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Best Headphones of 2017 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Best Headphones of 2017 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews


Choosing the best headphones from the thousands available online can be confusing and time consuming process. There are so many options and features to consider.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were one place that consolidated information on the best available headphones from the top brands in an easy to compare format? That is the goal of this buyer’s guide.

We will help you make the best, most informed, headphone decision in the least amount of time. We will do this by helping you determine the features you need, and then letting you compare models from different manufactures to find the pair of headphones that meet your specific needs.

Hopefully you will leave this site after having found the best headphones for you!

The Top 5 Best Headphones of 2017:

Audio-Technica (Our Pick)
$ 120month
10 x 11.4 x 4.1 Inches
2.1 lbs in Weight
Check Price
$ 120month
HD 598
3.9 x 9.4 x 8.1 Inches
0.6 lbs in Weight
Check Price
$ 120month
3.9 x 4.2 x 8.6 Inches
0.66 lbs in Weight
Check Price
$ 120month
Crossfade LP
7.1 x 9.4 x 4.4 Inches
1.8 ounces in Weight
Check Price
$ 120month
Crossfade LP2
7.1 x 4.4 x 9.4 Inches
1.8 ounces in Weight
Check Price

Searching nowadays for top headphones is like looking for a needle in the hay stack. It’s not like you will have a difficult time looking for one. There are so many, you might just find yourself wobbly after checking on so many. However you surely be able to pick out one from the list below.

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

In this Audio Technica ATH-M50x review we shall talk about an amazing pair of headphones from Audio Technica which are deigned specifically to cater for professionals in areas of work such as in studios, music production, DJing and so on.

Being marketed for professionals means that these headphones are indeed of an exceptionally high quality in almost every regard. They feature things such as outstandingly robust and durable build quality, unbelievably good sound quality throughout all audio ranges and fantastic level of comfort.

However, this is truly a professional quality product at a hobbyist price point which means they are an option for everyone considering a good pair of noise cancelling headphones.

  1. Professional Design. These headphones form Audio Technica are designed with professionals in mind who require nothing but the best in terms of comfort, sound quality and usability. The amazing design of these noise cancelling headphones allows for exceptionally accurate response as well as long-wearing listening comfort.
  2. Studio or DJ Features. As mentioned above these headphones are designed specifically with professionals in mind and so include many features which would be right at home in any studio. For example, the ear pieces swivel a full 180 degrees to facilitate easy one ear monitoring – very useful for DJ’s who often need to listen to more than one song at once.
  3. Incredibly Durability. Have you ever had the awful experience of purchasing a brand new pair of headphones only to have them break in two after a month? A very annoying experience … it is a good thing, then, that these headphones are very well made indeed with mostly metal and plastic which makes them incredibly durable with a very long lifespan.
  4. Sufficiently Long Power Cord. The example we use most frequently to illustrate how nice a long power cord is (1.2-3m in this case), is when you have to get up off your seat to turn on or off a light – usually this means taking off headphones and a microphone if you have one because the cables are rarely long enough. However, with the Audio Technica ATH-M50x this will never be a problem again thanks to its great 3m cord.
  5. Great Portability and Storage. Headphones are usually fairly bulking and can sometimes be difficult to store or to pack when traveling. Thankfully these very well made headphones feature a folding design to allow you to easily store them when not being used or indeed fit them into a small nook in your bag as you pack.
  6. Exceptionally Comfortable. These headphones feature a luxuriously padded headband as well as cushioned ear pads which cover the entire ear – this coverage really helps to trap the sound in as well as keeping all other sounds out. The swivel of the ear pads combined with an adjustable headband means that these will comfortably fit any head size.
  7. Choice of Plugs. You get a standard gold plated mini-plug for use with things such as an mp3 player as well as a screw-on 1/4″ adapter for use with thing such as a home Hi-Fi system or certain pieces of studio equipment.


  1. Largely plastic construction.
  2. Bass is somewhat overemphasised.
Sennheiser Headphones
Sennheiser HD 598

This Sennheiser HD 598 review is based on a great pair of headphones from Sennheiser which offer amazing levels of sound quality and comfort as well as a dash of versatility as they are said to perform excellently whether you are using them to listen to music, watch movies or even play games.

