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The 5 Best Baby Strollers (Updated Apr. 2018)

The 5 Best Baby Strollers (Updated Apr. 2018)


A baby stroller is a necessity for people who have babies. There are a lot of best baby strollers in the market and they come in different styles, characteristics, and size.

Picking the right stroller can be quite a challenge and if you want to purchase the best, it is essential to know more information regarding baby strollers and the characteristics you have to look for in getting one.

As a good starting point, and to make your job easy, we have collected just those 5 products for your use when comparing the different baby stroller models on sale.

The Top 5 Best Baby Strollers of 2018:

BOB Revolution SE (Our Pick)
$ 120per month
Single Stroller
25 Pounds
Stroller Style
51.6 x 25.4 x 40 Inches
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Baby Trend Sit N
$ 120per month
Double Stroller
33.1 Pounds
Elixer Style
49 x 21.5 x 43 Inches
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Trend Expedition
$ 120per month
Jogger Stroller
30 Pounds
Phantom Style
47 x 21 x 41 Inches
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Joovy Caboose
$ 120per month
Lightweight Stroller
21 Pounds
Unknown Style
37 x 21.5 x 41.5 Inches
Check Price
$ 120per month
Travel System
48 Pounds
33.5 x 24 x 20.5 Inches
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There are numerous brands selling Strollers for your baby and it becomes hard to find a suitable one that meets your needs. Guidezilla helps you here by narrowing down the best baby strollers that suit your baby’s needs. Here are our top 5 picks.

For more information, click on the stroller’s name.

BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller
BOB Revolution Single

This jogging stroller gathers together all the facilities and uses you may think about, hence its front-running status.

Basically, it has all the required features to be a top jogging product. The front wheel is swiveling to 360 degrees. Of course, this is not an ideal feature for your running sessions, but it is excellent for a proper maneuverability when you walk.

After all, walking with a locked wheel makes turning around very hard. On the other hand, locking the wheel is a must when you run. Small bumps or holes, as well as paved streets, can turn the wheel around if not locked, leading to unexpected accidents. Besides, a locked wheel is also helpful when the terrain is problematic.

The front wheel is smaller compared to the rear ones. It is a must-have condition for an easy pushing session.

Besides, all the wheels are pneumatic. If you think that they are also very fragile, you are wrong. In fact, they may lose some air due to the continuous use, but you will barely require refilling them once or twice a year. If somehow one of the tires gives up, you can always buy an inexpensive bicycle tire and replace it.

It is, however, true that pneumatic tires are less resistant than hard plastic wheels. But then, such wheels will have your baby feel absolutely every bump on the street. Walking your baby on a paved street will be a nightmare. Therefore, pneumatic tires represent a must for your baby’s comfort.

Besides, BOB Revolution SE single stroller also comes with a proper suspension that ameliorates bumps. When it comes to your baby’s comfort, this unit can be taken for the best jogging stroller on the market.

The suspension is adjustable. When set at a top height, feeling the uneven terrain is no longer possible. At the same time, a low suspension automatically becomes more rigid.

Folding and unfolding such a sturdy stroller seems complicated at the first view. More and more parents are paying attention to this feature. Therefore, most manufacturers tend to focus on innovative technologies that bring in a one snap folding move.

After all, this process should be simple and facile when one of your hands is busy holding the baby. Fortunately, this product can fold in two simple steps. It is very lightweight too, which is great for folding or jogging with it.

BOB Revolution SE stroller can be customized in a multitude of different ways, but most of the accessories are not included in the package. Therefore, you have to buy them individually. From some points of view, this is a great idea.

After all, why would you pay for something you do not use? Instead, you spend money on what you need precisely.

For example, the unit can easily accommodate a BOB car seat for infants due to the adapter. However, a lot of parents claim that other branded car seats may be fitted in as well, but you might need to make some adjustments. Practically, it is very important to have the stroller with you when you decide to buy a car seat.

