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The 5 Best Baby Monitors (Updated Apr. 2018)

The 5 Best Baby Monitors (Updated Apr. 2018)


Baby monitors are an important tool for parents because they provide parents with peace of mind. Whether they are new or experienced parents, best baby monitors allow parents to see or hear what their baby is doing, depending on what type of monitor they choose.

While the idea of a baby monitor is a great one, there are so many different makes and models on the market how do parents know they are picking the right one.

This buyer’s guide is about explaining the different types of baby monitors available, as well as how each baby monitor works. The buyer’s guide also explains to parents what features they should look for to ensure they get the best baby monitor available.

So before you go out and purchase a baby monitor take a quick look at this guide to ensure you are getting the product that best suits your needs.

The Top 5 Best Baby Monitors of 2018:

Infant DXR-8 (Our Pick)
$ 120per month
Video Monitor
Remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom
Temperature Display
Battery Life: 10 Hours
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Motorola MBP36
$ 120per month
Wireless Monitor
Remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom
Temperature Display
Battery Life: 3.5 Hours
Check Price
$ 120per month
IR Night Vision
Remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom
Two-way Talk Audio
Uses A/C Power
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Summer Touch
$ 120per month
Video Monitor
Pan, Scan, and Zoom
Touchscreen Monitor
Battery Life: 4-6 Hours
Check Price
Summer Secure
$ 120per month
Video Monitor
Pan, Scan, and Zoom
600-Foot Range
Battery Life: 4-6 Hours
Check Price

Baby monitors are no longer only about keeping your baby safe. You can now use baby monitors to record your child or capture those important moments you might have missed while he is alone.

In order to make the most out of these devices which are on top of the popularity list when it comes to baby gear, you will want to look into the top baby monitors in 2018.

Our experts have taken the time to test dozens of products out of which they choose just 5 for you to consider. All have excellent features and all provide something special.

For more information, click on the baby monitor’s name.

Infant Optics DXR-8
Infant Optics DXR-8

Stop spoiling your night’s sleep thinking about the safety of your child. If you are worried about how to keep an eye on your child then it’s no longer a problem.

There are thousands of devices in the market that will help you and will make this task easier for you. DXR 8 is the answer to all the questions that come to mind regarding the security of your child.

We have rated DXR 8 as the first best baby monitor according to our standards. It is rated in the top 5 list because of its astonishing features. The list of features is given is as below:

  • This product is very helpful. It has a camera that benefits you in viewing your child’s activities. Some products only have the option of audio, but this device is a perfect companion for mothers who work and can’t stay with the child all day.
  • This next feature is a surefire attention grabber. It is the first ever product which monitors with interchangeable optical lens capabilities. This is one of the best features of this device. Actually, this feature allows you to customize your angle and zoom of vision.
  • If your kid is active and you are scared that they will get hurt, there is no longer a need to worry. Keep an eye on your child and monitor them from wherever you are. For this reason, this product is designed in a manner that will ease you by providing full streaming video of your baby. The screen is one of the most important features which is the center of interest for mothers who use this product. To have a clear stream, this product has a large LCD of 3.5 inches with full color in a sleek single unit. Another feature is the activated sound LED and the retractable antenna service.
  • You don’t need to worry about recharging the battery after every half hour like other products in the market. It has quite a long battery life. If you keep it on power saving mode it will take 10 hours to get charged again, and on-screen mode it will run for about 6 hours straight.
  • One optical zoom lens is included with this product.
  • This product is very reasonable in price. You can easily afford this. We highly recommend this product to all customers who are experiencing parenting for the first time and are worried about the safety of their child.


  1. You can’t take record video with this monitor.
  2. Poor charging capacity.
  3. Sound can sometimes be hard to hear.
Motorola MBP36
Motorola MBP36

To keep watch over their babies is an imperative for all parents. However, there are times when they simply cannot be around their very young child always because there are other household tasks that require their attention.

Fortunately, they can rely on products like the Motorola MBP36, which is a device that they can use keep watch over their child even if they are not within sight.

In fact, even when the room is dark, they can still observe their baby with the help of the infrared night vision capability of the device. This is something that cannot be done by the naked eyes.

