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The 8 Best Bluetooth Speakers to Buy in 2018

The 8 Best Bluetooth Speakers to Buy in 2018


Searching for the best Bluetooth speakers? As technologies that power our electronic devices continue to evolve, the capabilities of those devices expand.

Our music has been digitized, our storage capacity has increased drastically, and the number of technological tools we have access to at any given moment has multiplied.

When it comes to using technology to power the audio that drives your music and videos, the clear champions in this space are the Bluetooth Speakers.

With Bluetooth speakers and a compatible Bluetooth device, you can now amplify the sound of your device by streaming the audio straight to your speakers. And the best part is that it is all done wirelessly.

As an alternative to using wires to connect your devices, the Bluetooth speakers offer wireless capabilities that make playing music from a device simple and convenient.

Now you can enjoy the same sound quality from traditional speakers but with the freedom that wireless connectivity offers.

The Top 8 Best Bluetooth Speakers of 2018:

Looking for a wireless Bluetooth speaker can be quite a chore. There are hundreds on the market today. All come in different shapes, sizes, colors and a list of specifications a mile long.

So, what we have done is compiled a list of speakers that we believe are the better ones in stores today. Our hopes are that you can read the reviews and make an informed decision before making any sort of purchase.

For more information, click on the speaker’s name.

Bose SoundLink Mini
SoundLink Mini

This Bluetooth speaker packs a bigger punch than its look suggests it does. While it is compact and slender, the sound quality does not appear to be impacted by its size.

In the same way that Apple products are only as big as they need to be and as simple as they can be, this ultra-compact Bose device easily makes the Bluetooth speakers’ review list.

Continuing the focus on its physical attributes, the aluminum surface feels like a better quality or more valuable material than many of the other speakers’ surfaces, which use plastic.

There is nothing bulky or messy about it either. The buttons are flush with the surface, giving it a look reminiscent of a touchscreen. In addition, at 1.5 pounds – which is lighter than a pair of shoes – you really do feel like you could take it with you anywhere.

Although priced at the higher end, at $199, this best Bluetooth speaker comes with many bells and whistles. It is equipped to wirelessly pair with up to six devices, which means that you can utilize the technology in a variety of situations not only from your compatible smartphone or tablet but also from a compatible PC or another audio device.

The included AC adapter means you will not have to worry about the power running out and usually implies that the device has significant sound output as well.

The Oontz XL - Cambridge SoundWorks
Oontz XL – Cambridge

This Cambridge SoundWorks Bluetooth speaker makes life a little easier. Its simple all-black look suggests that, by focusing less on its visual appeal, it is able to put more emphasis on its functionality.

Although the buttons are not as flush with its surface as some of the competitors’ speakers are, they still flow with the speaker and give it a pretty smooth design.

It does include some impressive features, given its $119 price point, which is low relative to its competitors. For starters, it pulled no punches when it came to sound quality. Although it is still the size of your palm, the bass bumped louder than some competitors’ speakers did at that price point.

The sound quality remains consistent at various volumes but does not play as loudly as some of its competitors do, which is likely to avoid distortion at higher levels.

Its speakerphone capability is perfect for anyone who wants to talk hands-free without using a headset, and you could do so for at least ten hours, which is what it claims in battery life. To save the battery of your smartphones, it offers USB charging so your phone will not suffer while in use.

Overall, this speaker is a great choice, and at this price point, it will satisfy your essential audio needs.

JBL Charge Portable
JBL Charge

For Bluetooth wireless speakers, this one by JBL sits in the mid-tier range in terms of price but offers some unique characteristics that distinguish it from the pack.

The first thing you will notice about this compact speaker is its sleek color scheme. Grounded in black and trimmed with a gray that is almost metallic, it has a look of seriousness. You also receive a nice black protective case, perfect for tossing it into your bag safely.

The second characteristic that really stands out is its ability to sit horizontally or stand vertically. This may seem like a useless feature until you run out of room on your desk or picnic table. By sitting it upright, it occupies little more space than a cup would.

The buttons on the speaker are simplified relative to other brands, including only a power and volume button. Whether or not this matters only depends on your personal preference. However, the two smoothly placed buttons match the gray accent color, which is nice.

Priced at $119, the JBL offers a bump up in sound quality from the entry-level brands. While still not as powerful as the best Bluetooth speakers, its audio output is in line with the price.

Another great feature, which comes from the “Charge” part of its name, is the USB port that can charge your portable devices. Since you may very well be away from home when using this speaker, the convenience of charging other devices is a great benefit.

Overall, the JBL is a healthy trade off between an increase in price and an increase in performance.

Bose SoundLink III
Bose SoundLink III

If you want a sleek sound system that provides solid performance, a battery that lasts up to 14 hours and a smart design that will look great anywhere, consider the Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker III.

The speaker system comes in a compact rectangular form that can be placed on top of a bookshelf, on a dedicated shelf or inside of an entertainment storage unit. The system can be transported anywhere and sports curved edges to make it easy to grab and run to your next engagement. Silicone buttons protect the device from dust and debris and keep the sound quality high.

The total weight comes in at 3 pounds and is about the size of a half sheet of standard paper. The batteries are rechargeable lithium ion batteries. If you need to squeeze some extra power out of the device, you can attach the compact AC charger to power the speaker system.

The device also supports auxiliary inputs for wired sources and a USB port to support software updates. This best Bluetooth speaker packs a powerful punch for its small size and beats out other speakers for its size and weight.

