Home Guides & Reviews The 5 Best Rowing Machines (Updated Apr. 2018)
The 5 Best Rowing Machines (Updated Apr. 2018)

The 5 Best Rowing Machines (Updated Apr. 2018)


It normally takes a lot of time and effort to find the best rowing machine for a given set of requirements. This is mainly because of the many different brands and models available, each with its own set of upsides and downsides. Their varying prices are also a determining factor but worry not since you have come to the right place.

This guide has been made especially for you, to guide you in choosing the most suitable rowing machine and enjoy the benefits of having one. Use our guide and reviews to be confident of the machine you will decide to buy.

The Top 5 Best Rowing Machines of 2018:

Concept2 Model D (Our Pick)
$ 120per month
Air Resistance
Flywheel Design
Performance Monitor 5
5 Year Frame Warranty
Check Price
$ 120per month
Water Resistance
Flywheel Design
Performance Monitor 4
1 Year Warranty
Check Price
Concept2 Model E
$ 120per month
Air Resistance
Flywheel Design
Performance Monitor 5
5 Year Frame Warranty
Check Price
Kadett Outrigger
$ 120per month
Hydraulic Resistance
Piston Power
LCD Digital Display
Lifetime Warranty
Check Price
Lifecore R100
$ 120per month
Magnetic Resistance
Flywheel Design
LCD Blue Display
5 Year Warranty
Check Price

Rowing is one of the best ways to get fit. It strengthens muscles and is a great aerobic activity.

However, it is not very practical to always launch a boat or skiff. So how about considering the purchase of a rowing machine?

Here are some of our rowing machine recommendations.

For more information, click on the machine’s name.

Concept2 Model D
Concept2 Model D

If you are planning to cross-train for other types of water sports or you simply want to keep your body in shape, one of the best fitness equipment is the Concept2 Model D indoor rowing machine.

One of the stand-out features of this model is the PM5 performance monitor that allows users to get the best result out of their workouts with a guarantee for a precise and accurate performance monitoring. Some of the Concept2 Model D features are:

  • Integrated PM5 Performance Monitor: For data storage and can store up to three hundred workout information. You can also use this to race against a pace boat using your own workout date from your previous workouts.
  • Precision Tracking Technology: The performance monitor uses precision technology to track the rowed distance, workout pace, calories burned and average speed among other workout statistics. The good thing about this is that the entire data can be printed to generate a hard copy for record purposes. This can help users track their workout progress more comprehensively.
  • New Flywheel Design: The innovative flywheel design helps minimize noise while maximizing its performance for a smooth rowing experience. This comes with an integrated spiral damper that controls the actual feel of each pull.
  • Ergonomic Hand Design: The ergonomic hand design facilitates natural and proper arm/hand positioning and the aluminum rail with an integrated stainless track offers smooth seat movement.
  • Flex-Foot: This model also comes with Flex-Foot footrests that can be easily adjusted for quick and precise sizing.
  • Built-in Caster Wheels: Integrated caster wheels for easy transfer with easy assembly features. Every Concept2 Model D machine comes with tools and comprehensive illustrated instructions.
  • Compact Design with Compact Storage System: This rower can be separated into two parts for convenient storage and easy transport. You can do this every time since there is no need for tools when disassembling the rower. The adjustable monitor arm also adds to its convenient storage features.
  • 5 years limited warranty on frame.


  1. This is admittedly a bit of a short list. The air resistance is just a fair bit noisy and the machine is quite long.

The good thing about this indoor rower is that you only need about 9 x 4 feet floor space and you can accommodate the full structure with enough space to perform your workout. This also has up to five hundred pounds capacity considering that this equipment only weighs around fifty-seven pounds.

With all these excellent features, an added bonus is that the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing equipment allows users to customize their rowing options from a slow heavy boat to a fast and sleek boat.

All in all, this indoor rowing machine offers competitive features and commercial grade durability for an affordable price of about $900.00. This is certainly a good deal considering the range of product features and diverse workout programs it offers.

WaterRower Oxbridge
WaterRower Oxbridge

WaterRower is one of the leading names in rowing machine and its latest addition is the WaterRower Oxbridge with the S4 monitor. This features an exclusive water flywheel system designed to produce realistic rowing simulation.

