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The 5 Best DSLR Cameras (Updated Apr. 2018)

The 5 Best DSLR Cameras (Updated Apr. 2018)


What meaning do our lives hold if it weren’t for memories? The memory of a good day is what sparks that desire to obtain another.

And what better way to preserve those memories than pictures? And what better way to take these pictures than a DSLR camera? NONE. DSLR is the way of the future and the future is here.

Picking the Best DSLR Camera in 2018 can be a very long and complicated process. There are several things to consider and many models to analyze. The market is full of both old and new technologies which come with their ups and downs.

In order to help the amateur photographer ease into the beautiful world of photography, we’ve decided to come up with an ultimate buying guide. Our research was mostly based on questions sent our way by our readers.

Hopefully, after reading these guidelines you will be able to narrow your search down to only a few best DSLR cameras.

The Top 5 Best DSLR Cameras of 2018:

Nikon D3300 (Our Pick)
$ 120per month
24.2 Megapixels
3 Inch LCD
ISO 100 – 12800
1080 HD video
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Canon T5i
$ 120per month
18.0 Megapixels
3 Inch Touch Screen
ISO 100 – 12800
Full HD Video
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Nikon D5300
$ 120per month
24.0 Megapixels
3.2 Inch Vari-angle LCD
ISO 100 – 12800
1080 HD video
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Canon 6D
$ 120per month
20.2 Megapixels
3 Inch LCD
ISO 100 – 25600
1080p HD video
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Canon T6i
$ 120per month
24.2 Megapixels
3 Inch LCD
ISO 100 – 12800
Full HD Movie
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Making the right decision when it comes to choosing the best DSLR camera can be a difficult process. There are many aspects to consider, some of which are, out of your average buyer’s understanding.

It orders to help those in need of a DSLR camera, our experts have come up with a list of 5 products which have a lot to offer. Hopefully, their thorough research and great picks will help you end up with the perfect gadget.

For more information, click on the camera’s name.

Nikon D3300
Nikon D3300

If this involves Nikon they often don’t have any problem doling out multiple types of digital camera models to be able to meet the requirements of various kinds of photography enthusiasts. Regardless if you are only a casual photo taker or searching to show your amateur photos right into a professional business the D3300 from Nikon just might be what you’re searching for.

This camera comes because of so many wonderful features and something that’s frequently raised in testimonials may be the dust reduction system to assist eliminate all the dust and particle circles that may come in our photos. However, despite the fact that this model carries a number of Nikon’s standard features there’s something which certainly sets it aside from the relaxation.

The D3300 from Nikon may be the world’s initial Digital SLR camera that enables you to definitely shoot movies in three different pixel quality configurations. You will find also different shooting functions you are able to change to that will help you to go ahead and take best video or picture that you could with this particular model.

Even when you haven’t possessed a Digital SLR or quality camera before you decide to will have the ability to utilize it effortlessly. Helpful information is made into nearly every Nikon model to inform you how you can operate your camera and it is functions and they’ll even shot you sample pictures so that you can really observe how each feature affects the pictures.

The easiest method to make certain you obtain the best camera though would be to simply take a look at some online reviews. An evaluation is defined up by individuals exactly like you who’ve really bought and used the D3300 so that you can trust its a review originating from experience.

The issue with many different those sites that sell the cameras is they only provide you with specs, features and today opinions according to real-time use. Sometimes these reviews might help inside your decision but ultimately it ought to be your camera that meets your needs not to mention, your financial allowance.

This primary available Digital SLR continues to be pretty affordable and when you need to do lots of looking around you’ll be able to think it is well within grand on multiple websites Internet-based merchants.

With all the auto and something touch features this camera is really simple to use but you might find yourself pushing buttons on accident when you initially obtain the camera. Much like brand new electronics you need to have a few days to get accustomed to it and learn to operate it.

However, before very long the Nikon D3300 might be creating a director or professional digital photographer from you as lengthy you may already know how to get the very best shots. Hop online and look for some reviews around the D3300 today after which find out if it meets your needs (and budget) the way in which its 1000s of other clients available.


