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The 5 Best Lawn Mowers (Updated Apr. 2018)

The 5 Best Lawn Mowers (Updated Apr. 2018)


You may be a bachelor living a carefree life in your own house, alone. But now your girlfriend’s family wants to meet you and it’s time to impress. You may be a homemaker happy in managing the house and keep it sparkling clean.

But your neighbor’s lawn is a source of constant jealousy to you. Or you are just one of those who likes balance in nature.

Whatever type of person you may be, mowing your lawn is not exactly a very indicating responsibility, is it? But it is a necessary one, nonetheless.

So cut down on those potato wafers a bit and go for a reliable lawn mower today! Do some research online, especially those that provide the best lawn mower reviews.

The Top 5 Best Lawn Mowers of 2018:

GW 25022 (Our Pick)
$ 120per month
Corded Electric
12 Amp
3-in-1 Feature
Weight: 56 lbs
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Fiskars 6210
$ 120per month
Push Reel
18 Inch Cut Width
Weight: 52 lbs
Check Price
Husqvarna 7021P
$ 120per month
Push Lawn Mower
3-in-1 Feature
Weight: 55 lbs
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B&D CM1936
$ 120per month
Cordless Electric
19 Inch Cut Width
Weight: 72 lbs
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Earthwise 60120
$ 120per month
Cordless Electric
Safety Key
Comfort “V” Handle
Weight: 101 lbs
Check Price

Lawn mowers can differ in numerous aspects, including their design, purpose, and function. These are machines developed with a blade that is revolving and is being used in cutting lawns to an even length.

With the wide variety of options present, customers can choose depending on their preference and on where it will be used.

Lawn mowers are available in small types which are applicable in residential and garden lawns. On the other hand, the large type is applicable in golf court, parks, and other large lawns.

In choosing the best lawn mower, here are the top 5 list that customers can find in the market today.

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GreenWorks 25022
GreenWorks 25022

Electric mowers offer grass cutters with zero carbon footprints as it doesn’t require any gas. Its maker, Greenworks stress that most gas-fuelled machines require maintenance and even spillage. With this corded unit, you will have a lawn mower with the same performance of a gas mower without the spill, smell, and hazards.

Greenworks 25022 has the cord management feature. This is a unique feature solely for Greenworks mower. With this cord feature, cord disconnection will be prevented courtesy of its cord lock system. This system will ensure that users will not run-over the cord while cutting grass. Its handle also has a cam lock for easy folding and storage.

Unlike most electric mowers, Greenworks 25022 has a steel top. With this metal material for its top, it is thinner compared to those made of plastic. This walk-behind mower has a height adjustment level to adjust the height of the person. It also has bigger rear tires for mowing efficiency and comfort.

Lastly, Greenworks offers a warranty of up to 4 years for parts and labor.

  • Pros:

Greenworks 25022 is a well-received product in the market with its promise to deliver that is safe for the environment. Its cord management eases the problem of most corded electric mowers where there are times that cords are run over while mower. Its metal top also makes it more durable compared to other corded machines.

This corded electric mower from Greenworks requires no maintenance. As it needs no gas to work, no need for refueling. Refueling can also lead to gas spillage. This lawn mower also emits less noise compared to gas-operated.

Greenworks 25022 also means better performance compared to manual walk-behind mowers. Those who want safer options but demands a larger yard or taller grass can rely on this product.

  • Cons:

The only disadvantage of Greenworks 25022 applies to most electric mowers. It requires electricity – therefore, it won’t work if there is no power source. This can’t also be used if you will be cutting grass which is far from the power source like on a farm. Thus, Greenworks 25022 is most suitable for home use preferably those with modest-sized yards.

Fiskars Reel Mower
Fiskars Reel Mower

Previously known as Fiskars Momentum, Fiskars 6210 Staysharp is one of its breakthrough products. This 18-inch push reel mower is one of the top products for lawns, in fact, it is currently Amazon’s #1 product for walk-behind mowers.

Fiskars 6201 is a product of intense research to offer a powerful lawn mower without using fuel. However, it is the answer for those who prefer a safer type of mowers. A manually operated lawn mower. No gas. No noise. Totally safe.

Fiskars 6201 has 3 patent pending technologies – InertiaDrive Reel, Staysharp Cutting System and the VersaCut Technology.