The Oxbridge model is also very quiet and has been designed to complement luxurious interiors in high-end homes. Equipped with a new S4 performance monitor, users can now view their work out details with ease. Some of the WaterRower Oxbridge features are:

  • S4 Performance Monitor: This model features 6 programming windows and 6 quick select buttons for preset workouts and 3 navigation buttons. The S4 monitor shows your workout intensity, stroke and heart rate, distance, time, and zone bar.
  • Water Resistance Technology: The WaterRower’s Oxbridge has been designed to imitate the dynamics with real life rowing. Serving as its primary source of resistance, the WaterFlywheel provides an extremely realistic rowing experience. And since there is no need for mechanical adjustments and fine tuning, the natural adaptive resistance of the water provides all the resistance you need. The level of resistance will depend on how fast and slow you paddle and because this uses water instead of the hydraulic piston or regular flywheel, the WaterRower Oxbridge machine is far smoother compared to other similarly grade home rowing machine.
  • Durable Water Tank: The water tank is made from polycarbonate materials which are among the most durable type of plastic in the industry. The polycarbonate tank is properly sealed with a small opening for water fill up. This comes with free chlorine tablets in order to maintain the water clarity.
  • Ergonomic Footrest: With its ergonomic design and adjustable floating heel rest design, it is capable of accommodating different sized individuals. The ergonomic handgrip is very comfortable to use without overstraining your arm. The cup of the footrest follows the heel when rising from the foot board which results in better stability and unmatched comfort for the rower. The position of the heel rest can be adjusted by pressing the main button to unfasten the integrated lock pins that secure the built in footpads.
  • Lightweight Aluminum Rowing Handle: To provide a more streamlined and lightweight design, the rowing handle is made from commercial grade aluminum. This has the needed lightness for efficient rowing without sacrificing the strength and durability of the rower. The tear drop shape allows it fit perfectly into the palm significantly minimizing wrist torque and chaffing. This also comes with an industrial grade drive strap which is virtually maintenance free and does not require lubrication.
  • Self-paced Rowing: Although you can use rowing presets on your workout, the actual level of resistance will depend on how fast and slow you paddle. Because WaterRower Oxbridge uses water instead of the hydraulic piston or traditional flywheel, this best rowing machine offers a far smoother operation compared to other similarly grade home rowing equipment.


  1. Performance monitor lacking advanced features.
  2. Bit overpriced for some customers.

The WaterRower Oxbridge in Cherrywood with S4 Monitor offers extensive product features. However, this rowing machine does not come cheap which could be a big drawback for those with an insufficient budget. But all in all, Oxbridge offers superior rowing experience perfect for both professionals and novice rowing enthusiasts.

Concept2 Model E
Concept2 Model E

If you are looking for a rowing machine with unrivaled durability and functional efficiency, Concept2 Model E is your best option in the market.

Although this may possess some similarities with Concept2’s Model D, the Model E has some unique differences that make it a good choice both for professional athletes and regular fitness enthusiasts.

And because this is 20-inch higher than the Model D, Concept2 Model E is perfect for those with balance problems. Some of the Concept2 Model E features are:

  • Efficient Frame Design: The Concept2 Model E comes with a 20 inches frame that enable users to comfortably position themselves using the proper seat height. This also comes with a single piece leg design for a more solid feel and better stability.
  • Nickel Plated Chain with Chain Housing: This model uses a nickel plated chain not only to achieve a cleaner look but mainly to have zero maintenance features. And with its fully enclosed chain housing prevents the chain from getting dust and other minute debris that may hamper its performance.
  • Powder-coated Rowing Frame: This model has an industrial grade powder coated rowing frame for added durability. This comes in a light gray metallic finish with cool dark blue-gray highlights.
  • Efficient Flywheel Design: The flywheel design is built for efficient performance. Users can use the highest level of power and still able to minimize the noise.
  • Ergonomic Design: The PM5 monitor is built into a long monitor arm to provide users with an easy reach. In addition, the Model E has convenient spiral damper controls to allow users total control for each pull. The ergonomic handle design improves organic hand and arm positioning.
  • FlexFoot Rests: This model also comes with FlexFoot footrests that can be easily adjusted for quick and precise sizing.
  • Aluminum Rail Capped with a Stainless-steel Track: This comes with an aluminum railing that is capped with high-grade stainless steel track.
  • Extensive PM5 Monitor Features: The Model E comes with a PM5 monitor that is capable of automatic operation. When you turn the monitor on and you start rowing, it will auto record your performance and provide you with a comprehensive report with just a single push of the button. The PM5 has also been designed for accurate performance data tracking which includes speed, workout pace, distance covered, and calories. It has 5 display options for showing force curve, bar chart, rowing performance with a pace boat, and the overall data among others.
  • Integrated USB Interface: The Model E from Concept2 has all the connectivity you need to access your performance data. The USB interface can be used for connecting your PM5 monitor to a computer so you can copy or transfer your data. The built-in log card is also removable so you can bring your workout data anywhere you want to and use it on other equipment that supports the same specification.