Cup holders may also represent a necessity for parents, so they can be purchased individually as well. The same rule applies to small pockets, which are excellent to store your valuables while you run – mobile phone, car keys or some snacks.

The baby’s comfort is not given by the top quality wheels and tires only, but also by the seat. Most baby strollers come with a thin and insignificant padding that loses its resistance over time. This one is ultra-padded for a decent comfort. There are no doubts that it is the best baby stroller from a baby’s point of view. The seat is also adjustable, but only by the inclination angle. It depends on your baby’s preferences.

Some babies will love to watch around while pushed at a high speed, while many others can find it too comfortable and might fall asleep. The toddler is also kept in place with a five-point belt, which is also padded.

In conclusion, both your baby’s comfort and safety are properly taken care of. There is simply no better unit to gather together so many useful ideas.


  1. Large canopy with a transparent window to check your baby.
  2. Easy to fold and unfold.
  3. The excellent shock absorber and suspension.


  1. Wrist strap might cause unexpected accidents.
  2. Takes a lot of space in the trunk.
Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller
Trend Sit N Stand Double

This is a comprehensive double stroller that can be folded with one hand for effortless operation. Guess they knew that there are times when the baby will be nestled in one arm while mothers try to conquer the world with the other arm!

The baby stroller is capable of handling a maximum weight of 90 lbs and for the parent, they have sufficiently large side baskets for easy access to items that you want to store in there.

The makers of Baby Trend Sit N also kept in mind the needs of a second child if you have one. While this can function as a twin seater, this can be easily converted to a single seated stroller where an older child can stand on the rear platform which can accommodate a child up to two years. Beyond that, they probably like to be sans strollers.

A very interesting canopy will definitely catch your child’s fancy over and above its primary need, which is to protect him or her from the sun, wind or rain. The steel frame adds to the aesthetic value apart from scoring on the reliability aspect. It has a five-point harness and that is easily adjustable to save you the worry of your child’s safety or comfort.

In terms of durability, this best double stroller is a delight. What stands out for the stroller is that, for families who have babies with a certain amount of age difference, the stroller adapts quite effortlessly because it has the seating capacity for two without the hassles of a twin seated stroller. The rugged front wheels of the stroller ensure that the car does not slide away on a slippery path, just in case it is not being maneuvered.

Depending on the model you choose for this stroller, there may be some teething issues with the recliner. Under the seat, storage may also be suspect as may be the unavailability of a cup holder. It also tends to be a little bulky, however; these differences have been adequately addressed in the more recent models.

The Baby Trend Sit N stroller has several versions over which its functionality was enhanced and a good idea would be to research on the exclusivity of each either at a physical or an online store. Whatever be your pick, this best stroller is highly rated by almost all its users.


  1. Comparatively easy to maneuver and direct to get a stroller that is double.
  2. Can match every standard door as a result of decreased width.
  3. Chairs postures that are distinct.
  4. The storage basket is big.
  5. No bars while walking too quickly, which you could hit.
  6. Cup holders for both parents and infants.


  1. When infants have been in the stroller, storage basket feels restricted.
  2. Storage basket could be a bit difficult to get occasionally.
Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller
Trend Expedition Jogger

Each industry has a few front-running manufacturers that usually dictate the trends and the same rule applies to baby strollers.

Finding a few Baby Trend jogging stroller reviews is definitely a good idea for some recommendations, but your personal necessities are more important.

If you have never had to deal with such things, finding a middle solution between professionalism and amateurism might be the best idea. From this point of view, there are no doubts that Baby Trend Expedition LX is one of the best baby strollers you can buy in 2018.

The large wheels represent the definitive feature when it comes to jogging strollers. This product has three wheels – one in the front and two in the back. The front one is smaller for some extra power while pushing the unit. At the same time, it is swiveling to 360 degrees for a proper maneuverability, but it can also be locked for more stability.