  • This monitor is equipped with sensitive microphones that project crystal clear audio with adjustable volume option and sound level indicator.
  • With the added feature of a temperature sensor and high-resolution 3.5-inch LCD screen which transmits at 25 frames per second, you can rest assured that you can clearly see and hear what your baby is doing.
  • Infrared night vision technology in Motorola digital video baby monitor gives detailed view throughout the night.
  • The Motorola MBP36 has a pan, zoom and tilt function so when your baby moves, you can adjust the camera to get a better view. It also has a talk back feature by which you can talk or sing to your baby and calm them down while staying in your bed.
  • The MBP36 is expandable in that you can attach up to 4 cameras and an additional parent unit in case you have multiple kids or want to monitor several rooms. It has a range of more than 500-feet and has an “out of range“ alert to let you know that when you are out of range as well.
  • What is noticeable about this baby monitor is that it has a 2.4GHz broadcast like many other household appliances don’t have any interference problems and do not pick signals or disturb by the signals from any other device.


  1. Low-quality video.
  2. Limited parent unit battery life.
Samsung SEW-3037W
Samsung SEW-3037W

Many people feel as if a baby monitor is not necessary, but in actuality, it comes with many benefits for the life of the new parent. As mentioned earlier, baby monitors provide a peace of mind like no other technology because you are not constantly trying to guess if your child is safe.

Sleep is often very rare for the new parent, but with a baby monitor, you are more likely to get enough rest by separating yourself from your child for a nap or quiet time.

For these reasons, it is clear why a baby monitor is so important. Luckily, there is a cutting-edge baby monitor that has just been developed, called the Samsung SEW-3037W. To find out more about this baby monitor, keep reading below.

  • Only some of the baby video monitor can be tilted. Samsung SEW-3037W will allow you to change the direction and angle of the camera. You can tilt it even if you are away from the camera. With a just simply click on the monitor, you can already tilt and zoom in or out the camera lens.
  • You can remote monitoring from anywhere in the world and view the camera on your television or on your PC via Skype by using the USB port. When monitoring the camera on your television you can utilize the picture in picture function.
  • Two-way communications help the baby to be at ease even if he/she is alone in the nursery because parents can interact with the baby. This will make the baby think that his/her parents are near the nursery.
  • This digital baby monitor has a longer range than Motorola baby monitor which has a 900-feet of distance. You can do work easily without being stressed by your baby. You can still access the signal even if you are distant from the baby.
  • Reduce the recording of unnecessary noise is now possible. The screen turns into sleep mode when there is no detected voice. Scratches, winds and other hissing sounds will not be included in the record. This will save enough power for the battery.
  • The SEW-3037W has a monitor that continuously displays the temperature around the camera. There’s possible to set a minimum and maximum temperature range and if the temperature goes outside of that range an alarm will be activated on the monitor.
  • With or without light, you can watch how the baby sleeps and rest. This is equipped with a remote-controlled night light to see it even clearer.


  1. The monitoring system is a little pricey.
  2. No temperature indicator.
Summer Infant Baby Touch
Summer Infant Baby Touch

While they may enjoy the job a lot, the one task that parents have to contend with keeping watch of their babies. Actually, this is not a difficult job but only if they do not have to do anything else at home.

There are other chores to attend to, from those that involve the use of the kitchen to cleaning the home. There may also be the older kids to attend to.

It would be wrong for parents not to spend some time with them just because they have babies to watch over. This is when the Summer baby monitor could be of such great help.

An electronic device that is designed to help parents watch over the kids, parents can make use of this best baby monitor when they have to be away for a while as they tend to other tasks at home.

  • It has a scanning feature. Unlike other baby monitors which only provide a stationary or static scan, Summer monitor allows thorough scanning of both video and audio. It switches from room to room and you can actually see and hear your baby’s activities in each room. This is specifically beneficial if you have multiple rooms or if you have more than one kid to monitor. If you compare this with other lesser quality baby monitors, audio scanning does not function as well as expected since it stops in the last room where the camera was the last set.
  • It has clear and crisp sound. You can even hear the most subtle sound in your baby’s room. Therefore, you rest assured that whatever your kid will be asking or mumbling about, you can hear them. What is even more adorable about it is that if your kid asks for his mommy or daddy even in muffled sounds, you can hear them right away.
  • Long range connection. It is not an issue if your babies’ room is hundreds of feet away from your own room. Distance is not an issue with Summer monitor. And despite even a long-distance, you are still secured of its high video and sound quality.
  • Wireless camera. It offers mobility and ease of use. Thus, you can place it on a table and it can still effectively monitor your children plus it provides an added feature: talk back feature for you to hush and lullaby your baby to sleep. It’s modern technology, therefore, allows more feature for more interactive conversation between parent and child if needed.