  1. Price range is high but understandable.
  2. Bulky in size/difficult to store.
  3. Instructions are slightly difficult to understand.

Performance wise, the Concept2 Model E is an excellent option for a rowing machine. It has all the right features you need for an effective workout. However, the only downside to this is that this equipment does not come cheap.

Kettler Kadett Outrigger
Kadett Outrigger

The Kadett Outrigger from Kettler is equipped with a training computer system that delivers information on time statistic, the total quantity of oar strokes, rowing rate, mileage covered in the course of the workout, overall mileage, energy usage, as well as pulse rate reading.

You could set the configurations to match your desired mileage as well as stroke pace and obtain graphic and voice alerts whenever you’ve made it to your training objectives. Some of the Kadett Outrigger features are:

  • Durable Central Frame: The Kadett is made of a durable central frame exclusively manufactured in Germany. This is capable of supporting a maximum weight of 250 pounds without straining its metal frame and other moving components and a total dimension of 59 x 67 x 18 inches.
  • New Outrigger Motion System: The handles of Kettler’s Kadett machine is double jointed similar to an outrigger design in order to imitate the organic elliptical arc when rowing. Based on the concept of sculling, outrigger handle design can efficiently train muscles on the upper body compared to average dual piston technology. So even with its small size, the Kadett can still provide a complete workout.
  • Performance Monitor: Kettler’s Kadett has an integrated performance monitor that is more advanced than other similar brands in the market. The performance monitor can display up to six different readouts so users will not have to scroll down for a detailed workout stat. The Kadett’s performance monitor features measurements of the time period, a number of strokes, stroke ranking with the built-in audible setting, heartbeat rating, calories expended, automated display screen alternation, as well as target configurations and adjustments. The monitor displays 6 configuration settings at the same time, which means you do not need to browse to follow your entire training data. The heartbeat readout is detected via a hearing clip included free in the package.
  • Twelve Resistance Levels: This model incorporates up to twelve different levels of resistance because of its dual piston design. This enables it to have a capacity for a wide array of fitness levels. The resistance for both hands can be easily adjusted by turning the knobs located at the bottom of each hydraulic piston.
  • Gravity Assisted Return via Elevated Seat Rail: The elevated rear construction of Kadett has been designed for an efficient and comfortable gravity assisted return when rowing. Because this model does not use flywheel assembly, users will only have to rely on gravity – like pull when rowing.
  • Piston Power: The two hydraulic piston cylinders provide continuous resistance more efficient than rowing machines that use flywheel assembly.
  • Comfortable Design: The seat assembly is well padded and this comes with adjustable footplates to allow it to accommodate any persons regardless of their size. The footplates can also be adjusted to match different heights.


  1. May require an appreciable amount of time in order to assemble, with instructions being difficult following in some way.
  2. The design exhibits the drawback of needing extra space when in use.
  3. More expensive compared to other machines for hydraulic resistance.
  4. Foot straps at times loosen in process of workout.
  5. Heart rate monitor may be rather inaccurate.

For an entry-level rowing equipment, the Kadett Outrigger is a good choice. This offers a wide array of innovative features for the price of fewer than six hundred dollars. Overall, Kadett Outrigger is certainly a wonderful rowing machine to consider.

Lifecore R100
Lifecore R100

The Lifecore Fitness R100 commercial grade rowing machine is considered by many as the finest and most effective rower available on the market.

This model comes with extensive features that make it possible for users of all levels of ability and strength to achieve a quality workout.