  1. 24.2 MP CMOS DX-format sensor.
  2. Compact and light.
  3. Low price tag.
  4. Good dynamic range.
  5. Good print quality.
  6. High-ISO performance.


  1. Small pentamirror viewfinder.
  2. High levels of image noise.
  3. No built-in Wi-Fi.
Canon EOS Rebel T5i
Canon T5i

Canon EOS Rebel T5i is definitely a Single lens reflex camera for those who are into excellent photo quality, above average video quality, and fast performance with a price that is less than $1000. Here is more about the features, pros, and cons of this camera that you will love to know. If you are a professional photographer and seeking for a quality pro camera then keep reading here.

The Canon T5i DSLR camera has amazing specifications that include live view mode, 18 megapixels resolution, movie recording, H.264, pop-up flash, CMOS sensor, lens 18-55 IS STM Kit, CMOS, SDHC, SD, and SDXC memory card, DIGIC 5 processor and 3.1x zoom.

18 megapixels is considered a high resolution that is more than affordable to give you a top quality picture with very sharp detail. Those three types of memory cards are far from conventional that allow photographers to store a lot more images safely in their DSLR.

This Canon EOS Rebel T5i is among very few cameras that utilize the SDXC memory card support. This pro camera is the great follower of the T5. Its reliable price makes this DSLR is hard to beat by its competitors with similar capabilities. There is no more grain or fuzzy images to get with this rich featured camera.

The T5i is not an ordinary DSLR camera. Photo-takers can transform their excellent photos that are obtained using this camera for large prints such as posters in large size without having to sacrifice the quality of photo detail. The 3 inch LCD monitor is considerably large to give a lot of freedom to view objects to shoot.

Reviewing photos without transferring it first to the computer is also possible using the amazing monitor. The body material of this Best SLR Camera is made of stainless steel that makes is stunning and looks premium.

Among the cons of this camera is the irritating control layout that comes with the video capturing feature. The annoying viewfinder is also reported to be the weakness of this DSLR. This camera is probably too much for beginner photo takers that will cause them spend too much time just to capture a single image.

This Canon EOS Rebel T5i camera is very beneficial in making a quality video that in incomparable with that you can get with other DSLR cameras available today.

If you are seeking for a professional camera that will not give you trouble when dealing with an object in less light support, then you will have to consider Canon T5i for buying. This is certainly a money value camera and rich featured that will greatly support your pro photography activities. You will spend great times in photography once you have bought this high-performance professional camera.


  1. Excellent image quality.
  2. Fast to start and shoot.
  3. Fast auto-focus.
  4. Responsive touch screen.
  5. Good video capture.


  1. Small pentamirror viewfinder.
  2. The body can feel a touch plasticky.
Nikon D5300
Nikon D5300

Nikon has resided as much as its title because the leader in camera using the Nikon D5300. For those who have used the sooner form of D5300, it wouldn’t be difficult to help make the difference as both this new edition has some best features you’ll find in digital camera models within this cost range.

You will find some notable changes and upgrades worth mentioning such as the positioning of the buttons.The buttons are very placed which makes it super easy for any layman to function key functions such as the whitened balance, shooting mode, ISO, auto-focus plus much more. The 1,037,000 dots high definition screen is brilliant and very obvious. You are able to shoot in various lighting conditions.

It’s possible to shoot as quickly as 5 frames each second with this particular camera.You will not have a condition in quick, decisive and action shots. You are able to navigate freely and access all of the key functions with minimum clicks.

Among the best features that set the Nikon D5300 aside from any one of its alternatives (Nikon D7000) is it is a just medium listed camera that provides a choice for any movie. You can now shoot a film in a very good quality moving JPEG. The battery is lengthy existence and efficient. It features a Vast screen of three- that brings about some brilliant and crisp image while shooting.

You are able to require 850 without disturbing to charge it. You can now with confidence carry the digital camera and never feel guilty to hold your charger at each location you travel. This is often a boon to individuals who think it is frustrating to help keep on charging their camera after every couple of shots.