If you run on a rough terrain or the direction is straight, it is definitely worth locking the wheel. Unexpected surprises can always arise at a high speed if it stays unlocked.

The unit can be folded in two moves only. It sounds a little insignificant, but such a quick folding option is a must if you have one hand busy with the baby.

Jogging strollers are usually sturdy and resistant, but it does not mean that they are hard to deal with. Since the frame is very lightweight, folding the unit is piece of cake. Besides, it is very compact, so it can fit into any car, whether you transport or store it.

It is obvious how the large wheels can help parents during their jogging experiences, but the baby’s comfort is even more important. Fortunately, the wheels are pneumatic, so they are filled with air. They ensure a smooth ride without feeling all the bumps on the terrain. Although kids love them, they can become very uncomfortable after a while.

Moreover, the stroller also comes with a powerful and adjustable suspension, which is essential for such purposes. The higher it is, the smoother your baby’s ride will be. At the same time, a low suspension is obviously very rigid.

As if all these were not enough, the seat is padded and can be adjusted by the inclination angle. Some kids may choose to sleep during a ride, while others will love to admire the surroundings at such a high speed.

The manufacturer claims that its stroller can accommodate specific car seat brands only, but plenty of Baby Trend jogging stroller reviews agrees that it can accommodate other models as well. Make sure you try them on before buying.


  1. Pneumatic tires.
  2. Adjustable suspension.
  3. Easy to fold and unfold.


  1. Small bottom basket.
  2. Canopy is not very resistant over years.
Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller
Joovy Caboose Ultralight

Any parent must have been wanting for such convenience to bring babies to go out for a walk with a comfortable caboose. Introducing the Joovy Caboose Ultralight, it is an easy-to-use stroller with larger capacity with a lightweight design.

Compared to any other stroller available for you to purchase, Joovy Caboose Ultralight has numbers of noticeable improvements, especially in design and materials.

Parents will be provided with extra mobility and easy handling while children are going to enjoy the comforts. There are two adjustable strollers which are sufficient for the older and smaller siblings all together in one appliance.

You will not have to be bothered about buying multiple baby strollers to take two babies out for a walk in the same time; Joovy Caboose will do the multiple tasks for you.

The front stroller is adjustable for three different positions so that the one in the back will not have less comfortable emplacements. It is possible to arrange the most comfortable sitting, standing and sleeping without bothering the other one. Even the strollers make possible for a completely lied down position.

The storage compartment is large enough for you carry plenty of pieces of equipment and beverages. You will not want to carry too many bags to prepare anything that your children can want while you bring them out for a walk. It is not only being large but also safe thanks to the side walls, which are design in sufficient height measurements to ensure that anything you bring will not fall over easily.

It does not matter what kind of surface you are taking the strollers on, Joovy Caboose Ultralight Tandem by Joovy is equipped with four wheels suspension system. It is essential to break any shock from the road when your babies are sleeping.

Moreover, the linked rear brakes provide safe parking; you can have a peaceful state of mind when you have to stop on downing terrain during the walks. The lightweight aluminum frame allows you to handle the stroller with one hand while the other one is taking good care of the babies.


  1. Lightweight with aluminum frame provides easy handling and maneuver.
  2. Joovy Caboose Ultralight weighs only 21 lbs.
  3. Three-position reclining strollers for the most comforts for babies.
  4. Double strollers in one.
  5. Large compartments for storage.


  1. Little difficult to fold.
  2. Not much room for the bigger child.
UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller
UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller

The UPPAbaby Eco-friendly Vista stroller is not the cheapest model on the market, but in terms of quality, you are unlikely to find better anywhere else. There are so many great features to this baby stroller that is unlikely you will ever need to purchase another one anytime soon.

This best baby stroller comes in black with a chassis that is charcoal gray in color. All the latest innovations when it comes to strollers are combined into this fantastic piece of equipment. This particular model has almost everything you could ever wish for from a stroller.