The R100 is the only commercial rowing machine that uses both magnetic and air resistance system to for a smoother fluid like rowing motion. Some of the Lifecore R100 features are:

  • Free Motion Heel Support with Oversized Seat: Lifecore Fitness R100 comes with free motion heel support and a large comfortable seat that enables users of any size to easily fit in the rower.
  • Magnetic and Air Resistance System: It’s 100% and steady resistance comes from a magnetic design that produces more than enough tension for the most robust of users. The R100 indoor rower is a remarkable equipment and definitely will in no way dissatisfy even the most critical shoppers. And with its efficient flywheel design, the R100 is totally built for smooth performance. Users can use the highest level of power and still able to minimize the noise.
  • Extensive Features: Lifecore Fitness R100 is only a few of the indoor rower brands that offer extensive product features. In addition to incredible real like rowing motion, the R100 is built with a super sturdy frame capable of holding up to six hundred pounds and is backed with a lifetime warranty. This comes with an exclusive free chest strap offer for free for monitoring heart rate and its ergonomic features and foldable frame makes it a serious contender with competing brands. At higher resistance level, the rowing machine automatically switches to magnetic resistance from air resistance making it more efficient and a lot quieter compared to machines that use air resistance only.
  • Performance Tracking Monitor: This model has a built-in performance tracking monitor equipped with features such as the single push resistance control. This also has fifteen auto control programs, four users preset, three heart rate monitoring, and a personal data storage that can record different data for up to four different users with different preferences.
  • Integrated LCD Computer Display: The Lifecore Fitness R100 comes with a full computer display monitor with unique user’s selections and comprehensive resistance control. This can provide a play by play detail of your workout and the electronic LCD monitor can give full control to the rowing machine to achieve comfort while maximizing your exercise routine.
  • 16 Levels of Magnetic Resistance: In addition to R100’s preset programs, this also has up to sixteen levels of magnetic resistance for different users with different workout preferences.


  1. Has a much higher price tag than other models.

In addition to R100’s magnetic and air resistance, what is remarkable about this rowing machine is the fan and flywheel design where all resistance comes from. The fan and flywheel are made of solid steel with extruded industrial grade aluminum frame and solid steel support.

Based on its features and technical innovations, the Lifecore Fitness R100 is worth a look especially for those with enough budget to spend on an indoor rowing machine.

More 5 Rowing Machines (Under $500):

Rowing machines are not just for people who want to cut weight, but as well for people who wish to improve or maintain their form. So investing in one is important because you can enjoy its benefits for many years irrespective of your form levels. Here comes a snippet of some of the top 5 rowing machine reviews that we have.

Stamina Glider 1050
Stamina Glider 1050

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 boasts of being a fairly-priced fitness product that costs just about $100.

Though having some demerits, this machine still presents a fabulous selection to users operating within a tight budget. It is likely to satisfy your intentions unless seeking for equipment with performance levels that are extremely high.

This machine makes for a commendable acquisition as it also performs well as a starter rower. It is brilliant choice to get your feet in wet and assessing whether the rowing machine suits you well.

Glider 1050, however, lacks a stunning design overall, although you may eventually upgrade to a higher-profile version sometime later.

This training machine is ideal for use when experiencing limitations of space, owing to its highly compact design. The device folds away, therefore making it much smaller than usual.

Stamina Air Rower
Stamina Air Rower

The Stamina Air Rower is built for smooth and efficient operation with its angled oversized seat rail and the easy sliding seat for efficient seat return.

The seats are cushioned as well as upholstered intended for comfort and ease and also the textured holders are equipped for a well balanced and protected traction when rowing.

Huge footplates and flexible nylon foot bands can support any size of the user and when you are not working with the Air Rower, the metallic framework can be folded and rolled away on its built-in wheels.

The overall dimensions of Air Rower when assembled are 77 x 18 x 22 inches. When folded, the rowing equipment is only 48 x 18 x 28 inches. This is capable of up to 250 lbs. maximum user weight with three years warranty on frame and up to ninety days on parts.

Stamina 1215 Orbital
Stamina 1215 Orbital

Stamina 1215 Orbital rowing machine is among the more affordable versions of rowing machines. It delivers the full experience of rowing which attempts mimicking real-life experience on the water. This it achieves via smooth resistance system that employs a hydraulic cylinder.

