why you need to be precise with the one you need at a cheap price.

Why Are Commercial Sewing Machines Different?

A home sewing machine is perfect for any house projects but if you are thinking of venturing into more projects like crafts that you might want to sell or for your classes you would need those commercial sewing machines. This is because most crafts require layers and layers of fabrics to be sewn together and a home type of sewing machine can’t do that, as well as make complicated stitches. Thus will just result in frustration when you insist on trying it since a home and commercial sewing machines are different.

Commercial sewing machines for one are metal, heavy and not compact, thus it needs to be embedded in a table. Usually, this is set up in a way that the head in on top of the table while the motor is attached below. The motor is very important for it to work but you can always take the head away for a clean table afterward. You can connect the head anytime with no much hassle.

Also, commercial sewing machines have a different feed dog and walking foot than those home models. Commercial sewing machines feed dog goes in a circular motion aside from going straight up and down. This allows the sewer to constantly have one foot on the fabric while sewing then walks over to the next stitch that you are about to do, making shifting and keeping the layers if clothes to be evenly stitched.

As mentioned before, commercial sewing machines are heavy duty while home sewing machines are not. The type of needle and weight thread that you need to use for this type of sewing machine is different depending on the project that you are working on. It also has a knee lever that raises and lowers your feet that cannot be found in a home model. This lever lets you maneuver around your project more precisely and fewer complications.

You can go to the shops with sewing machines for sale for good prices.

So if you are thinking of doing heavy crafts and complicated stitches and patterns then switching to a commercial type of sewing machine is more practical and less painful in the head. Evaluate yourself thoroughly first as to make certain that it is what you are looking for to avoid any regrets afterward.


Now that you are armed with all the information that is required to guide you in choosing the best sewing machine, it is up to you to take the decisive action based on the sewing machine reviews and points stated. It is just a matter of time and regular practice that you would be soon churning out your own designs and would leave the rest of the world in awe of your hidden artistic abilities.



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