Nikon D5300 comments are all praises with this exciting feature in a very economical cost creating a must buy the product. This really is very simple to operate because the functions are simple to understand. The look team has certainly given lots of focus on enhanced comfort from the user can operate your camera with no inconvenience by single hands too.

The Nikon Digital SLR D5300 is unquestionably the delight to the owner while you can now possess a camera getting the factors of professional photography enthusiasts. This bit of perfection is definitely available in most the key Nikon stores in the world. You can go to your nearest Nikon store and grab one today. You’d easily be delighted with this particular sleek and handy searching artwork.

Do not forget to seize some bets deals though.


  1. Excellent image quality and resolution.
  2. Built-in Wi-fi addition.
  3. 1920 x 1080 Max Video Resolution.
  4. Large 3.2 Inch Screen.
  5. 24MP DX-format CMOS sensor.


  1. Disappointing kit lens.
  2. No Touch Screen.
Canon 6D
Canon 6D

For those looking for the best Camera, Canon EOS 6D should be included on the list. Chances are that you have heard so much about this model, but you are not sure whether buying this one is a good idea or not. This model comes with some amazing features which make it one of the best DSLR cameras you can find in the market these days. To help you learn more about its features, take a good look at our review below.

The following are some good points that you can expect from this model:

If you are looking for a DSLR camera that can do more than just the standard one, this model is definitely the right choice for you. When you operate the camera for the first time, you will notice that all buttons can be reconfigured, allowing you to maximize all features available.

While most photographers have realized how powerful the previous model is, some may wonder whether the updated model come with more features. The fact is, it shows lots of improvements in a number of different areas. Take a good look at the autofocus which has increased drastically.

The addition of a built-in Wi-Fi and GPS will definitely add its value. To make it better, photographers can also expect a better viewing experience with the increased LCD screen resolution.

The model comes with a great AF system where you can customize it based on your personal needs.

Following the success of its predecessor, this model comes with a better quality especially for the build quality and construction. Using the full magnesium shell, this model shows a higher score in terms of durability. You don’t need to worry about its durability, it can withstand extreme humidity, making it last longer. Using the camera for the first time, most photographers would give the same opinion that the camera feels very solid. When compared to other models (including a more expensive one), this one feels like a professional camera.

For many photographers, having a camera that can be customized based on their needs is a must. This camera considers this feature and takes your experience to the next level. You can find various buttons which can be customized to perform a number of different functions.

Overall, it has everything that you need from improved autofocus, durability to high-quality images, this model can accommodate your needs. In other words, this is a superior camera designed for professional and semi-professional photographers. While some of you may notice that this model misses some features such as a tilt screen, Canon EOS 6D is still a great choice, having this one is definitely a good investment.


  1. Wi-Fi and GPS technology.
  2. Robust build quality.
  3. Superb image quality at high ISOs.
  4. Face Detection Focusing.
  5. DIGIC 5+ image processor.


  1. No built-in pop-up flash.
  2. Heavy Body: 770g.
  3. The slow focus during video recording.
Canon T6i
Canon T6i

Canon has had a new Digital SLR camera which is released. It is Canon EOS Rebel T6i, the Canon camera that will be very recommended for you who want to get a good quality of the photo and also the videos. This best DSLR camera, indeed, will be a good choice since it will help you to enjoy in capturing all of the moment in your life. As a new innovation from Canon, this digital camera has several interesting features that will be got by the owners.

For the first one is about the camera resolution that is 24.2 megapixels. Having this camera, the resolution of the images can reach 6000 × 4000 pixels it is a great resolution for a DSLR camera. The images will be a very clear, and there are no blurs in the images.

This high-quality resolution of the Canon camera can help you to get the best quality photos. For the videos, it can be very good using this camera as well. Thus, there is no doubt in getting the HD videos from this Canon DSLR camera. Hence, both photo and video can be taken in the best quality using this digital camera from Canon.