The rower, just as many offerings of Stamina, aims at casual users seeking to experience great workouts from within their homes at a cost-friendly price. It’s fair pricing does not imply that it is features-deficient in any manner.

If you make the choice of purchasing this machine, be certain to have made a brilliant investment. The machine for training already has won the hearts of several customers and ranks among the best rowers which you can obtain at this range of pricing.

It is nice especially for people who wish to experience realistic rowing motion and not merely a mechanical work out in back and forth maneuvers.

LifeSpan Fitness RW1000
LifeSpan RW1000

The LifeSpan Fitness RW1000 Machine is truly a remarkable fitness device which is made with a complex and robust design which ensures full support for intricate and extreme workout sessions.

It is equipped with a 16.5-pound flywheel and eddies current drive which delivers zero-impact cardiovascular routine exercises while ensuring quality and noise-proof operation which makes it a top-notch quality fitness equipment.

The rowing machine consists of a swivel foot rest, padded seat, and padded hand grips which provide a comfortable yet steady framework for routine exercises. With its compact and solid structure, it is definitely built to last for a long time.

You can also control the intensity levels of your workout routine with the 5 level magnetic break resistance that can be manually adjusted in accordance with your workout requirements.

Stamina 1205 Precision Rower
Stamina 1205

The Stamina 1205 Precision Rower has been developed in order to provide a simple, secure, and comfortable rowing workout equipment in your own home for all types of low-impact, full-body exercise session.

By making use of Smooth hydraulic cylinder action instead of a flywheel to achieve rowing resistance, the Precision Rower enables anyone to ascertain the level of resistance. The tougher and faster the person rows, the higher the level of resistance will be.

The 1205 Precision Rower is extremely lightweight, streamlined, and easily transportable, with a size of just 32.5 x 48 and weighs around forty-seven pounds. However, the 1205 Precision is well designed to last for many years of durability and exercise training.

The multi-purpose exercise monitor will keep you determined and on track in order to achieve the fitness objectives by displaying pace, mileage, time, strokes score, as well as calories burned throughout your exercise routine.

What is a Rowing Machine?

A rowing machine is an exercise machine that is built to simulate the act of rowing a real boat, it is one of the best exercise equipment in the world especially in terms of muscle building as well as burning fat.

There is no other exercise equipment that is capable of working out as many muscles while at the same time maintaining a low impact of workout, it is flexible and harmless thus accessible for everyone of all ages.

Rowing Machine Benefits It Will Surprise You!

When it comes to losing weight, cardiovascular exercises are perhaps the most popular exercises people do. And usually, when you go to gyms, you will always find treadmills, stationary bikes, and elliptical machines. Sometimes though, you will find some rowing machines at some corner somewhere.

While it’s rare to find these machines, it’s even rarer to find someone using it. Even though this could lead people to believe that it is a sub-par workout, but the truth is it’s far from that.

In fact, rowing machine benefits are amazing, calorie burning, a cardio exercise that is a worthwhile method to lose weight.

  • Efficient in Burning Calories:

One of the rowing machine benefits that many people don’t realize is that it is efficient in burning calories. Usually, people who exercise using a rower can burn in average at least 600 calories per hour. That’s twice as much as any other machines on the market.

And if you are using a stationary bike, you would need to ride for almost one and a half hours to get the same amount of workout on a rower.

  • Effective Aerobic Exercise:

Since it needs to use many major muscle groups, rowing machine also includes a very effective aerobic exercise. In fact, it is a very effective way to increase your heart rate and oxygen intake. And because there an adjustable resistance on many rowers, you will be able to easily work your way to your targeted heart rate and slow it back down to your resting rate.

  • Conditions Upper and Lower Body:

Another rowing machine benefits that some people don’t realize is that it can give a decent upper body workout. Using a rower to workout involves the lats in your lower back, trapezius on your upper back and the rhomboids on your shoulder. Not only that, your abs, pecs, and biceps also do a little work. And since you need to have a strong grip on the oars, you will develop stronger wrists and hands.

One of the main reasons to use a rower is that you can have is that it surprisingly conditions your lower body. Because your main leg muscles involve the quads on the upper thighs, the calves and the glutes consider rowing as a primary lower body workout. And by using a rower with a sliding seat will result in the best lower body workout.