The InertiaDrive Reel gives this outstanding cutting edge, perfectly cut lawn without the use of fuel-powered units.

Most manuals operated mowers also require annual sharpening of blades but not with Fiskars 6210. Staysharp Cutting System keeps its blade sharp longer to cut different types of grass.

The VersaCut Technology feature adjusts to different types of grasses. With this feature, tall and even short grasses are cut perfectly.

  • Pros:

The most obvious advantage of the Fiskars 6201 is that requires no fuel and gas. This type of mower is very appealing to customers who want a mower that has no plugs and wiring – it is safer especially among those who are not adept in lawn mowing.

Because it is not fuel-powered, it emits less or no noise at all. No smell of gas which most customers find hard to endure while cutting grass. Fiskars 6210 makes lawn mowing, easier and that anyone can cut their own grass. Fiskars simplified power mowing with this innovation.

  • Cons:

Fiskars 6201 may be out of the league compared to other non-gas mowers but it still cannot fully replace the gas-powered ones. Yes, it is one powerful tool for a push reel mower but it still has some limitations.

One of these is that it cannot effectively cut very thick and tall grasses. It may be able but the blade will just make the grass bend; these type of grasses also demands the power of those gas mowers.

As it is a manually-operated machine, it is more suitable for a small yard. Acres of lawn cannot be trimmed and cut using Fiskars 6210. The size of the yard is too much for a simple tool like this.

Husqvarna 7021P
Husqvarna 7021P

This lawn mower is from Husqvarna that specializes in lawn with their tagline “Exceptional Products for Exceptional Yards”.

This product is for those who require more power from the classic lawn mowers. Powered by a Honda engine, one can expect only a powerful machine that can face any type of mowing challenges from grass heights to uneven terrain.

With a dimension of 38 x 23 x 68 inches, this push lawn mower weighs 55 pounds equipped with a mulching, rear-bag and side-discharge capabilities. It is a powerful yard tool yet designed to be user-friendly.

Its double-ball bearing wheels make this lawn mower easy to move around and maneuver. This is designed to prolong comfort for longer use while cutting grass.

Its tall rear wheel in the other hand is to cut those grasses in hard to reach areas like those around trees. The wheels of Husqvarna 7021 makes cutting grasses in uneven terrain or yards with some bumps a simple task.

Its height adjustment features make cutting different types of grasses in a single yard less than complicated. A few pushes in its panel and you can cut all grasses perfectly. This height feature also works well to match the specific height of the user.

This mower is built for different uses. From the general cutting of your acre yards to seasonal lawn maintenance, the Husqvarna is designed and built for durability.

  • Pros:

As this push lawn mower is gas powered with an engine from Honda, much is expected from Husqvarna 7021P. And it delivers. With its power, it can make lawn mowing, faster which is the top priority among those who have a bigger yard or lawn.

It also has the right power to cut tall and thick grass effectively. Some lawn mowers like those non-gas-powered can cut but when it comes to taller weeds, the blades will just make the grass bend instead of cutting them.

Husqvarna is also great for those with uneven terrain like a slope or yard with a sudden drop. Same goes for those who have some bumps within their yards. This is the main concern when it comes to using the less powered type machines.

Other advantages of this product are its easy storage brought by its foldable handle, durability, and user-friendly mechanisms.

  • Cons:

The Husqvarna 7021P is flawless at its own right however, this will not work for everyone. Unless you have a bigger yard and demands a more powerful machine to deal with the type of grass, then this is the perfect mower.

On the other hand, if you do not have these expectations, you can settle with a less powered type of mowers. Those with uniformed terrain and smaller yards might find this mower too much.

The Husqvarna is a gas-powered unit, therefore, it needs to be refueled and also require some maintenance to extend its lifespan. Its gas-powered nature can also be an issue among users who prefer to use eco-friendly yard tools.

Black & Decker CM1936
B&D CM1936

Black & Decker CM1936 is cordless electric mower with a cutting width of 19-inches. It is powered by a 36-volt battery that is also removable, weighing 72 pounds. With its power, the machine can clean 1/3 acre in one charging.

Black & Decker CM1936 has a patented feature called the single touch height adjustment. Most lawn mowers already have this height adjustment feature to make it easier to cut different types and height of grass but it is only with this machine that adjusting can be done with a simple touch.