After that, the next feature which can be got is the high technology lens of this EOS Rebel T6i camera. The lens used in this camera is designed in best. It can be shown by the ability of the lens in zoom the far object. In an ordinary camera, the zooming ability is not too good in which the object will be a blur.

However, it is different from this Canon camera since the high ability of the lens can help you to get such a clear and sharp far image. That is why this digital camera is good to capture the wild animals in the forest so that the photographer does not need to be much closer to taking the images of the wild animal.

Moreover, another feature which is offered in Canon EOS Rebel T6i DSLR camera is the LCD touchscreen here. This 3 Inch LCD is an interesting innovation from Canon so that you will be easier in reviewing the images having been captured. As having been known that, in the ordinary digital camera, the buttons which are too many will make the owners confused. That is why by equipped with this LCD touch screen it is a good point from the DSLR Canon camera. Here, you can set up and also review the images without any difficult effort to press many buttons.

For the others, there are ISO 100-12.800 and the autofocus of the camera. The ISO 100-12.800 helps you to capture the images in the condition having the most lighting. In this case, the camera will reduce the lighting so that the images can see clearly. Then, for the autofocus, you can get the benefit when you want to capture one object among too many objects surrounding it. Here, you will get one object in a clear while the surrounding is not.


  1. Superb touchscreen.
  2. Very fast autofocus.
  3. 3.5mm mic port.
  4. Optical Built-in Viewfinder.


  1. Low Battery Life: 440 shots.
  2. No 60p video frame rate.

Nikon D4SNikon D4S (Special Edition):

  1. This model comes with a better quality in terms of video and image.
  2. It comes with some improvements such as 30% faster image processing, making it a better choice than other models you can find out there.
  3. Using an improved CMOS image sensor, you can capture any special moments with stunning views.
  4. The best part is, using high ISO settings, you can expect clean performance produced by this model.
  5. Can you imagine it? You can get amazing photos and record high-quality videos in any lighting settings. It means that you don’t have to worry about the quality of the image and video even if you use the camera in the area that requires more light.
  6. Again, as we have said earlier, this is a high-quality camera where you can record 1080/60p video without getting any troubles. The result is fantastic and you can also transfer the images which are 10 times faster than its predecessor.
  7. The camera is very expensive.

What is a DSLR (Digital SLR) Camera?

The word SLR means Single Lens Reflex. So the full name of this camera is digital single lens reflex camera. In this camera, you can capture stationary as well as move objects with the same clarity and accuracy. It does have a moving mirror system which is semi-automatic. That is why the term reflex is used. It allows you to see what will be the exact picture will be captured.

The lens could also be changed in these cameras. When you need high-quality photographs Digital SLR camera is the best option to go for. These cameras have large image sensors which enable them to produce photographs of very good quality.

A special mechanism is used in these cameras. You won’t miss the action even if you are clicking a running person or a sedentary person. The picture won’t be blurring. In fact, it won’t be easy to differentiate whether the object was stationary or moving when the picture was clicked.

Pros and Cons of Digital SLR Camera:

Digital SLR cameras may not be too easy to lug around, but when properly used you will be rewarded with professional results.

  1. Takes high-quality photos – it does not get any better, and the DSLR is the basic tool for any professional photographer.
  2. Good for video – the newest models take excellent HD video.
  3. Takes good low light photos.
  4. Fast shutter speed and no waiting between shots.
  5. Interchangeable lenses – if you want to unleash all of the DSLR’s potential, be prepared to spend for all sorts of lenses and accessories.
  6. Through the lens optical viewfinder – what you see is what you get.
  7. Manual or automatic control – why buy a fancy camera to use it on the “auto” setting?
  8. Expensive, and the specialty lenses, flash, etc. are expensive too.
  9. Kind of cumbersome to carry around.
  10. Can be overwhelming to operate – if you are a novice but want to learn how to use your DSLR camera properly and get the most pleasure from your new camera, it is worth your time and money to take a class.

How does a Digital SLR Camera Work?