It is not only high quality but very durable too and should last a long time no matter how much you use it. It allows for a weight capacity of between birth and around 50 pounds.

This equipment includes so many great features that make it very appealing to purchase. Included are a bassinet and seat which you will make great use of. The fabric that the stroller and bassinet are made from is easily washable and can be removed simply in order to wash. You can remove this quickly with the harness loops provided.

The seat itself has features that make it extremely versatile. You can change it to a reversible mode and it has 3 different angles that you can adjust it too depending on how old your child is.

When it comes to durability, this stroller is second to none. The alloy frame wears very well as is made from aluminum. Additionally, the all-weather shield included with this stroller will protect it and your baby from adverse elements. Finally, the tires are made from a rubber material that will mean they should never go flat.

All the reviews for far for this product are very positive. There were certain elements that really appealed more than others when it came to this baby stroller. The fact that the tires wear well and never have to be inflated was a huge bonus for many.

The great wearing and durability were two other factors that really appealed to customers. The product looks great and new even after months of constant use.

Additionally, the shield against sun and rain works very well and helps to keep your child comfortable and dry at all times.

Above all, there were really no complaints so far about this stroller. It may not be the cheapest around, but with the multitude of features designed to keep this baby stroller new throughout its life, it is well worth the money you may have spent on it.


  1. Comfortable, expandable, easy to use.


  1. Cost – it is VERY expensive compared to another stroller.

More 5 Baby Strollers (More Choices):

Take a look at the following best baby strollers for the scoop on some of the today’s popular options.

This Graco jogging stroller is packed with great features. Most notably, its fast action, one second, one hand fold. It will also accept all Graco Click Connect infant car seats. Air-filled rubber tires create a smooth ride.

Suitable for a child up to 50 pounds, with a pivoting child tray, 2 cup parent tray, and large storage basket.

BOB strollers are among the best in class when it comes to jogging strollers. The Revolution Flex has an adjustable height handlebar, so it’s the perfect fit for any parent. The frame is lightweight and has an easy one step folding mechanism for storage and transport. The suspension system creates a smooth ride. And swiveling front wheels offer superior maneuverability.

If you need a double stroller, Graco has several to choose from. The DuoGlider has stadium style seating and will hold 2 of the Graco Click Connect car seats.

It’s suitable for 2 children up to 40 pounds each and both seats recline with their own canopies and footrests. The rear seat will completely recline to a flat position. It features easy one-handed folding.

With its 85 inch all-terrain tires and front wheel suspension, the Baby Jogger City Mini stroller, serves up a smooth, comfortable ride for your child, while you’re jogging or running. It’s got quick fold technology, which means you can fold it with one hand, and the handlebars are adjustable, so it suitable for users of varying heights. The canopy also features a peekaboo window.

This double jogging stroller comes with adjustable suspension, meaning your children will always get a smooth ride. Its lightweight frame easily folds in a 2 step process for convenient storage and transport. With the use of an adapter, you can attach a BOB infant car seat. Adjustable seats recline and are ultra padded, with a five-point harness system.

Difference Between Prams, Strollers, and Pushchairs:

If you are expecting your first baby or have a newborn, then you are probably spending considerable time going over the wide variety of baby strollers and baby prams available today.

First of all, you are probably thinking Baby Prams?. Don’t worry let’s explain. First off, let’s say that most stores in the United States use the terms baby strollers, baby prams, and baby prams strollers to mean the same thing. This is not only true for baby products stores but even for manufacturers.

Prams are traditional baby carriers on wheels, which sounds a lot like a stroller, but would be better characterized as a baby carriage. The term pram is most popularly used in England. Ireland, other parts of the U.K. and Australia.

Baby carriages are usually non-folding, whereas strollers include all types of folding wheeled baby carriers. So, rather than using the traditional pram, many stores simply call them baby carriage, prams buggies, or even prams pushchairs. Pushchair being another British term for a stroller.