  • Low Risk for Injuries:

Unlike other exercise machines, the movements involved in rowing use natural and lower impact motions and puts very little stress on your joints. And since you are seated low on the ground, there’s almost no chance of falling compared to a stationary bike or treadmill. While some people might consider back strain as a concern, you can simply minimize its risk by using the proper posture.

Unlike other home gym machines, the rowing machine benefits are ideal to stay fit, lose weight without giving too much stress on your body. And even though there are people who just love to run on a treadmill or ride a stationary bike, it is still a good idea to give rowing a chance. Since the benefits you can get are surprisingly good, you have nothing to lose.

Muscles Rower Rameur Technic
Muscles Rower Rameur Technic

What Makes a Rowing Machine “The Best”?

Being the best at something is a tough moniker to live up to. That’s why you have to ask the tough questions when looking into the best rowing machines. To start off with, we have to look at what makes a rowing machine the most efficient on the market and what makes rowing machines differ from each other.

Luckily, these questions are both answered by the same topic: resistance.

  • Resistance:

The main difference and ultimate judge of which rowing machine can wear the crown of “best” is the resistance each rowing machine offers and how it does so. There are 4 main formats of delivering resistance used by rowing machines.

Because of the differences, your particular workout preferences and space limitations may cause you to favor one over the other. Of course, this means that everyone may have their own particular best, but we’ll do our best to narrow it down for you in general:

1. Piston Resistance:

Utilizing hydraulic cylinders which attach at the oars, this resistance delivery system is compact which is great for space restrictions, but you pay for it in other ways.

Mainly, this is in the fluidity and smoothness departments. What you gain in compact styling, you lose in the overall low-impact benefits of rowing machines. Of course, this option is fairly cheaper compared to other resistance delivery forms.

2. Magnetic Resistance:

The powerful effects of electromagnetism are harnessed in this resistance delivery system. This means you will get a more silent and fluid workout than the piston, making it a better choice. But is it the best? Well, it does lose in the storage department because of a long main rail that is not foldable, but most people find that the added fluidity gives this type of rowing machine an edge over the piston.

3. Air Resistance:

A front-runner for the best type of rowing machine purely due to the popularity of this type of resistance delivery system with professional rowers, the air models deserve a more in-depth looking into.

Mainly favored because the resistance is decided upon by you, the rower, and is completely dependent upon your pace, the added customization and flexibility of air rowing machines make them a top pick.

If there are any drawbacks, they are the size and noise, though this works for taller rowers (which are the majority of professional crew teams) and those who appreciate the rhythm of the sound.

4. Water Resistance:

Also allowing you to work at your own pace of resistance, the difference here is that you must add or subtract water from the resistance tanks in order to change. While you do get the most realistic rowing experience due to the water resistance, some people find it burdensome to constantly have to adjust water levels.

Further, the water makes this machine fairly stationary due to its weight and the noise level is on par with the air resistance delivery system models.

“Which Rowing Machine is the Best?”

  • Which is Rowing Machine Resistance Delivery System the Best?

What it really comes down to here with the resistance is the functionality vs. form vs. ease of use vs. storage considerations. While the piston certainly has the edge on storage, what it gives up in functionality and form makes it succumb to the magnetic rowing machine. And while the magnetic rowing machine bests the piston, it certainly can’t top the water and air resistance systems.

So, what it really comes down to in the end is a battle between air resistance rowing machines vs. water resistance rowing machines. We’ve already gone over the brief specifications of the two systems, so let’s just jump right into it and put them head to head:

  1. The water resistance provides the most realistic workout for rowing machines.
  2. The air resistance allows you to change resistance with ease simply by changing your pace.
  3. The water resistance rowing machines require a lot of water changing to alter resistance types, making them bulky and heavy as a result.
  4. The air machines are noisy, but not as noisy as the water machines.
  5. The water resistance rowing machines are best used outdoors because of the chance of spilling water indoors.
  6. The air-based rowing machines use no water making them a better option for indoor use.
When you add these all up and factor in that their other advantages all equal out, it seems like the best rowing machine is the air resistance delivery system!

So, How to Choose the Best Rowing Machine?