This product is one of the brand’s cordless lawn mowers. Cordless electric mowers are highly favored as it is easier, more comfortable and safer to use an electric lawn mower sans the cords.

Its blades are engineered to deliver precise and clean cutting and made to last longer keeping it sharp as long as it can.

  • Pros:

The main advantage of this model is that is electric and cordless. These two types of lawn mowers make the Black & Decker CM1936 very popular. Not to mention that it came from Black & Decker which has positioned their brand when it comes to tools.

Because it uses electricity stored in its charged batteries, users can use this without any noise or risks for accidents. This can also save money when it comes to maintenance and refueling.

Its design also makes it easy to push and minimizes pain and discomfort for prolonging cutting.

  • Cons:

The main concern about this machine is its weight. It is fairly heavier at 72 pounds which is the usual drawbacks for cordless electric units.

Its mulching features are also not that outstanding based on some reviews though it is designed to be folded uptight, it is still bulky. There are already many models which have sleek designs and applicable to today’s residents with limited space.


Earthwise 60120
Earthwise 60120

Earthwise 60120 is a cordless electric lawn mower for eco-friendly users. No need for gas to achieve that perfectly cut lawn. This 30 x 16.5 x 22 inches lawn mower from Earthwise is easy to use and a safer option compared to gas mowers.

With its 24-volt battery, it has the power to cut taller and bigger space at less time. It has a 20-inch cutting path to cut more grass saving not just time and effort.

The 60120 carry features that are similar to other cordless electric products while it is also equipped with unique product features.

This is a 3-n-1 mower for users to utilize its power all seasons. It can be used as a mulching mower, bagging mower or a rear bag. With mulching, users can now fertilize on their own as they pace around their yard with this lawn mower.

With its “easy in, easy out” feature, getting the battery for charging and installing it back to the unit is as easy as ABC.

Earthwise 60120 has big wheels for those who have yards with uneven terrain or slopes and hilly sides. Its front wheels measure 7 inches while its rear wheels are oversized at 9 ½ inches.

A single-lever height control system makes it easier to change and adjust the height of the cut in relation to the type of grass you are cutting. This feature lets users choose up to 7 height positions.

This product is covered by a 2-year warranty.

  • Pros:

Earthwise 60120 is a cordless electric mower which can compete with the gas mowers in terms of performance without polluting the environment. Unlike gas mowers, you can cut your grass without disturbing your neighbors and even makes mowing sort-of an exercise.

And because it is cordless, you can enjoy cutting your lawn without the hassle of tagging a cord line. With a battery, you can go out and bring your Earthwise 60120 without checking with a power source.

Its big wheels make this very suitable for yards with uneven terrain, bumps, hills, and slopes. It is designed to provide utmost comfort to the mower with its cushioned handle. It can also be folded for easy storage.

  • Cons:

Common drawbacks of cordless electric mowers are its weight. Earthwise 60120 weigh almost 100 pounds and it can be a burden when doing your lawn with slopes and hilly sides.

Same goes for electric mowers with rechargeable batteries. This means you cannot continuously cut grass as long as you like as the battery can run out.

More 5 Lawn Mowers (Under $150):

These are the top 5 best lawn mowers that customers can consider to purchase. These machines are proven to be of high-quality standard in matching the needs and demands of every customer.

Having this list of lawn mowers enable customers to choose on what is the most suitable product that can be used on their lawns.

Sun Joe MJ401E
Sun Joe MJ401E

Mow Joe MJ401E is an electric walk-behind mower powered by a 12 amp motor. It is a simple outdoor equipment with user-friendly features. One of these is its easy push start-up button. Just one push and you can start mowing your lawn.

This electric lawn mower also comes in height adjustment feature of up to 3 positions from 2- 2.5 inches to adjust grass height depending on the season. The transition from one height to another is also easy and quick with a simple push of a button.

Its steel blade is a product of modern technology for longer lifespan and durability. Its blade is also engineered to deliver precision cutting of grasses and weeds.

Sun Joe’s electric land mower weighs 34 pounds and designed to be compact for comfort during the maneuver. Its smaller size also makes it easier to store which is very relevant for today’s dwellers.