SLR Works
SLR Diagram

In order to understand how a digital SLR camera does works, you need to understand few things related to its components and mechanics. It’s described below briefly.

  • Optical Components:

  1. Penta-mirrors: Most SLRs use pentamirror for the light to be directed to the eyepiece. Another term for pentamirror is Pentaprisms.
  2. Focusing screen.
  3. Viewfinder.
  • How does it work?

  1. The light strikes the mirror after passing through the lens.
  2. The light then goes to the focusing screen after the mirror reflects it.
  3. The light then enters into a block of glass (pentamirror) after passing through the screen (focusing).
  4. The image can be seen in the viewfinder after it’s reflected by pentamirror.
  5. Whenever a photograph is clicked the mirror flips and it enables the shutter to open which exposes the sensor (digital) to light.

This mechanism can be considered as whatever you view is the same that you get.

Are SLR Cameras Just for Advanced Photographers?

SLR Cameras used to be for the advanced camera user, and yes they still are for the advanced user but even amateurs can use this great technology with ease with all the new automatic and custom features the new high-tech digital SLR camera has.

If you like the traditional point and shoot photo quality you are going to love the quality you get from an SLR camera, some people don’t buy these cameras because of the price and because they are much bigger so they aren’t as easy to travel around with.

A lot of people who are really into photography actually use both cameras one to bring out with you just to snap some shots of friends and some quick pictures, and the SLR to bring out for sightseeing or an event where you want really high-quality pictures.

How to Choose the Best DSLR Camera for Beginners?

Buying a camera suitable as a digital SLR for beginners can be a very confusing and somewhat daunting experience because digital SLR cameras have a lot of features that are not found on compact digital cameras.

Let’s take a look at some of the features to be found on a digital SLR for beginners that need to be understood if the correct choice is to be made when buying a best one.

  • Lens:

The SLR camera is built around the lens and the lens system. Each camera lens has a dedicated purpose. It is not uncommon for an SLR camera owner to have three or four lenses. As your collection of lenses grows and the money you have invested in them, it will make switching to a different camera very difficult.

Before you decide to buy a new camera, make sure the camera itself is one you will be happy with for a long time and is the best DSLR camera for you. In addition, make sure the lenses that you purchase will meet your current and future needs.

  • Megapixel:

Megapixels area camera’s sensor resolution measured in millions of tiny dots. The megapixels of your camera will tell you what your camera is capable of and what you can do with your pictures. The number of megapixels is important if you want to blow up pictures or if you want to zoom in on certain details of a picture.

Let’s just say you took a picture of a flower, and you just want to zoom in on the stamen. Or if you want a poster sized print of your child riding his/her bike, this is where the number of megapixels comes into play. Most SLR cameras have a megapixel range anywhere from 10-39.

Please keep in mind, the number of megapixels actually used to capture an image is slightly lower than the number of total megapixels available. If you want to take pictures of your kids and print 8 x 10s, there really isn’t any need to purchase a DSLR camera with megapixels in the 20s. Most SLR cameras will suit your needs.

  • Shutter Speed:

Will you be taking pictures of stationary objects and people, or will you be taking action photos? Each one of these will also determine which camera you should purchase. If you want to take pictures in dark settings, a long shutter speed will be required. On the other hand, if you need to take pictures of a fast moving object, a camera with a fast shutter speed will be required.

Nearly every one of these cameras has shutter speeds from ¼ to 1/500. Let’s say you switch the shutter speed from 1/60 to 1/125, you are reducing the exposure time by cutting it in half. Conversely, if you switch the shutter speed from 1/30 to 1/15, you are doubling the amount of light entering the camera.

Shutter Speed

  • Frame Rate:

The frame rate or FPS (frames per second) is another important feature to consider. This is how quickly a camera can take a picture. Higher frame rates will allow you to capture several pictures in succession. It will enable you to capture a picture at the precise moment. In movie mode, the movie will look a lot smoother. If this is a feature that you plan to use often, you will also need to get a high-speed memory.