  1. Missing key features.
Summer Infant Ultra Sight
Summer Infant Ultra Sight

If you are working and thinking about how to look after your baby, the answer to your worries is the zoom video baby monitor. It helps you keep an eye on your child remotely.

This product is one of the best in the market for baby monitoring. It has some excellent features. It is easily handled and operated for one, and this device has been a dream for parents around the world.

If you lack a good nights sleep because your child’s sleep was disturbed you could also comfort your child easily from your room. This two-way communication will soothe your child using your caring, clear voice.

He will never know that you are not in his room. Baby Secure has a remote-controlled camera. You can adjust the camera to any angle by simply fixing the device anywhere in the room.

The camera also includes pan, scan and zoom features. These features help provide a clear video of your child to you. The automatic black and white light will provide clear video even in the darkness.

This device is rated as one of the leading products in baby monitoring. The visual stream is sharpened using LED infrared cameras that are able to render images in the dark. We recommend you use this device and make your life more comfortable. Some features of this baby monitor are as follows:

  • It has a larger LCD compared to any other devices in the market. It’s easy to use and handle. It has a 2.5-inch color LCD which is easily operated. This allows you the move your camera in any direction. Use the screen to remotely pan, scan and zoom the camera.
  • If your child has started moving all around. Keep yourself calm and add more cameras to look after him. You can guide your child from anywhere with the two-way talking system. This device provides you with the feature of potentially adding 3 more cameras with the base camera unit.
  • It has a wide range of 600-feet/18288 meters. You can move in and out of the house easily. Even if you are working in your basement or outside your house you will get alarmed if there is any noise in your baby’s room. You can also set the device to vibrate mode. To avoid the loud alarms, set your device to vibrate mode and get alarmed with beeps and buzzes.
  • There are indications for things like low battery and going out of range which will be signaled with alarms.
  • You are not required to keep it at hand at all times. Just clip it to your belt and enjoy your mobility.
  • This device will automatically turn into black and white light mode to capture a clear video in darkness. It also eliminates the white background noise.


  1. Some reviewers mentioned a low battery life.

More 5 Baby Monitors (Under $100):

We know how stressful it can be with a newborn, so we like to share these quick baby monitor reviews with you to save you from the headaches we went through! Read these unbiased reviews and find the best baby monitor to keep your little one safe.

Infant Optics DXR-5
Infant Optics DXR-5

The Infant Optics DXR-5 is designed with simplicity in mind. It has ONLY the features that are important to make a baby monitor truly an essential gear to baby’s safety and your peace of mind. It is easy to setup and operates, aside from the fact that it has a very cheap price.

It uses the latest FHSS technology so rest assured that no one will be able to see your video or hear your audio feed. It streams video feed at thirty frames per second.

Using invisible infrared light, the DXR-5 will let you see up to fifteen feet even in complete darkness. You can toggle it on or off for use as you please when you need it. It also features a long-lasting battery-powered monitor and can function with or without its included power adapter.

It is also engineered to get rid of any white noise or static. This monitor is also very energy-efficient as it turns off after three minutes of being idle, or not detecting any sound from the baby. It will go back to live once it detects the sound. It is also expandable to 4 cameras, so you can place or mount it anywhere in the house.

Levana Jena
Levana Jena

Levana’s Jena baby video monitor is a digital baby monitor that practices PEEP mode. The PEEP mode stands for Power-on/off Energy Efficient Picture. This saves the power of the battery by automatically be on the ‘sleep’ mode when there is no sound. Then after a sound is detected, it will automatically turn on.

It has a two-way audio where you can say something to your baby and hear his/her feedback after. It has a clear night vision.

This video monitor can last up to 8 hours while turned on. It can extend up to 12 hours when PEEP mode is used.

You can view and hear your baby with an accurate and clear sound even if you are 500-feet away. This prevents other signals to interfere your viewing which allows no one except you to view the video.

You can also detect the temperature of the nursery. You will know if it is already too hot or too cold which is bad for the baby.

VTech DM221
VTech DM221

We reference this device on our top rated list because of its amazing features. It’s great device to keep yourself aware of what your child is doing. Communicating with your child when you are not in front of him is also made possible with this device.

This device consists of two units. One unit is for the parent and the other is for the child. The parent unit is used for monitoring. It will help you keep aware of your child’s movements. The other unit is kept near the child, which is an audio monitor. It will catch your baby’s voice and will deliver it to you when you are not near.