With a cutting path of 14 inches, Mow Joe MJ401E targets those with small lawns. According to Sun Joe, this particular electric model has the “power of a gas machine with the convenience of an electric unit”.

Scotts 2000-20
Scotts 2000-20

The Scotts 2000-20 is a simple lawn mower for users looking for a simple eco-friendly garden tool. It may look uncomplicated but it bears superior product features for optimum grass cutting that is precise and neat.

Far from the usual “classic mower”, Scotts 2000-20 has modern features for that modern precision when it comes to cutting grass in your lawn.

First, it is a 20-inch reel mower which is perfect for most grass types. It is equipped with a 10-inch dual tracking wheel and rugged radial tires. Its blades are made of steel for better cutting.

This classic push reel lawn mower by Scotts has a height adjustment feature with a simple fingertip control to adjust to the type of grass you are cutting. Height adjustment is up to 3 inches which are very simple to change from one height to another.

Scotts 2000-20 mower has a 5-speeder, 5-blade product feature for accurate and smooth grass cutting. Together with its tires, it makes cutting and maneuver ring easy and comfortable. This classic push reel mower is covered with a 2-year warranty.

American Lawn Mower
American Lawn Mower

A sleek manual hand reel mower, American Lawn Mower 1204-14 is a basic yard tool for uncomplicated cutting requirements. Perfect and suited for smaller yards with average grass height. Its blades can only cut cool season type of grasses like rye and bluegrass.

With its 14-inch cutting width to perfectly cut grass and weeds in your yard. Its design gives it a sleek yet elegant look.

The American 1204-14 has a zinc plated handle for secure and comfortable grip. Its blade is designed and tested to give a precise and clean cut for turf grasses. Polymer 8 1/2” inch diameter wheels and adjustable roller makes this machine easy to maneuver even in different yard surfaces and terrain.

Lightweight, giving comfort to many users. Even older homeowners will have a chance to mow their own lawns with this product.

Earthwise 50214
Earthwise 50214

Lawnmowers can be extremely noisy, and apart from yourself, you are really not looking forward to always be disturbing your neighbors. This does not have to be your reality if you use the Earthwise 50120 mower.

It is an environmentally friendly machine that is not difficult to use. There are many great features that come with this Earthwise 50120 machine. You will be able to adapt to them easily as the machine works to give your landscape that lovely, quiet, manicured look you have been searching for.

The Earthwise 50120 is able to cut 20-inch high grass because of its 12 amp motor. When it cuts it can easily dispense the cut grass into an attachable grass bag.

With quick cutting capabilities, the Earthwise 50120 is considered a 3-in-1 mower because it can discharge the cuttings at the side, bag, and mulch the grass also. It is the fact that is a quiet electric mower.

Great States 304-14
Great States 304-14

The Great States 304-14 is a basic, classic, push reel mower. Its small size and light weight make it the perfect reel lawn mower for someone who has a small lawn.

It features heat-treated alloy steel 3 spider 5 blade ball bearing reel and bed knife blade, 10-inch composite wheels with radial rubber tires for good traction and grip, and a T style handle. Its hard enamel finish is long-lasting to prevent rust.

This classic, simple reel mower is well suited for someone who has a small lawn and/or doesn’t feel physically capable of pushing a larger mower. Its lightweight and easy maneuverability inspire people to cut their lawn frequently as it doesn’t seem such a chore.

As with all reel mowers, it doesn’t cut long grass or twigs well, so you will need to mow regularly and may need to rake the yard first if you have trees. It should also be noted, that because of its small size, this mower can only cut up to the height of 1 3/4 inches. If you have grass that likes to be a little longer, you may wish to look into the larger models.

Types of Lawn Mowers:

While you are choosing a lawn mower, there are a couple of things you should pay attention to. Whereas the budget and your personal preference do matter, you need to learn about the various types of lawn mowers available and for what kind of lawns or yards they are most suited to.

  • Push Lawn Mowers:

If you are looking for a push lawn mower, you are literally looking at a mower that will mow a small lawn without any problems at all. As long as a lawn is no bigger than 500 square feet, this should be your device of choice.

However, this product needs a manual operation as no engine is involved and you will have to move kind of quicker to make sure that the blades in it are activated properly. Nonetheless, this means that the device is friendly to the environment and it requires minimum maintenance.