  • Different Camera Modes:

Beginners to SLR cameras will want to look for a camera with a fully automatic mode. These cameras can intimidate the novice, but for a beginner, the automatic mode makes taking pictures easy. This is not to say you shouldn’t buy a camera with a manual and customizable mode, you really should. As you get more experience and more comfortable with your new camera, you will want to create your own shot. The better digital cameras on the market will allow you to control everything for your desired picture.

  • Pay Attention to Prices:

There are affordable to very extravagant prices to choose from when it comes to SLR cameras. Make sure that you have set a strict budget for your camera purchase so as to avoid spending a lot especially if you’re still a beginner.

These are the basic features that you should consider before investing in a DSLR camera. Always keep in mind, you might be a beginner today, but tomorrow might be completely different. We feel the lenses are probably the most important component for this type of camera.

You can always buy a better camera body down the road, albeit, the camera body is the same manufacturer as the lenses. So please purchase the best SLR camera that will be capable of handling your ever growing photographic skills. Just go out there and play around and have fun with your new camera!

“How to Choose Your Best DSLR Camera?”

Used Digital SLR Cameras:

We all know that brand new digital SLR cameras don’t come cheap at all. And in this age and time, it is not anymore a secret that with the kind of modern technologies that we have right now some out-of-date devices can still be of great use. Just like used SLR cameras.

Buying used DSLR cameras is very recommend for photography hopefuls out there especially for novices and newbies for the profession. Even some professional photographers still use used DSLR cameras in taking pictures! So considering one is only at arm’s reach! Hey, even semi-pro photographers don’t quite have the budget to buy a brand new SLR camera you know.

Used DSLR cameras can go for as little as 50% off of its original price! With this kind of pricing, you can actually purchase two used DSLR cameras vs. a brand new one. Amazing, isn’t it?! You could get a better camera that you could afford a new one of the same amount. So when you break the other one, you still have another one reserved. But then it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take good care of it, you still have to because a photographer’s life is his camera.

There are some things that you need to think of before purchasing one. First, you have to make sure that that used SLR camera is still functional. Buying a used DSLR camera which is not anymore functioning is quite useless and a total waste of precious money so don’t be a complete idiot and check it out first.

Most importantly, make sure that the sensors don’t have dust, which is a big issue on both cameras and owners. The continuous change of the interchangeable lenses may cause dust to enter the camera and be caught up on the sensors. Cleaning it is very quite costly and is not very advisable to clean it yourself. You might break it by accident. And dust can show up in the images ruining them which can lead to a lot of frustration.

So when you’re aiming to become a top notch photographer someday, it’s alright to start using used DSLR cameras for now. Remember, some top photographers started in this profession just by using that.

SLR Camera Bags and Cases:

So you’ve finally got the SLR camera that you’ve always dreamed of, what do you need now? An SLR camera case, of course!

You need a camera case that will protect your precious camera and your important pictures that are stored in there. SLR cameras are more prone to becoming battered or damaged because they are quite big.

Unlike compact cameras where the lens is stored in the body, an SLR has a lens that doesn’t retract all the way.

Water and dust can easily seep in through the different places in an SLR camera, and you definitely don’t want that to happen. So to help you find the right SLR camera case for your SLR camera, you’ll need to know what kinds you can get.

Best SLR Camera Bags and Cases

  • Form-fitting Cases:

Form-fitting Cases
Form-fitting Cases

Form-fitting cases are cases that are tight around your camera and don’t leave a lot of space for anything else. They protect your camera quite well, but you simply can’t place anything inside. This is alright if you’re not planning to buy any accessories and stick to just using the lens and body that you already have.

Also, these types of cases are made for specific models of cameras, so you’ll have to get the one for your camera. You cannot place other SLR cameras in these cases because they won’t fit, so if you have more than one SLR you’ll have to buy a case for each one.

  • Small Cases or Waist Bags:

Small Cases or Waist Bags
Waist Bags

These bags are small but can fit in more than just your camera. If you’re only planning on bringing a few accessories like an alternate lens or two, then this is a good SLR camera case for you, especially if you’re planning to go on a trip and capture great pictures but you do not want to lug around a heavy bag.