The speaker system might not work well for people that have to travel on airplanes and carry lots of equipment between lectures. While small, the three-pound weight and slightly larger form factor may make this speaker system a less desirable option for mobile applications.

One greatly missed feature is the ability to control the speaker with a remote control. The speaker system itself also doesn’t have any controls to change the current track, play or pause music currently playing.

Jawbone Jambox
Jawbone Jambox

The Jawbone Jambox speaker system provides portability, a list of features and ease of use. The small form-factor makes traveling a breeze and provides an excellent option for those that need to travel and are concerned about weight. The speaker system also supports up to 10 hours of play time.

One of the first things you’ll notice about this speaker system is the modern, sophisticated design. These speakers stand out as unique with their sleek design and geometric pattern imprinted on the case.

The case is made of stainless steel covered in a rubber casing, in which the case can be picked up and taken with you quickly between locations. Unlike other speaker systems made with less durable materials, this system is built to last.

This small speaker system weighs just one pound and fits easily in your hand. You can fit this sturdy system into your computer bag and it works well for those that travel often. It is currently the smallest portable wireless speaker system available.

The device supports a proprietary acoustic driver and pass system for a full range of sound. You can also connect to two devices simultaneously for increased functionality. The micro USB port supports a charging function and the battery status can be displayed on your iPhone. The device also supports Windows and Mac operating systems.

Photive Cyren Portable
Photive Cyren

One of the less expensive speaker options, the Photive Cyren speaker system provides a lot of bang for the buck. The device supports up o 10 hours of playtime with the lithium ion rechargeable battery. It is also one of the lighter portable speaker options.

The device comes in 5 color options – black, blue, orange, purple and red. Additionally, the case features several unique design options to allow you to answer a call, change tracks, play, pause or change the volume. The device also boasts a mesh speaker system covering that gives the small speaker system a furnished look and feel.

Small enough and light enough to carry with you anywhere, this device will satisfy the conscientious consumer that wants to purchase a high-value speaker system at a low cost.

With Bluetooth 3.0 technology, you can connect up to 33 feet away from your audio player. The device supports powerful 40mm drivers that provide a clear and clean sound that is free of static.

The speaker system pairs instantly, and unlike many other portable speaker systems, you can charge the device anywhere using only a USB cable. This means you could connect the speaker system to your laptop to charge and maintain your battery.

This Bluetooth speaker also supports hands-free phone calls with a built-in microphone and speakerphone perfect for meetings and office calls.

Harman Kardon SoundSticks
Kardon SoundSticks

If you have not seen the SoundSticks speaker system yet, prepare to be amazed. For a product that looks more like a jellyfish than it does anything that would play audio, this is no joke. It comes in three pieces, one subwoofer and two speakers, that will amaze you audibly as well as visually.

The transparent material used to encase its powerful technology gives the user a look into the internal structure of a speaker, all of which is highlighted by subtle blue lighting.

Beyond its visual characteristics is a speaker that does much more than just catch your eye. It can reach levels high enough to stimulate a heavy metal fan but also provides adequate bass that is balanced at all levels. You will hardly notice any undesired sounds in between tracks as it has minor audible static.

Priced around $149, it fits into the mid-to-high range but definitely provides the features to justify it. With its adjustable speakers and easy computer setup, the SoundSticks has the versatility to fit nearly anyone’s Bluetooth speaker needs.

Braven BRV-1 Portable
Braven BRV-1

This ultraportable wireless Bluetooth speaker from Braven will easily grab your attention, even if you do not realize it is a speaker. Describing it as rugged would be an understatement but not a complaint.

With its aircraft-quality aluminum casing, this best Bluetooth speaker is fit for any construction job site. Though not intended to be submerged, it is water resistant and can withstand minor rainfalls and accidental splashes from pools and lakes.

The features do not end on the surface either. It also comes equipped with speakerphone capability, allowing you to switch from a song to a phone call and go hands-free if you would like.

The sound it puts out is solid and handles loud, bass-heavy music and soft music equally as well. The drivers and amplifier included give it the power it needs to blast the music out for up to twelve hours.

At a price of $33, this speaker may match others at this price point in the performance, but it definitely has an edge when it comes to design. Overall, it is a great conversation starter that can then perform the best.

Final Trough

Bluetooth speakers provide the perfect option for people that want to go mobile and take their music with them. Choosing a Bluetooth speaker system that fits your needs depends on a lot of factors including how much sound you need, what type of features you want and how much you are willing to pay for a higher quality device.

With all decisions related to technology, you are going to need to make a choice between weight, size, feature set, and costs. Choosing one option over the other inevitably results in losing some of the features of other products.

Carefully choose a Bluetooth speaker set based first on your budget. Then evaluate your needs, if size is the most important option, choose the Bose, Photive Cyren or Jambox systems.

If you want pure sound, the best option for you is the Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III. However, that option does cost more and you sacrifice some of the feature set of the less expensive and smaller Photive Cyren unit.

If you can’t visit a store to test the speaker system before you purchase one, then make sure you read customer reviews and take a look at the technical specifications for each product.

With best Bluetooth speakers a crucial part of your audio system, it pays to take the time to carefully review each of the options available to you and choose a system that fits your mobile needs. The most expensive options don’t always provide you with the features you need.

However, more expensive systems almost always have greater performance, more power, and a greater sound quality.

Most importantly, you must choose a set of speakers that are compatible with your device. If the speakers don’t work with your computer or mobile device, you have just invested in a brick.



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