If you are stuck in some work and cannot come to look at your child, then don’t worry this device will aid this problem also. It is a two way talk back intercom. You can easily comfort your child talking through this device.

It has rechargeable batteries that support the parent unit for about 18 hours in a single charge.

Sony 900 MHz BabyCall
Sony BabyCall

Baby monitors are a great way to relieve some of the stress associated with being new or expecting parents. The Sony 900 MHz BabyCall Nursery Monitor with Receivers comes equipped with 900MHz technology, which will lengthen the range of the monitor so you can bring the receiver farther away from the nursery.

However, you are still able to hear your child’s activities in the nursery. This baby monitor also comes equipped with 27 channels and utilizes an FM transmission system with a channel selector to assist you with locating the clearest channel and minimize any interference.

The Sony 900MHz baby monitor also includes 5 sound-sensor activity lights which are designed to: alert you when your child is making sounds/noises when the receiver is out of range and even when the battery is low. This particular baby monitor has been a remarkable seller and is one of the best baby monitors on the market.

Philips Avent DECT
Philips Avent DECT

The Philips AVENT baby monitor with temperature and humidity sensors and new Eco mode provide parents with the ability to monitor not only their baby but also their surroundings.

One of the best features of this baby monitor is its operating range of 1,082 feet. No matter where they are in the house parents can rest assured that they can hear the slightest sound coming from baby’s room. The handheld parent unit is battery-operated and works up to 24 hours on a single four-hour charge.

The Philips AVENT baby monitor comes equipped with DECT technology that guarantees mom and dad are the only ones that can hear baby through a data-encrypted signal.

The DECT frequency provides 60 channels that the device can choose from to ensure that there is no interference with other devices. Not only that but the DECT technology is what provides the crystal clear sounds of your baby’s giggles and cries.

Moreover, the adjustable sound sensitivity allows you to control how loud or quiet the device is, so you can always hear baby over your current environment.

What is a Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor can be simply described as a radio system that allows parents to monitor their baby by the sounds they make when they are not in the same room.

The audio device has a microphone and transmitter unit that is placed in close proximity to an infant so that their sounds can be heard clearly through the speaker of the parent. There are some monitors that allow the parents to talk to the baby making the communication much easier.

On the other hand, there are baby monitors that have video cameras that allow parents or caregivers to see, hear and speak to the child so that they are always supervising their every move.

Why You Have to Use Baby Monitors?

The importance of baby monitors cannot be underestimated especially for parents that want to avoid accidents or tragedies that are associated with children that are left unmonitored.

There are a number of benefits that parents derive from having a baby monitor and some of them include:

  • Most parents that use baby monitors are able to have peace of mind that their babies are safe because they can hear them through the speaker regardless of their location in their house. The monitors allow them to keep tabs on the baby at all times while checking on them on a regular basis as well.
  • Baby monitors also allow parents to rest because they do not have to be constantly at the baby’s side. The monitor, which is usually portable, can be placed in any room where parents can rest while still supervising the activities that are taking place in the room where the baby is playing or sleeping.
  • Caregivers that are taking care of an infant can also use a baby monitor to keep an eye on the baby while engaging in other activities that have been assigned to them so that their work is always satisfactory.

What Can Go Wrong with Baby Monitors?

For all the benefits they give there are some things that can go wrong with baby monitors. Most of the problems are in the expectations and perspectives of the users but others are more practical or technical.

The key to avoiding problems with baby monitors is taking the time to evaluate the best type of the individual home and parent. Additionally, parents should be conscious of choosing a baby monitor that will be reliable and that they can be confident in trusting.

The most common problem with baby monitors is interference from other wireless devices. Cell phones, cordless telephones, and wireless electronics can all cause static and interference with baby monitors.

These devices don’t have to be in the same home to interfere with the monitor. They can be in a close neighbor’s house or in a car driving down the street. Interference can be mitigated by changing the monitor channel but it cannot be completely eliminated.

One way to ensure that as little interference as possible is experienced is to purchase Digital Enhanced Communications Technology (DECT) baby monitors.

Interference can work both ways. Baby monitors can cause problems with cordless electronic devices used in the household and in the neighbors’ homes, too. Computer wireless routers are especially prone to interference due to baby monitors. Adjustment to the baby monitor channels should help but chances are that routers will always experience some interference.