You can even store it on the wall in a vertical position, saving up your home spaces.

  • Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers:

Now, this second type of lawn mowers has somehow become the favorite choice for a decent number of people living in America for the past couple of years.

With its two-stroke engine, this kind of mowers can often tackle miles of lawn and it can last for years, too. However, you need to keep in mind that it requires a moderate amount of space to maneuver.

Therefore, you should first calculate the approximate distance to your shed door or yard gate while using the walk-behind mowers.

Speaking of this particular kind of mowers, you can usually choose from a number of options as listed below:

1. Electric or Gas Mowers: A gas mower tends to be more powerful when compared to its electric counterpart. However, it can prove to be pretty messy and maintenance is not easy.

On the other hand, with an electric mower, you can mow your lawn without polluting the environment too much. You can also choose a corded or cordless device. But then again, if your option is the latter, you will often have to bring two batteries along with you. Otherwise, you will not be able to finish mowing your lawns due to your device running out of juice.

2. Self-Propelled or Push Mowers: In this case, you need to find out for sure whether the device uses a 2-wheel-drive or an all-wheel-drive (AWD) drivetrain.

Needless to say, the latter will help you a lot if there are plenty of inclines in your yard. Nevertheless, it tends to be heavier and maneuvering is not a simple task to accomplish with an AWD self-propelled mower.

3. Cutting Mower: While choosing a walk-behind mower, you need to know how the device cuts the grass upon your yard. Some mowers utilize the side discharge cutting system. This means that the clippings are distributed back onto the lawn.

Others may use the mulching system, which means that the clippings are cut into multiple fine pieces. These pieces will then be broken down and they will nourish the soil upon your lawn.

Lastly, there are those devices that use the bagging system. This means that clippings are stored in a dedicated bag and this bag will be headed to yard waste.

Now, if you want the best option for your money, you probably should go for a walk-behind lawn mower that features all three cutting systems.

  • Ride-On Lawn Mowers:

Ride-On Lawn Mower
Ride-On Lawn Mower

If you think you have a large yard and it is impractical to walk behind a mower, pushing it from one spot to another, then perhaps the ride-on lawn mower is the right choice for you. This will save you your valuable time as you no longer have to keep on pushing your mower from one side of the lawn to the other.

In most cases, a ride-on mower counts on a rear-wheel-drive (RWD) drivetrain. In addition to that, they are not usually too comfortable, either.

When it comes to a ride-on mower, you may probably want to consider about upgrading to a lawn tractor as well. It has a very powerful engine and its cutting decks are considerably wide.

Better yet, some of the lawn tractors you can avail out there also allow you to take advantage of what is known as the power takeoff – or PTO for short – capability. This way, you can hook up such attachments as snow throwers, aerators, and spreaders, among other stuff, to your tractor.

A lawn tractor is often pretty advanced as well as it comes with headlamps, cruise control, high-back seats, a 4-wheel-drive (4WD) drivetrain and even 12V power outlets. However, the price you may have to pay for such a tractor is definitely not a cheap price at all.

If you fancy purchasing a ride-on mower, you may as well go for the zero-turn lawn mowers. To tell the truth, this is practically the most chosen type of lawn mowers for landscapers as well as those in charge of maintaining a golf course. The speed is fast and the turning is usually very precise.

However, for those who are just learning to use such a device, the lap bar steering may prove to be rather difficult to handle. A zero-turn lawn mower is typically suitable for a large lawn that is flat yet contains plenty of obstacles like ponds or trees.

One last thing you will have to pay attention to while trying to purchase a ride-on mower is the transmission that the device uses.

Using a mower with a manual transmission will definitely have a very different feeling from using a mower with an automatic transmission. As such, you should make sure that you spend your valuable cash only on a mower that will really suit your lawn mowing style.

  • Tow-Behind Lawn Mowers:

The next type of mowers you can choose is the tow-behind mowers. With this kind of mowers, in particular, you will be able to easily mow the fairways that lead to a golf course, for an example. Heck, you will even be able to tame those wild brambles that you may have on your overgrown lawn.

This is a perfect type of mowers to keep company your tractor or ATV.