These are a truly premium pair of headphones and this is reflected by their price … however with this premium price tag comes a host of features all backed up by Sennheisers solid brand name.

  1. Aesthetically Phenomenal. These headphones have a very unique design which differs greatly from the traditional black or grey which is common in most high end headphones as we’re sure you can see by the picture above. Sennheiser says that this design was inspired by European sport sedans and indeed this is not hard to believe when you get a good look at the absolute luxury and sophistication which is portrayed with the light creams and rich deep browns.
  2. Amazing Sound Quality. Audiophiles pay attention, because Sennheiser is coming at you with its astonishingly brilliant sound quality – Sennheiser are a known brand for high quality but these headphones take the quality to a whole new level. As quoted form Sennheiser these are “audiophile grade high performance headphones”.
  3. Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement Technology (E.A.R). We must say that Sennheiser certainly do use a lot of highly technical words when it comes to their description of this particular piece of technology. Words such as “advanced duofol diarphragms”, “field-strengthened neodymium ferrous magnet systems” and a “surround reflector” – but basically what all of this comes down to is that this E.A.R technology design channels audio signals directly into your ears for less distortion and overall high level of sound quality.
  4. Very Comfortable. As you can see by the pictures throughout this review, there is thick luxurious velour ear pads as well as a plush cushioned and adjustable headband. All of this makes for one of the most comfortable pairs of headphones which you’ll ever experience.
  5. Generous Cable Length. These best headphones come with a 3m long cable which is great because it means you won’t have to take off your headphones anytime you need to move around your room to do small tasks such as turn on or off the lights.
  6. Choice of Plugs. The Sennheiser HD 598 comes with a bigger plug on the end that some people may be used to – too big for mp3 players and similar devices but perfectly suited for high end Hi-Fi systems and other similar audio machines. However there is also a 3.5mm plug adapter included to allowed you to use these with small devices such as your mp3 player.


  1. Poor sound isolation.
  2. Pricey.
  3. Light on accessories.
Sony MDR-V6 HeadPhones
Sony MDR-V6

There is only one way to start this Sony MDR-V6 review and that is by saying that this is an absolutely fantastic pair of noise cancelling headphones.

No, we are not simply trying to fluff up this guide – that is our genuine opinion and you shall see reasoning (as always) behind by opinion below.

These headphones offer comfort, excellent sound quality, complete blockage of background noise and even a dash of portability to make for one fantastic all round package.

  1. Powerful and Stylish. These noise cancelling headphones from Sony are professionally styled and really to provide a great amount of power as well as other features to ensure that your experience whilst using them is second to none. There is a brilliant full range of sound with these headphones from Sony and this coupled with luxurious levels of comfort and easy portability makes for quite a package – as you will see in the features detailed below.
  2. Outstanding Quality. These headphones are the choice of many professionals and as such you can expect them to be of an extremely high quality. 40mm driver units allow the MDR-V6′s to produce deep, accurate bass as well as very crisp highs and excellent mid-range tones.
  3. Power for the Longest Sessions. Power efficiency and management during long sessions of headphone use are of course an important aspect of any pair of headphones. Copper-clad aluminum voice coil wire for lass mass, high heat conduction which makes for great power handling throughout those long sessions.
  4. Very Comfortable. Featured are soft oval ear pads which are designed to cover the entire ear in order to add extra isolation from ambient noise as well as to add a whole lot of comfort as these soft pads entirely cushion your ears. Also included is a wide and padded headband which spreads the weight of the headphones over your entire head for even more comfort during extended periods of use.
  5. Sony UniMatch Plug. The Sony MDR-V6 comes with two different options when it comes to actually plugging them in. You get both a fixed mini plug for things such as mp3 players as well as a detachable 1/4-inch” plug for using these headphones with thing such as home Hi-Fi systems.
  6. 10 Foot Cable. This is a very long cable which means that you don’t need to take off these headphones every time you need to get up from you desk whether it be in your office, studio or home. No more having to take off your headphones as you get up to cross the room to turn on the light!
  7. Easy Portability. These are designed to fold right up into themselves in a very neat fashion which makes them not only easy to store but also very easy to pack away safely in a bag. The folding design really does make them a very nice neat little package which can also be stored inside the included soft travel case for extra protection.