There are those which you can sling on your shoulder and others that you can secure around your waist or both. These SLR camera cases can fit in any model of SLR camera along with other accessories, so you don’t have to worry about getting more than one.

  • Backpacks or Trolleys:

Backpacks or Trolleys
Backpacks or Trolleys

These are the largest type of SLR camera cases available. You can get the backpack type if you’d like to have your gear near you, or the trolley/roller/wheeled type if you find wheels more convenient. You can easily fit two camera bodies and four lenses into this type of SLR camera cases, and sometimes even more, depending on what size you get. They often come with lots of protection for everything and you don’t have to worry about equipment getting scratched or squished because they usually come with compartments as well.

  • Underwater SLR Camera Cases:

Underwater SLR Camera Cases
Underwater Cases

If you’re used to activities where your camera can easily get wet like kayaking or taking pictures in the rain, then this is the kind of SLR camera case for you. Some of these cases can even be immersed in water, but it usually has a depth limit so make sure not to surpass it.

So now you know about the SLR camera cases that you can get, and you probably have an idea of which one you’d like to get for your SLR camera. You can now find the right one for you either online or in retail stores, so have fun with your SLR camera and keep it safe in your SLR camera case. If you’re looking for more basic introductory information on SLR cameras, take a look at our what is an SLR camera page.

Bonus – How to Use Digital SLR Camera?

Congratulations, you have just splurged on an expensive DSLR camera and now want to start using it optimally. If you are new to photography, then you should first know how to use a DSLR camera? Using a DSLR camera can be very complex sometimes if you don’t know how to perfectly take pictures from it.

First, let go of the safe Auto mode and welcome to the world of creativity. There are a lot of options with the various settings and applications on your DSLR and the results can be spectacular.

First, you should look at the flash options. Once you move out of the auto mode you have to remember that the flash will not pop up and light up the shoot automatically, you will have to use it. There are many scenarios where the usage of the flash may leach the color out of the scene. Low light photography is an edgy technique but when mastered can give you excellent results. The trick is to ensure that you take clean photographs and the photo should not be dark or blurry.

Shutter speed or ISO value is the other factor that helps you take the most beautiful pictures. Aperture size and the shutter speed are responsible for how much light enters the camera. A high ISO value makes the camera more sensitive to light and thus increases the chance of you pulling off a beautiful low light shot. The LCD status screen will show the changes in the IO value when you simultaneously press the ISO button and rotate the command dial. Low light shots are near perfect at 800 ISO value.

Programmed Mode will also allow you to tweak the white balance. The light color of flash also changes with the background. The color may be yellower inside the room and bluer in the sunlight. Also, it is a fact that there is more light outside than inside. Generally, you do not need to adjust the white balance but if you notice a weird tint to your photographs you may want to press and hold the button for white balance and rotate the command dial simultaneously to the correct setting like sunny, cloudy, indoors etc to get the accurate colors.

Next, the selection of a focus point is crucial. Set the aperture priority mode AV or A as in the brand manual and most commonly used setting is the center one. As you become more skilled then compose your shots beyond the center and use some other focus point or maybe even a group of them to create a lovely shot.

The term Depth of the field also has prime importance in the field of photography. The term means the distance between the closest and farthest points of focus. So if we are planning to compose a shot with a large depth of field for example landscape pictures the larger sensor used in DSLR’s will help you get the perfect shot.

All in all, your DSLR camera possesses all the criteria along with a good photographer’s sense of composition and creativity to give you the best photographs ever. So read your manual and keep all the above hints in mind and start clicking, as everyone knows that practice makes perfect. Feel free to comment for your suggestions and feedback.

It’s your turn now

The best DSLR camera for you depends on the primary use and your budget. A digital SLR camera is an investment. It requires some thought before going out to buy one. You can create a matrix of what you need and then select from those listed above what best suits you.


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