When it comes to a tow-behind mower, you can usually choose from the following product options:

  1. Gang reel mowers.
  2. Trail mowers.
  3. Trail cutters.

For the gang reel mowers, you will see that the device does not have any engine built onto it. So, in order to operate this type of mowers, you will have to attach it to the back of something like a tractor or an ATV, at a speed of approximately four miles an hour.

Gang reel mowers cut the grasses on your lawn in a way similar to a pair of scissors. This leads to a precise finish. Nonetheless, cutting branches and twigs are not recommended as they tend to jam the blades on the gang reel mowers.

As for the trail mowers, they are somewhat similar to most mowers you can find these days. Only, they come with a largely sized cutting deck, with a very powerful engine on top of it. This powerful engine is very useful in cutting pine cones and twigs into smithereens.

However, the possible drawback here is that trail mowers are not usually as wide as gang reel mowers are. Yet, this makes trail mowers advantageous in that you can tow them considerably faster than you can gang reel mowers.

Yet, while trail mowers are perfect for cutting grass between fairways, you can’t actually use them for the purpose of blazing a trail that is already out of range.

In the case of trail cutters, they are an ideal choice for dealing with wild, overgrown grasses. This is because a trail cutter cuts grass in a machete-style.

Known to some people as the rough cut mowers as well, trail cutters utilize a number of cutting bars made of steel. These bars swing forwards and backward to cut any grass in its path. A trail cutter can usually deal with a grass of up to 3 inches high.

Now, all the lawn mowers listed above are categorized based on how you are supposed to operate them. You either have to push them from behind or you have to ride them.

Yet, as it turns out, there is also another way of choosing the best lawn mower for you. This is to look at the mowers based on how they operate. In this case, here are the few types of mowers you can choose.
  • Cylinder Lawn Mowers:

A cylinder lawn mower is a mower that comes equipped with a series of blades at its front end. These blades rotate in a cylindrical manner against a blade fixed at the bottom end of the device.

As a result, a cylinder mower is often the best choice to mow a flat yard. It is also available for that kind of shortcuts that you can often find in an ornamental garden.

Most of the time, a cylinder mower is available in several options, a walk-behind model, a gas-powered model or an electric model.

Unfortunately, the problem with a cylinder mower is that you need to use the mower to mow your yard at a regular interval. Otherwise, the results will not be so great or satisfactory.

  • Rotary Lawn Mowers:

Of all lawn mowing devices you can probably find out there, the rotary mowers are probably the most versatile ones. A rotary mower can actually handle a dozen kinds of different lawns. Sloping banks and rough grass areas should not be any problems at all.

In a rotary mower, the blades rotate in a horizontal direction, at the height of cutting you have chosen. Available in either electric or gas model, this kind of lawn mowers is great for perfect trimming of a family garden. It can also be used to cut longer grasses if you like.

Rotary VS Reel
Rotary Mower VS. Reel Mower

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  • Hover Lawn Mowers:

As you can see how this kind of mowers is called, it mows your lawn by just hovering above the grass that exists on the lawn. A hover lawn mower is basically a rotary mower. Yet, the difference is that it takes advantage of a cushion of air, which enables it to float (hover).

If you desire a lawn mower that is light and easy to push, this should be your best bet. Also, with a hover lawn mower in your hands, maneuvering is pretty much effortless.

Thanks to its high maneuverability, a hover mower is very suitable for lawns or yards with flower beds, borders or curved edges.

  • A Lawn with Perfect Stripes:

Are you, by any chance, planning to feature a perfectly striped lawn behind your home? If that is the case, you should, at all costs, find a lawn mower that features a rear roller.

In this case, when the mower cuts through grass, the rear roller of the device travels right over the grass, flattening the grass in one direction and one direction only. In addition to that, with a rear roller, it also becomes possible for you to perform the mowing action over the edge you may have on your lawn.

Fortunately enough for you, if you are looking for a mower with a rear roller, you may as well choose either a hover or cylinder or rotary mower. All these kinds of mowers can actually be availed with a rear roller installed in them.

Last but not least, before you purchase any sorts of mowers, it is of utmost importance that you try as many products as possible. This will save you from having to regret your buying decision in the future.