The best rowing machine is the key to a full workout. The problem though is that there are so many kinds of rowing machines to choose from. The one that is the best for you is the one that fits your needs and preferences. How can you make sure that you only have the best unit for you? Here are some points to consider:

  • Rowing Machine Size:

As with everything else, size matters in a rowing machine. The good machine is the one that will fit your size needs and preferences. The best way to determine the appropriate size of your rowing machine is to find out your available space. Will you be working out in a cramped apartment or basement or do you have a spacious gym in your home?

Small spaces will do well with two options. You can either pick a large folding unit or a compact folding unit. Many hydraulic resistance units can be folded. These folding types are ideal if you need to put the machine away after a workout so you can use your workout space for other purposes. Non-folding models are perfect for homes with lots of extra space.

  • Your Height and Weight:

The best machine for you is the one that can hold your weight and height. Common sense will tell you that a small compact machine will never provide the optimum workout experience for tall and heavy individuals. The best way to determine the right machine is to check your exact height and weight upon purchase. You can then easily match your numbers with machine specifications.

  • Features:

Rowing machines typically come with basic features. Any machine should be able to provide you readouts on speed, time elapsed and the distance you have covered. Other machines, however, may offer extra features that you may want.

Extra features may include heart rate monitoring, exercise difficulty adjustments, and progress monitoring. Some machines also offer more than just rowing functions. Some may be combination machines that will allow you to perform other exercises.

  • Appearance:

Best rowing machines should be primarily functional. Some individuals though typically include aesthetics as a secondary consideration.

Surprisingly, there are other selections besides the usual plain or drab rowing machine. You can also pick finished metal or even wood to enhance the appearance of your exercise room.

Obviously, though, you do not need to think of style and design if you are thinking of picking a compact folding machine.

  • Price:

The price of a machine is actually a major consideration. Every individual would want a good solid workout but not everyone can afford an expensive machine. The most expensive machines can range from $1000-$2000. There are however some machines that are good enough for home use that is lower than $1000.

Do seriously consider though that you may not be getting a good unit if you only pay $200 or less. You could end up with a disposable machine with that amount.

There are many other concerns when picking the best rowing machine. Start with these basic considerations and you are guaranteed to get a fairly appropriate machine for your needs.

“Rowing Machine Buying Guide”

The Importance of Rowing Machine Reviews, Read on…

Sometimes in life, it’s those small investments that turn out to a whole bright new future. One such example is a rowing machine. It can cost you quite something small, but the exercise you undertake with it can save you lots of cash in future.

However, this doesn’t mean that you just walk into any shop and buy a one. On the contrary, it’s important to take a look at some rowing machine reviews made by different users online.

If you don’t have time to look for some, just read for all you need to know about rowing machine reviews on this site.

Designed to provide workouts that burn all your calories, build lean muscles; assist in improving your core strength of the shoulders and forearms, these equipment are an amazing result of innovation and technology. They not only give you a good cardio exercises but also improve your stability to carry out your day to day activities.

Rowing machine reviews also show that many users of these products are content with different features they enjoy. For instance, the fact that a rowing machine is small and compact in size makes it easy and convenient to store and use in any particular room of your house. In fact, you can even put it in your closet once you’re done using it.

Interestingly, rowing machines help to reduce a lot of stress levels and anxiety. If you didn’t know, working out regularly with this equipment helps one feel less depressed which in turn is very vital in keeping you focused on important things in life. If you want to confirm, then just take a look at different rowing machine testimonials online.

Sometimes, taking a look at some of the rowing machine reviews will derive huge benefits to you as the user especially if you’re first-timer.

The information and experience you gather from different users, if you utilize it relevantly, then you’ll fully understand the machine and the limits it can contribute towards your health or work out programs. Rowing machines reviews are also vital if you intend to buy quality yet at a lower price.

In fact, unless you learn from other experience, then you might end up making a mistake. Therefore, before buying, look at various reviews and other recommendations. This way, then you’ll be in a position to get a quality rowing machine at the best price.

Decision Time

Given that you have gone through the reviews on rowing machines it is logical you will have to make a choice on the Best Rowing Machine. However, if you somehow undecided and would require more help, in that case, check our exhaustive guides and reviews.

If there are more questions, suggestions or feedback, in that case, do not hesitate to get in touch with us through the contact page. Hearing from you would be an honor!



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