Baby prams had decreased in popularity over the years due to their relatively bulky nature as compared to folding strollers of all types. While some people do not consider them very practical, they do stand higher, which is often very convenient, and their popularity has been increasing recently.

Now, you certainly know more than most people about prams, carriages, strollers, and pushchairs. So, go out and impress your friends, family and prams strollers salesmen with your newfound knowledge.

We aim to be a resource in your search for the ideal pram or stroller one that fits you, your baby, and your lifestyle.

Types of Baby Strollers: A Need to Know!

Nowadays, parents are very practical when it comes to child rearing. They hire maids or babysitters to help them. However, in those times those babysitters are not available, parents rely on pieces of equipment, such as baby strollers.

So it is important for parents to consider several factors in choosing the right type of strollers, like reading stroller reviews, suited for their child’s needs.

Here are some of the different types of baby strollers:

Jogging Strollers
Jogging Strollers

Active Strollers (Jogging Baby Strollers): These are designed for parents who have an active kind of living and enjoy physical activities, such as serious running or jogging.

There are different sizes of wheels in the jogging strollers. They have 3 large inflatable tires, with a front tire, for more speed and traction, because they are usually built for speed, not for handling.

Lightweight Strollers: These strollers are usually more practical and comfortable and are best suited for children who are one year of age or a little older.

Keep in mind that these best strollers are designed for basic baby transportation, like walking around on paved sidewalks, shopping, or traveling.

Stroller Travel System: These are the type of strollers which are advantageous for the parent who has a newborn. These are good from birth until toddlerhood.

The need for strollers depends on the needs of your child so if you are planning to purchase only one stroller for your child, these types of strollers may be the suitable one for you. You can use these in shopping malls and paved sidewalks.

Travel Systems
Travel Systems

Prams or Carriage Strollers: These are the types of strollers with old-fashioned style. If you want elegant and classy strollers for your child, these are the type of strollers suited for you. These are solid and comfortable for newborns. Also, perfect for leisurely strolls on pavements.

Multi Child Strollers: These strollers are suitable for parents who have twins, triplets or even quadruplets. They are also good for two or three children similar in age. These will give the parents a chance to take their children anywhere they want, even jogging or shopping.

Universal Car Seat Carriers (Stroller Frames): These are the alternative to stroller travel system. They are more lightweight, compact, convenient and less expensive. They have a one-hand folding mechanism and usually have a good storage space.

Double Strollers
Double Strollers

All-Terrain Strollers: These best baby strollers are very convenient (these are perfect for leisurely strolls on shopping malls). They are solid and comfortable. However, these may be expensive compared to other types of strollers.

Even if they have the Three-wheel-jogging-stroller-look, these strollers are suitable only for long walks or hikes on or off paved walkways, not for running. A lot of people like the three-wheeled, sporty look of this stroller.

Umbrella Strollers: These types of strollers are the most basic or common strollers available in the market. They are the smallest and lightest. One of the advantages of these strollers is that it can be folded easily. It is also inexpensive and advantageous for crowded places and quick trips.

However, strollers like these are usually for a child who is at least 6 months old or a child who weighs less than 20 pounds.

How to Choose the Best Baby Stroller for You and Your Baby?

Below are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your baby stroller. These are features that you should know about and may want.

  • Safety Comes First the Harness System:

Some strollers will come with a simple lap belt, actually, most cheaper strollers do, but we highly recommend a 3 point of 5 point harness belt than a single belt around the baby. The 5 point harness will keep your baby in place when you are strolling them about.

With a single belt stroller you have the chance of baby slipping out and falling out of the stroller from their constant moving, and yes, they do move. When looking into a baby stroller one of the most important things to make sure is that your baby has a good harness system to keep them strapped in good to the stroller.