  1. Very long cord.
  2. Weak plastic build.
  3. No Extra Coloration.
V-MODA Crossfade LP
V-MODA Crossfade LP

This V-MODA Crossfade LP review is based on yet another fantastic product from V-MODA. V-MODA has quickly made a name for itself amongst professionals and hobbyists alike over the last few years thanks to their thorough research and the amazing quality of their products.

The Crossfade LP is no different and with these headphones you’ll find an amazing host of features including fantastic sound quality with a big emphasis on bass and levels of comfort so great that you can wear these headphones for hours on end with no problems.

  1. Professionally Designed and Versatile. These headphones have been developed over 4 years with the help of some of the worlds top musicians, DJs and producers. All of this time and effort results in a pair of headphones from V-MODA which deliver truly epic sound for a variety of music genres as well as being made from materials comfortable enough that you’ll have no problem wearing these for hours on end. The multipurpose design means that this headset is right at home on the stage, in the gym, or wherever else.
  2. Amazing High Definition Sound. These comes with entirely unique 50mm dual-diaphragm high definition drivers which deliver the fantastic sound of multiple drivers but with the power efficiency of one. This great design means that these headphones deliver thumping vibrant bass, juicy mids and brilliant highs all with crystal clarity.
  3. Brilliant Sound Isolation. These are of course designed to be noise cancelling headphones and as such their noise cancelling ability is very impressive. Memory foam cushions on the ear pads as well as a unique internal design means that you are immersed entirely in a world of your own – keeping the outside world out and your music in.
  4. Aesthetically Unique Design. As you can see from the pictures throughout this review, these headphones have a very unique design with their interesting “V” shape – and this certainly means that they’re going to stand out in a crowd. Another great aspect in terms of the design of the V-MODA Crossfade LP is that you can choose between 5 different colors when purchasing – Gunmetal Black, Nero, Pearl White, Phantom Chrome or Rouge.
  5. Unrivaled Comfort. Weighing it at only 280g these are indeed a very light and comfortable pair of headphones which some say can be worn for hours on end with no discomfort. Combined with this light weight are memory foam ear pads which sit nicely on yours ears as well as a ergonomic design for the best fit possible. A lot of research went into finding the materials and shape of the ear pads and headband to make them as comfortable as they possibly can be while also providing the best fit no matter the head size.
  6. Universal Compatibility. This is a very important aspect of any headphones as it would be a truly miserable experience to make a purchase only to realize that they don’t actually fit in your iPod or stereo. Thankfully V-MODA has done this properly and indeed these headphones can be used with pretty much everything from your iPod to professional studio equipment. Not only this but they will also work perfectly with both PC’s and MACs. If all this wasn’t enough there’s also a three button remote and discrete high-fidelity microphone which means that you can take calls if you’re plugged into your phone, adjust the levels of sound and so on.
  7. Durability. Once again thanks to 4 years of testing these have become a very durable pair of headphones indeed featuring a tank-like steel frame, flexible memory foam headband and even a detachable Kevlar-reinforced cable to ensure the ultimate durability.


  1. Overpowering bass.
  2. Slightly heavy.
  3. Issue with headband cracking.
V-MODA Crossfade LP2
V-MODA Crossfade LP2

This V-MODA Crossfade LP2 review is based on one hell of a headset from V-MODA which is quite possibly more indestructible than your house.

Seriously, when it comes to quality in terms of not only durability but also sound quality, style and noise cancellation this company doesn’t cut corners.

These best headphones are amazing in several aspects and they come packed with a massive host of great features – this will be the last pair of headphones which you’ll need to buy for a very long time because you won’t break them we promise you that and you will be so immersed by their wonderful isolated sound that you’ll never want to take them off.