Baby Monitor Interference
Baby Monitor Interference

Another common problem that baby monitors equipped with DECT eliminate are eavesdropping by other wireless devices. People have been known to pick up signals transmitted by the baby monitor receivers on their cell phones and cordless landline phones. This intrusive problem can be avoided by making sure the baby monitor is made with DECT.

One thing baby monitors cannot eliminate is a false alarm. The especially sensitive motion baby monitors are more prone to them than the audio and video types but false alarms can happen with or without a monitor. Unfortunately, false alarms only serve to increase the tension and worry that already exists with a new baby in the house.

The other problem with baby monitors is purely human. It takes time and practice to use one effectively. For most parents, the worry over leaving a new baby alone is enough to keep them glued to the baby monitor receiver. For others, the baby monitor can have the opposite effect.

Using a baby monitor can be subconsciously mistaken for leaving a responsible person in the room with the child. Parents have to remember to keep the receiver with them at all times and make sure the batteries are in good working condition.

So How Do I Find The Best Baby Monitor?

Well to answer that question, you need to ask yourself what is the purpose of the baby monitor that you seek. Of course, the basic function of any baby monitor is to alert you when your baby needs you, but baby monitors have evolved a lot since the simple voice only versions that were available years ago.

Baby monitors can be broadly classified into:

  • Audio Baby Monitors: These are your basic vanilla baby monitors and can be thought of in their simplest form as glorified walkie-talkies. As the name suggests all you can do with these is to hear the sound of your baby. These are further split up into analog and digital. Digital monitors obviously having better sound quality.
  • Video Baby Monitors: These baby monitors let you see your baby, kinda like seeing him or her over a webcam. Most of these monitors have cameras that have zoom, tilt and pan functions so you can move the camera around and zoom to see your baby more clearly
  • Movement Sensing Monitors: These monitors alert you of movement from your baby and even lack of it. With the number of kids dying in the US from sudden infant death syndrome, these motion sensing monitors are a godsend.
  • Wireless Monitors: Gone are the days of running wires from your baby’s room to yours. Most of the modern baby monitors that are available these days are wireless. Some of these run off your home WiFi connection and run pretty much out of the box.
  • DECT Monitors: These too are wireless baby monitors, but they rely on a technology called DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) which is basically the frequency at which cordless phones (not mobiles) operate. They are a bit outdated compared to WiFi monitors but still do a good job.

Well, that how baby monitors are classified broadly. If you have any questions please use the contact form and We shall get back to you.

Must Have Features for the Best Baby Monitor:

Before purchasing a baby monitor there are specific features that parents will want to look for. These features are important because they affect how the product works, as well as determine how well the product works.

While not all products are going to have every feature the ones included are the most basic features, so they should be found on each product in one way or another.

  • Portability:

Baby monitors need to be easy to pick up and carry around. Parents are usually never in the same room for an extended period of time during the day, so they need to have a device they can easily carry with them.

Being able to carry the device around the home or even out into the yard is important for peace of mind because it allows parents to know that baby is safe.

  • Clear Audio and Video Reception:

Baby monitors should have very little interference, preferably none. No interference gives the clear audio or video reception that parents need to hear or see what baby is doing. This prevents parents from having to guess at what is going on or even checking up on the baby when it isn’t necessary.

  • Visible Signals:

While all baby monitors come with audible alarms the visible signals are also a must have. The visible signals help keep parents aware of what is going on in baby’s room because they pulsate as they pick up noise, the more lights that flash on the louder the noise. These are important to have because sometimes you might not hear the noise due to a noisy surrounding.

  • Range:

A baby monitor needs to have enough range to cover the entire home, so the larger the house the bigger the frequency that is needed. The problem with the bigger frequencies is that it also increases the chance of interference, so consulting with a specialist in frequencies is recommended.

  • Bandwidth:

Sometimes the frequency on the monitor must be switched, mainly due to interference. Monitors that have a narrow bandwidth are rather useless. Broad bandwidth monitors cost a bit more but are worth the extra expense.

  • Low Battery Warning:

Monitors that run off batteries need to have a low battery warning, whether it is a light or a gauge. This alerts parents as to when to recharge the batteries or even change them.

Some monitors come with charging bases for recharging the battery while others require you to use disposable batteries. In terms of disposable batteries rechargeable is still the best choice because they will save you money over time.

“How to Choose a Baby Monitor”

Why Should You Read Baby Monitor Reviews?

If you are thinking of buying a baby monitor, you should certainly read up baby monitor reviews. Why do you need to read a review? That’s because of the fact that, there are a lot of products from different brands out there.