  • Stroller Construction Baby Weight & Size:

Another thing that makes a safe stroller is its construction. Is it durable at the same time light enough to steer well? Will it handle our child’s weight and size? These are questions you need to ask when looking for a stroller.

Again, usually cheap strollers will break. If you are going to spend money on a stroller, select a durable stroller or you will be paying more buying another stroller after the cheap one has broken.

Best baby strollers are made very strong and handle baby’s weight and size during many phases of their infant’s life. These are the kind of strollers you should really consider so you don’t have to buy another stroller in the long run.

Many of the higher end strollers (usual strollers over $120) are very robust in construction but still light weight.

  • The Cost of the Stroller:

When it comes to paying for a baby stroller, you want to make sure you have everything you are willing to have as features on your stroller, and things you are OK to leave out. But, don’t pay for a stroller just because it’s cheap. If you don’t have extra money to spend, please consider the stroller construction, longevity, and safety first.

Again, safety is the most important thing, and most times, you get what you pay for. You also don’t want to end up paying for replacement strollers because you were not willing to pay extra for a good stroller.
  • Stroller Recline:

Another popular feature that you want to consider, especially if out for long walks or outings, is the recline feature. Baby will love you for it! Most of the strollers you find on many sites have a very great recline system that will allow baby to recline backward to take naps if you are out walking for a bit. This works perfectly with the baby stroller sun shade. As they sleep nicely reclined and get protection from the sun and the wind that may be blowing.

  • The Sun Shade and Canopy:

If you are out on long walks with the baby or use your stroller at outings, you want to make sure that you have sufficient shade for you baby. This will help protect them from the sun and the wind. Many sun shades have a little window on top of them so you can peek and see what babies up to while strolling them along. This is a very convenient feature.

  • The Baby Tray:

Full Feature Strollers
Baby Tray

Infants love to snack, drink, and play when they are in a stroller. You may want to make sure you have a baby tray with adequate space for snacks, that usually fit perfect in the bowl like drops in the tray that you can use for snacks or a baby bottle.

If using a baby bottle make sure you get a leash for it, there are several kinds on the market that work very well. This leash keeps your baby’s drink or toys leashed to the stroller so you don’t lose them along the way.

  • The Adult Tray:

It’s nice to have convenience for yourself too! One of the things that we like is an adult tray in the back. This works great for putting your cell phone on or having drinks in it.

This feature is common in all the strollers we review and feature on this guide. It’s a feature that you will want to have and will appreciate!

  • Baby Basket and Extra Storage:

Most likely you will be lugging around a baby diaper bag and snacks. Having a baby basket and extra storage under the stroller is a big plus. Again, most of the best strollers on this guide have this feature and most of the baskets and extra storage is made of durable fabric so you won’t lose anything while walking baby around.

  • Adjustable Handles (Stroller Height), Wheels for Your Terrain, Ease of Steering & Ride:

All of the strollers that we review and feature on this page are also know for having the perfect height for strolling your baby around without hurting your back. The overall height and handles when pushing the stroller are usually perfect for both mom and dad. Many strollers also have an adjustable handle to fit your height perfectly, this is a very nice feature.

You will also want to make sure that the wheels on your stroller will fit your terrain. If you do a lot of walking on dirt or gravel roads, you may want to consider a jogger stroller, or a stroller made for all terrain walking. This will really help you out especially on gravel roads where stroller without the proper wheels will get stuck.

You want your baby to have a comfortable ride. Many higher end strollers have shocks on them and even pump up style tires that absorb the bumps you may hit while out with the baby. This is another feature in a baby stroller that you may want to consider.

  • Stroller Warranty and Customer Service:

Most baby strollers we recommend come with a wonderful warranty of over a year. By the brand reputations that we recommend, you can be sure that you will also get good customer service. Try to look for a stroller that has at least a one year warranty. You will find all the kinks out of your stroller by then if used normally.