  1. Professional Quality. These headphones from V-MODA ae designed with professionals such as DJs or music producers in mind and as such they have become one of the top brands in the world when it comes to gear which is used by these professionals. V-MODA say that there are over 50 professionals who contributed to the unique and high quality design of the Crossfade LP2.
  2. Great Sound Quality. One unique thing about these headphones which makes them stand out so much thanks to their amazing levels of quality is the fact that they have the biggest-in-class 50mm dual-diaphragm drivers which help to deliver a multi-driver sound with the energy efficiency of a single driver.
  3. Pure Isolation. These are some of the most isolated and sound proof headphones which are available today in this price range and this is thanks to several features which V-MODA has included. Firstly there is memory foam cushions on the ear pieces to naturally isolate noise and immerse you in your own world of sound without bothering those around you. These memory foam cushions create a true 3D sound stage by regulating air in and out of the ports with minimal leakage for ultimate tranquility. Truly V-MODA have mastered the art of delivering what seems to be a perfect balance between isolation, staging and ergonomics.
  4. Very Well Made. As you can probably see from a quick look at any V-MODA sales page these headphones are made and tested to be very tough and durable. They come designed with a virtually indestructible steel frame, durable STEELFLEX headband, interchangeable matte black shields and replaceable memory foam cushions. There is also two kevlar-reinforced cables for universal smartphone and professional gear compatibility.
  5. Gunmetal and Custom Shields. These headphones come complete with a gunmetal shield kit which has additional metal colors and designs that you can attach to your headphones to fit your style. Not only this, but V-MODA will even design custom shields just for you so you can have the perfect headphones to fit your unique style – however these custom designs are sold separately.
  6. Incredible Durability. The V-MODA Crossfade LP2‘s have been put through a series of rigorous tests of durability which have resulted in several fairly impressive outcomes.
  7. TrueHertz. Without rigorous testing many headphones can have variances from unit to unit of up to 30dB. However, V-MODA’s strict quality testing ensures that this is not the case with these headphones. V-MODA sculpts the sound at every step along the entire frequency response range by utilizing a 31-band EQ, lab and subjective testing during the tuning stages.


  1. V-Corks can get lost too easily.
  2. A little bit too bass heavy.

How to Choose the Best Headphones?

When it comes to choosing the best pair of headphones, there’s no shortage of types and styles to choose from. The best thing to do when deciding on what pair to buy is simple, figure out what your main activity will be while wearing your headphones. For instance, a runner should focus on models built for exercising, while a DJ would need a pair more suitable for his trade.

Whether your looking for an everyday pair or something a little more particular, we came up with a list of the top headphones out there for all uses. Check out our list and pick the right pair for you.

  • Best DJ Headphones:

Best DJ Headphones
DJ Headphones

Trying to choose the best DJ headphones isn’t easy. With so many brands advertising out there it can be difficult to choose the right pair. Just because your favorite DJ is paid to where a certain brand, that doesn’t necessarily mean those headphones are the best quality for the best price. A top rated DJ headphone set shouldn’t cost upwards of $300.

Although you may be most familiar with brands like Sony or Beats by Dre, there are actually other brands like AKG or Audio Technica that offer you much more bang for your buck. We know this by having looked at all the top rated DJ headphones out there. Brands like Audio Technica and AKG continue to top multiple lists.

We believe that reading peoples reviews on the headphones, as oppose to just buying into the brands that are marketed the most, will give you the most insight on finding the best pair of DJ headphones for you.

  • Best Headphones for Running:

Best Headphones for Running
Headphones for Running

While running it is important to have a pair of earphones that will not fall out of your ears. Usually the “Earbud Type” of headphones are the most common type used for runners.

When someone is in the middle of a run they build up a lot of momentum and remain extremely focused throughout the run. The last thing they want to do is have to stop every time their earphones fall out of their ear. That is why a comfortable pair with in-ear buds is the most recommended pair for anybody looking to buy the best headphones for running.

Typically, you shouldn’t pay more than $20 for one of these types of earphones. However you can expect some of the higher end earphones for runners to sell for about $50. If you love running and would love to have your favorite tunes on while doing so, then a solid pair of running headphones will definitely help you enjoy your runs even more.

  • Best Travel Headphones:

Best Travel Headphones
Travel Headphones

If you’re a regular traveler, you know how important it is to be able to zone out into your music. Whether it be in a plane, car or bus, music will always make the experience a little better. That is why a good pair of travel headphones is crucial.