Of course, all the companies will tell you that they offer the best product available. What you need is an independent and unbiased review.

Be careful when you are buying one because not all of these products are really good ones. You don’t want to take a chance, do you, particularly when a monitor is a gadget that looks after the safety of your baby and sends you alarms when there is an issue.

Thus, read the baby monitor reviews, find out about the good ones, and then make an informed decision. You cannot make a mistake with this approach.

Baby Monitors – Video VS. Audio:

The single-most expensive feature in a baby monitor is whether or not it has video capabilities. Baby monitors that have video are obviously going to cost more than those that are audio only because they cost more to manufacture.

So in order to save money while at the same time making sure you are buying the best baby monitor for your needs, you need to be able to decide if the video is something that you will need or not.

The nicest feature about having video included with the baby monitor is perhaps the ability to see if your baby is awake and playing quietly in his/her crib. An audio monitor will only alert you to your baby’s sleeping status if he/she is making noise.

Typically, your baby will be making noise if he/she is awake but there are definitely times, especially when your baby is a little older, that he/she will be awake and silent. A video monitor will give you the flexibility of being able to see this and make a decision on what to do.

Keep in mind though, that when you use a baby monitor (whether video or audio) most of the time it will be at night while you are sleeping.

Most video baby monitors, especially the low-end models, do not offer very good quality video in the dark. You may fall into the trap of buying a cheaper version of a video monitor only to find out that your baby appears on the screen as a discolored blob on the screen at night. This will not be very helpful to you.

So, if you do decide on choosing a video monitor, we strongly recommend buying a model that has good customer reviews; particularly one that has a slightly larger screen (3.5″) and has favorable reviews in regards to the quality of the video in the dark. Otherwise, you will end up simply paying more for a monitor that is giving you audio only anyway.

Wireless Baby Monitor (Prices and Reviews):

The current generation baby monitors are available in wireless mode. There are monitors that are available in wired mode as well. By using a wireless baby monitor, you can take advantage of its flexible operation. You can take it with you wherever you go.

Wireless monitors will use radio frequencies that are designated by the local Governments. If you go for DECT devices, you can get coverage to the extent of 300 meters.

Wireless baby monitors will support multiple cameras as well. It is possible to access audio and video on your Smartphone and the downside is the battery drainage at a fast pace.

  • Selection of wireless baby monitor:

Wireless Baby Monitor
Wireless Baby Monitor

Wireless baby monitor selection will depend on the number of parameters. The device that you will purchase from the market should not interfere with the existing digital devices that are used at your home.

For example, cordless phones will have interference with DECT devices. If there is interference, you will not enjoy pure signal. There will not be clarity in the signal.

The range that is announced on the monitor might not be true to your expectations. You should select a wireless monitor after cross checking the signal access.

The type of construction of your house, the number of walls the signal has to travel and the frequency will influence the range. By going through product reviews, you will get information on available models and brands.

  • Advantages:

The living rooms, as well as sleeping areas, are separated by walls. There will be a separate nursery for the baby. By using a wireless baby monitor, you can vouch for the new born on 24 x 7 basis. Even if you are going to deep sleep, you will get up and attend to the call raised by the monitor. As there will not any cords, the baby will not be twisted.

The current generation wireless video monitors are coming with a wide range of options. There are numerous safety options. In addition to the saving from SIDS, you can avoid various extraordinary instances. The toddler will not be strangled by unnecessary cords.

Regardless of your physical location in the house, you will enjoy absolute peace of mind. By utilizing the real-time 2-way communication, the baby’s security is well guaranteed. Your mobility is not restricted as there will not be any cables between you and the device.

  • Disadvantages:

It is very much important to take care about the interference that the monitor may cause with other kinds of devices. Wireless monitors are expensive than regular monitors. It is very much important to address range issues so that you will use the device without any difficulty.

If you can address the issues mentioned above, you can manage a decent wireless monitor so that you will have great peace. By going through periodic maintenance measures, you will ensure that the device is working in a proper condition and you can expect long life as well.

The price should not be a deterrent as long as you enjoy great convenience and comfort in monitoring your baby.


Essentially it is important to consider a baby monitor for your home, due to the variety of safety features and for your own peace of mind.

Depending on the size of your home etc depends on the size of wireless range you may need and you also need to consider other features available.

However many retailers are happy to discuss these options with you and find the best baby monitor for your needs.



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