Best Lawn Mower – Buying Factors To Consider:

When it comes to choosing a lawn mower, you are confronted with so many choices that it can be intimidating, especially for the first-time buyer. And the number of new features on new lawn mower models each year can be surprising, even to a veteran lawn mower owner.

To help make your decision easier, we’ve broken down the top 5 features you need to consider when buying a lawn mower below:

  • Blade Type:

Standard medium lift blade: Slight upwards angle at the back edges to discharge grass to the side leaving small cuttings that can go inside a discharge bag, High lift blades with a higher upwards angle for bagging grass cuttings without littering, Mulching blade for shredding the cuttings into finer parts that act as a replenishing fertilizer.

  • Blade Width:

Wider blade means more cut per pass, which is recommended for bigger lawns. If your priority is maneuverability, it is advisable to go for a blade with a smaller width.

  • Starting Mechanism:

This involves choosing between manual and electric starters. The latter involves a button press or a key ignition to start the engine, while the former needs a medium to hefty pull on the cord. Well, the trade-off between the two is truly the price. Obviously, of the two, electric mowers are costlier.

  • Type of Cut:

Lawn mowers used to be more specialized. Some do a better job of mulching while others do a better job bagging. But nowadays, you have 3-in-1 lawn mowers like the Earthwise 60120 that gives you the flexibility of all 3 types of grass cutting capabilities: mulch, bag, and discharge.

If you like to mulch or discharge your grass clippings, it’s just a matter of putting on a mulching or discharge insert. Or, if you prefer to bag your grass clippings, simply put on the rear bag and you’re good to go.

  • Weight:

The weight of the lawn mower becomes an issue if you have physical limitations that prevent you from operating a heavy push mower or if your lawn is uneven or is on a slope.

For example, Black & Decker’s line of electric mowers can weigh 46 lbs. to 72 lbs, depending on which model you get. The weight is less of a problem if you get a self-propelled mower (unless, of course, you have to take it off and on a truck for transporting).

As long as you understand these top 5 features of a lawn mower, you should have no trouble picking out that perfect lawn mower for your needs.

“How to Choose a Lawn Mower

Using Lawn Mower Reviews to Help Make the Right Choice:

If you’re in the market for a new lawn mower, there are a lot of brands and models to choose from. It can sometimes be tough to narrow it down to just one or two models with the wide range that’s out there. And relying on the sales staff at your local lawn mower shop will only get you so far since they’re obviously going to be biased towards the brands they carry.

Searching out some good lawn mower reviews on the internet is one way to ensure you’re getting the right model.

There are lots of websites that let people write reviews about lawn mowers. Amazon.com is one of the first that springs to mind, but many websites that sell mowers also let their customers rate them. Or you could turn to a site like Consumer Reports, which doesn’t rate every model, but they do have comparisons between several and they recommend the ones that they’ve had good results with.

If you’re looking at a particular model, your best bet is to search on a site like Google for that specific brand and model review. So instead of digging through all the listings on Amazon, for example, you could just search for “Bosch as 32 reviews” or “toro 20331 review” for example. This is more likely to get you results for the specific model you’re considering.

Almost any type of lawn mower is available online these days, and therefore you can also find reviews. Whether you’re looking for a riding mower, an electric mower, a cordless robotic mower or a commercial mower, you’ll be able to find information on the internet.

Home and garden magazines, as well as Consumer Report magazine, are also good sources of information. Most of them do comparison reviews of the latest models of lawn mowers in the late winter or early spring when people are starting to think about replacing an old mower.

Your local library most likely has subscriptions to several of these magazines, so everything you need to research is probably available for free.

Whatever kind of mower you’re looking for – riding, small garden, commercial, or some combination – it’s worth doing a bit of research up front to be sure you get a model that’s going to suit your needs – and last for years to come.

Wrapping Up

With this wide variety of options available, customers will be able to select the appropriate lawn mower depending on its capacity.

Understanding first its features can give customers an idea on what product to buy to avoid from having complaints. Comparing these products can also help in searching for the best lawn mower to use. The bigger the property there is means a bigger lawn mower to purchase.

Before buying this product checking out first its flexibility and capacity are important. This will help customers determine which lawn mower they can afford to buy.

With all of these present people can now start looking for the lawn mowers suitable for their needs. Purchase now one of this top 5 best lawn mowers and experience the change that it can bring into every lawn.



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