Features like noise cancelling are very popular amongst travel headphones, since there’s usually a lot of background noise while traveling. It is also important to have a durable pair that won’t break on you while you’re out of town. When looking for the best travel headphones, you need to find a durable pair that will still offer you the top quality sound you are seeking.

  • Best Wireless Headphones:

Best Wireless Headphones
Wireless Headphones

When it comes to convenience, nothing beats wireless headphones. For whatever your purpose may be, wireless always makes things better and easier.

When choosing the best Wireless headphones one of the most important factors to keep in mind is battery life. Since you will have no wire, your headphones will be battery powered. You will want headphones that will last for many hours and not die at the time you need them most, like mid traveling or in the middle of an intense workout.

One of the best selling wireless headphones are the Beats Wireless On-Ear Headphones, by Dr. Dre’s Beats line. These headphones are great, but when it comes to wireless headphones there are plenty of top quality products out there to choose from.

  • Best Gaming Headphones:

Best Gaming Headphones
Gaming Headphones

Every real gamer needs a good headset to go along with his equipment. The main functions of these headphones should be the ability to communicate with your opponents or counterparts, and receive the top sound quality during game play.

There are wide arrays of gaming headphones out there, it’s really all about finding the right pair that fits your exact needs and budget.

Some of the best gaming headsets are built by brands like Creative and Logitech. However, there are many less well-known brands building very high quality gaming headsets at reasonable prices.

  • Noise Cancelling Headphones:

Noise Cancelling Headphones
Noise Cancelling

Often when deciding what headphones are the right ones for you, the factor of noise cancellation comes into play. When people are listening to music, they want to ensure that they aren’t distracted by the noise around them, and that the people around them aren’t hearing their music.

While brands such as beats by Dre started the fad of these headphones, they have also caused people to wonder what the top noise cancelling headphones are. There is a large variety of these headphones currently on the market, and each of these headphones offer a feature that another pair may not have.

When deciding what pair is right for you, it’s best you consult the reviews of the headphones, along with your budget. With the large demand for noise cancelling headphones in today’s day and age, companies continue to add new pairs with new features, allowing for the consumer to have a variety of options.

  • Best Headphones for Kids:

Best Headphones for Kids
Headphones for Kids

Have you been considering buying your child a pair of headphones? Luckily, there are many colorful, high quality and affordable headphones that would appeal to both the kid, and the parent who is trying to stay within a budget. Parents can now find headphones for their child from anywhere between $20-$30, that still offer their child great quality to listen to their music.

The market is flooded with so many kid headphones these days, that it has become easy to find your child a great quality, affordable headphone, while still allowing your child to pick the pair in their favorite color or style.

  • Best Headphones for Style:

Best Headphones for Style
Headphones for Style

Another important factor that people look into before purchasing a pair of headphones is Style. Almost everything can be used a style accessory these days, especially when it comes to the technology we consume daily.

Headphones come in every shape, size and look you can imagine. It is important to remember that looks aren’t the only factor to consider when buying headphones. The pair should feel light and comfortable on you and have all the specific functions or features that you require.

Most headsets are built to last for years and that’s why it’s important to get a pair you love to wear. If you get a pair that feels great and delivers the sound you expect, you are sure to get great use out of the pair for years to come.

The material on the padding of the headphones can sometimes affect people with sensitive skin. That’s why it’s so important to read reviews on the headphones before you buy them.

The best headphones for 2017 should be comfortable, durable, look sharp and most importantly deliver the advanced high quality sound that you expect. By investing in the right pair of headphones, you are sure to walk away with a set that will deliver you your favorite tunes, when you need them most, for years to come.

  • Best Headphones for Bass:

Best Headphones for Bass
Headphones for Bass

Rap Music, Hip Hop and Dubstep are just a few of the genres that have a lot a bass present in their music. Naturally people who listen to these genres want a pair of headphones that have high levels of bass capability. These headphones can deliver the proper bass sound in the way the musicians intended it to be heard.

Luckily, there are many sets of headphones out there that deliver amazing bass sound, all you have to do when buying a pair is really determine how much you are going to spend.