While you purchase the stroller on the internet, you can go through the “comments” section on various websites. In this comment or review section, you can read about the customer feedback regarding the products. This is one of the best resources from where you can get a good idea regarding various baby stroller products.

“How to Choose the Best Baby Stroller”

Why Should You Purchase a Stroller from a Baby Online Store?

There are many people who prefer purchasing a stroller from the local store, where they are able to try it before making a decision. If you are one of these people, you should think twice about it, because there are so many online stores from where you can make the purchase.

Here you have a list with the reasons why you should purchase a stroller from a baby online store. In this way, you will have a clearer view concerning the options that are available for you.

Finally, the decision is entirely up to you. However, in this way, you will be more informed and you will be able to take a calculated decision.

  • Variety:

If you will choose a baby online store, you will be able to choose among a wide variety of models, colors, and prices. In the local stores, you will have a limited choice, and you will have to buy something without doing the proper research. Maybe the product you have wanted from the beginning is no longer available, leaving you with other similar, and yet different options.

However, if you choose a baby online store, you won’t have this problem. If a certain product is not available, you will be able to get it later, or you can continue your research in order to choose another model.

  • Unique Promotions:

Additionally, the online stores also have amazing offers that cannot be ignored, offering a great pricing for their customers. There are also websites that allow you to find the baby online store with the cheapest prices. In this way, you will be able to get a great deal without any effort.

  • Professional Help:

Besides this, there is a professional team that is always there to help you pick the best product. In this way, you will be able to make a great choice even if you didn’t have any time to make further research.

  • Saving Time:

After you have decided which baby stroller to purchase, you can place an order and in 24 hours you will get it at your door. It couldn’t have been any simpler than this.

If you choose a model that doesn’t have certain accessories, you will be able to buy them from the same baby online store. In this way, you won’t have to make too many roads in order to buy more products.

With a simple click, you will receive anything you wish. There is no need to visit the local stores and spend hours in order to find the stroller that you wish, at least not when you can easily purchase it for a single week.

  • Latest Products on the Market:

As you well know, the market is changing really fast, and there always appear innovative models that have some additional features. The Internet offers you amazing opportunities, and therefore your choices won’t be limited. Once a product is launched, you can easily find it.

Why is it so Important to Choose the Right Stroller?

Stokke Xplory Stroller
Stokke Xplory

Babies spend a comparatively brief period of time inside their strollers, which makes it vital for parents to ensure that this time is enjoyable and fruitful for both their babies and themselves.

Watching your baby grow from infant to toddler can be a magical experience, especially if you’re a new parent, but it won’t be possible if you’re continually muttering curses about your baby stroller’s shaky wheels, or the difficulty you face folding it, or its lack of maneuverability or bulkiness.

Even more important than this is the fact that an uncomfortable stroller will deprive your baby of a comfortable sleep (when they nap inside the stroller), and will constantly keep them on edge.

Even though the time they spend in the stroller will be brief, it will still be enough to leave a lasting impact.

As there are many different baby stroller brands available today, make sure to go through as many baby stroller reviews as possible, especially the ones left by other users before you come to a decision.

How to Clean Your Baby Stroller?

Cleaning your stroller may seem like a piece of cake, until you’ve done so, and then later found that you didn’t really do as good a job as you thought you did. Most strollers that are larger than the very lightweight umbrella stroller have screwed-on seats.

Make sure you keep all of the bolts and the nuts in a safe place, where no young children can reach them. These can be undone so that you can thoroughly wash the seat and hang it to dry. Some parents prefer taking photos of where the bolts or screws are at so that they have no problems reattaching the seat to the stroller’s frame.

Washing the seat in your machine, and also drying it in the drying machine, is not recommended. The harness belts can become tangled around the fabric of the seat and actually cause tears in the fabric. If the harness straps are bolted on separately, then you can wash the seat on the gentle cycle, and hang to dry. Use a stiff brush to just wash the straps by themselves.