  • Best Headphones Under $100:

Best Headphones Under $100
Headphones Under $100

If you are the average consumer looking for a good pair of earphones but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on them, then you are in luck. There is no shortage of high quality earphones out there available for under $100. Brands like Sony and Beats by Dre may be the most well known, but there are plenty of other headphones available that cost much less and deliver as good sound quality.

The Soul By Ludacris Headphones are priced just under $100 from some sellers, and according to multiple reviews have shown to offer as good of a sound (if not better) then most of the $300+ pairs. Sennheiser and Audio-Technica are some other brands worth looking into. They offer many high-end headphones at much more reasonable prices.

They are some of the most recommended brands to look at it if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars, but still want a high quality product that will perform like it costs much more. When choosing the best headphones under $100, you should have a pair that has good looks, good sound quality, durability, and of course the proper price point that fits your budget.

Types of Headphones That You Can Buy:

Buying a new pair of headphones has become a little difficult with so many varieties, styles and qualities to choose from. The design of the headphones affects the comfort and sound that you will experience. Each headphone is designed for a specific type of person, use or device. Choosing the right headphones will depend on your individual need, likes and dislikes.

  • In-Ear Earphones / Earbud Headphones:

In-Ear Earphones
In-Ear Earphones

Earbuds are extremely popular because they are portable, compact, lightweight and somewhat inexpensive. They are perfect for hand held devices and keeping them in your pocket.

In-Ear or Canal Earphones are inserted directly into the ear-canal. The silicone rubber that is inserted into the ear provides a snug fit. This enables external noise to be blocked out as well as prevent the earpiece from falling out.

  • Full Size Headphones:

Full Size Headphones
Full Size Headphones

These are large headphones that fully cover the ear. They are different from on-ear and are also referred to as “circumaural,” which means that padded cups fully enclose your ears. The large amount of padding makes them extremely comfortable.

The large ear-cups effectively block out side noises, seals in music and provides great bass and sound quality.

  • Noise Canceling Headphones:

Noise Canceling Headphones
Noise Canceling

Noise canceling headphones use microphones to listen to the incoming sound. Technology in these headphones helps block out ambient noise by canceling sound waves that come form the outside of the headphone. Noise canceling is ideal for with low droning sounds, like car engines, airplane engines, public transport, air conditioners, etc.

The benefit of noise canceling headphones is that they will cut down loud outside sounds allowing you to listen to your music at a lower and safer volume. However due to the fact that Noise canceling headphones require an external power supply such as batteries, they will feel alot heavier than normal headphones. You will also need to have a back up power supply when traveling.

  • Wireless / Bluetooth Headphones:

Wireless - Bluetooth Headphones
Bluetooth Headphones

It is becoming more apparent that we are having to make the decision between wired or wireless technology. This is certainly the case for headphones and we are seeing a large amount of new designs being introduced to the market place. They are ideal for users of smartphones, tables and laptops who require the freedom to move around. They are also perfect for the office, around the home or watching TV. There are various different types of wireless headphones; Infrared, Radio Frequency and the most popular style being Bluetooth.

  • On-Ear Headphones:

On-Ear Headphones
On-Ear Headphones

On-ear headphones usually refers to lightweight, non-earbud models with two general headband styles: standard vertical bands that arch over the head, or horizontal designs that extend behind the head or neck. They’re also known as supra-aural, named for the cups that sit on top of your ears. These models are usually open-backed designs, which mean they have less effective noise isolation than in-ear or full-size models and less powerful bass.

What Should I Look For When Buying Headphones?

When heading out to buy headphones, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with all of the choices on the market today. There are various styles, features, colors, and the price range is substantial. While you may find reading through some of the tons of product reviews on the internet somewhat helpful, you should keep a few other tips in mind when buying headphones.

The first thing you should do is to “try before you buy”. Issues such as how the headphones fit on your head or ears, and the level of comfort are completely subjective and can only be determined by you. Just because one person finds a certain set very comfortable, does not mean that you will. Always try them on prior to purchasing, and take a listen to the sound quality as well.

One of the best ways to test sound quality is to take two or three different CDs and play about thirty seconds each of three separate songs that you know well. This will help you hear differences in various types of headphones. Always start with the cheapest pair and move upward. If you hear no noticeable difference in the more expensive sets, you do not need to spend the extra money.

Aside from trying out different types of headphones, you should also consider a few other key elements.

First, best headphones should always sound good to you. If you like a lot of bass, you will need to find a set that captures this feature adequately. The type of music you enjoy will impact headphone selection a great deal. Heavier music with deep drum and bass lines will require headphones that offer a wide bass range. Classical music that often makes use of soprano instruments will require phones with a wide treble range.

Next, headphones should always feel comfortable, adjust to fit your head or ears, and feel light. Try out different foam pads, or different styles of earbuds. Some will feel very rough, while others will be smooth and soft. Earbuds can be quite small and flexible, so try them out.

Once you have narrowed down your choices a bit, keep in mind what you will be doing with your headphones. Headphones often take a lot of abuse and therefore you must make sure you choose a pair that is sturdy and will hold up to the amount of use they will experience. Otherwise, you will end up having to constantly replace them, which can be quite costly.

  • Hardware Concerns: There are some concerns you should have about headphones as a piece of hardware. For instance, if you break something you must know if you can buy pieces to repair it or if that particular brand doesn’t offer individual parts. If the type of headphones you are using has a microphone, make sure the connection between it and the rest of the piece is solid and durable, as this is where erosion will start attacking the circuits.

Finally, always consider the environment in which you will be using your headphones. If you want a set for jogging, earbuds will be your best option. Headphones for travel should cancel out noise, and people who want to wear them around the house or outdoors may want either earbuds or wireless options. Only you can choose headphones to best suit your needs. Take your time and make sure you consider all options before making your purchase.

“How to Pick the Right Headphones for You”

Headphones Safety – Tips to Protect Your Hearing:

There’s no doubt that wearing headphones can cause lasting damage to hearing, but that is, of course, if they’re set too loud and worn for extended periods. Headphones safety is relative to the volume level set by the user and how long they wear them.

  • Are Headphones Safe?

A set of headphones can cause more damage than large monitor speakers as they can usually produce louder sounds closer to the eardrum.

Having said that, it could be argued, because headphones are closer to the eardrum than speakers, the volume doesn’t need to be set so loud.

Many radio broadcasters have impaired hearing due to having worn headphones too loud for long periods during their career. In fact many radio stations have headphone volume limiters built in to their equipment in order to limit damage and more importantly, to prevent a lawsuit against them!

  • Are Headphones Safer Than Ear Buds?

Again the volume argument applies to this question, but there’s no doubt the danger is greater from ear bud headphones because they deliver the sound closer to the eardrum.

Ear bud headphones are much more common these days with the explosion in smartphones and mp3 players so it seems inevitable the problem will increase.

  • Headphones Safety Tips:

The most obvious is to turn the volume down! The higher the volume, the shorter time you should listen. It’s thought that having the volume between 10 – 50% of the maximum should be reasonably safe, but if you go over 80% there is a danger of some damage. At this level earbuds shouldn’t be worn longer than 1 ½ hours and sound isolating headphones around 50 minutes. This does vary with what you’re listening on and from person to person.

Give your ears a rest, take a break from wearing headphones as this will give your ears time to recover. Many believe in the 60/60 rule – listen at 60% of the maximum volume for no more than 60 minutes a day.

If you like your music loud (not a good idea), it’s best to avoid earbuds if you can as they deliver closest to the eardrum.

Noise isolating headphones may be a good option as they block outside noise which means you don’t have to have the volume quite so high.

Around 85 decibels is thought to be fairly safe. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has a good guide to decibel levels and a noise meter (Flash required) which demonstrates them.

It’s already been said, but let’s say it again – it’s not so much the headphones, but more the volume the user decides to set that causes the problem.

Finally for headphones safety, beware of “volume creep”. Once you get used to a certain volume, it’s easy to turn it a little more, then a little more, then…

Select Your Desired Headphones

You can use above details and decide what type of headphones exactly match with your needs, budget and the activities you involve. However, there are many new best headphones designed and introduced by various manufacturers. Hence, above comparison table need to be updated time to time with new gadgets. If we have missed any great headphones, please let us know.


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