When you are washing the seat, you can use a stiff brush to clean out the seam areas found throughout the piece, the webbing that the harness straps are made of, and any tough stains. Use the same laundry detergent that you use for baby’s clothing.

If you’re undecided on which one to use, Dreft Laundry Detergent size has been a staple detergent for many families over the years. It’s also recommended by many doctors and pediatricians.

Thoroughly rinse the entire piece out, including the webbing. Hang it up to dry either over the bathroom tub or outside in the shade. If you hang it up outside, when it is completely dry, inspect it to make sure that there are no nasty surprises left for you by birds or insects. If there are, you don’t have to start all over. Just simply rinse that area off, and hang again in another location that is also in the shade.

After it has completely dried, you can reattach it to the frame. If you took photos, these will help a great deal in this step of the process. If you have any leftover screws or bolts, recheck the entire stroller’s seat for the missing location until you find where it goes. Canopies can often be sponged off and air dried, and do not need to be removed to be cleaned. (For more information CLICK HERE)

Frequently Asked Question about Baby Strollers:

There are a lot of questions from the anxious parents regarding various features, uses, types and prices of the baby strollers. The answers to some of the frequently asked questions on baby strollers have been discussed below.

  • What are the Height Adjustable Handle Bars?

The height adjustable handlebar on any baby stroller is one, which can be adjusted according to the height of the parents or the caregiver. This handle helps to prevent bending at the time of pushing the baby stroller. Thus, you will feel more comfortable during this pushing process without any lower back pain issues.

  • What Type of Stroller is the Best for Newborn Babies?

You need to be very much careful while buying a stroller, especially for your newborn baby. The stroller should be hundred percent appropriate for your baby. The seat must be highly adjustable and recline enough in order to allow your child to lie flat on the seat.

You can preferably purchase a stroller that converts from a baby stroller to an infant carrier and even to an infant car-seat. This type of baby stroller can be the best for your newborn baby.

  • Is a Second-hand Stroller Good for my Child?

Mostly, the second-hand strollers will be suitable for your baby. However, before buying one, you need to check the features such as straps, belts, and fasteners thoroughly. There should be no fraying in the straps or belts. These should be securely and perfectly placed.

The stroller fasteners should be free of cracks and must be comfortable to use. Always make sure that your baby will not be able to open the fasteners.

The seat back should be stable and should never collapse under the weight of the baby. You also need to make sure that there are no sharp places or edges, which can pinch the little baby’s fingers.

  • Can the Strollers be Moved Smoothly Over any Type of Terrain?

Most of the strollers are manufactured for the mall and street walking. There are certain models with different types of wheels for various terrains. For example, if you want it for hiking, you need to look for a type of wheel, specially made for this purpose.

A simple and inexpensive baby stroller such as the umbrella strollers is commonly used for general walking in malls or on the streets.

  • What Types of Brakes are Safest for the Baby Strollers?

The preferred types of brakes are the ones, which are attached to both the rear wheels with the bars. This type of brake is always preferred for baby strollers since it can be easily released or applied with 1 foot. Thus, both the brakes can be applied, which reduces the chances of rolling or tipping over of the stroller.

Thus, you have answers to the most important frequently asked questions (FAQs) on baby strollers.

Wrap Up

All in all, again, you want a stroller that safe, but you may also want to consider your personal needs that we stated above. The features we went over are the most common if not all the features you could find in a baby stroller.

An easy way to start is to decide the price range you are willing to spend on a stroller (remember safety first). You can always change this price range before you purchase and have looked over a few strollers.

We have several lists that you can look through. Luckily, on our guide, we have sifted out the bad strollers already. So almost any stroller you pick on this guide will be the best baby stroller for you if you find that you like its features.

We’ve gone through hundreds of customer reviews, bestseller lists, and company research to only feature the best baby strollers that we know are already safe, have proven to work for others, and that we personally recommend because of the great features.


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