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The 5 Best Basketball Shoes to Buy in 2018

The 5 Best Basketball Shoes to Buy in 2018


The best basketball shoes for most people are often associated with the popularity of the brand or the professional player’s name stamped on it.

No wonder the market is rife with all sorts of styles, designs and celebrity-named basketball shoes that would cater to different tastes of users. But when it comes to athletic footwear, one has to prioritize function over fashion.

It is essential to find the perfect shoe type that would protect the player’s physical health and boost his/her playing performance on the floor.

The highly physical demand that basketball requires from players means both the feet and the shoes are subjected to an incredible amount of stress. Because these conditions contribute to the fast wear-and-tear of the basketball shoes, it is not uncommon for many players – whether professionals or just serious aficionados – to go through several pairs of shoes in a season.

Therefore, choosing the best basketball shoes that would fit one’s budget is the top consideration so that any player can start off on the right foot, literally.

The 7 Best Basketball Shoes of 2018:

It is a good thing that there are plenty of community websites and discussion boards that can guide a potential buyer into all the essential information he/she may need to help make the best purchasing decision.

It doesn’t matter if a particular brand of shoes is bought from the nearest shopping center or from an online retail store. All those comments, evaluation, and reviews from industry critics and other buyers could spell the difference between revealing and regretting those expensive shoes you chose to buy.

Below is a review of some of the best basketball shoes to buy this year.

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Air Jordan 4 Retro OG
Jordan 4 Retro OG

The Air Jordan 4 Retro OG “CEMENT” Men’s Shoes were all the hype around the 2016 all-star basketball game in Toronto. They were there at the top of everyone’s list and high expectations were built around these masterpieces.

They originally debuted around mid-February of 2016, and they are the latest installment of Jordan’s very famous and recognized Retro Master initiative which began last year around spring. Everyone was fascinated when these shoes started coming out again.

Many NBA players and fitness enthusiasts, and even collectors were super happy to see this initiative come to life. But the Jordan brand didn’t stop there, they went ahead and made a lot of improvements on the original models by adding more color choices, better-cushioning systems, and materials.

Additionally, they included different shapes and minimal design modifications to fit today’s standards WITHOUT sacrificing the idea that the shoes originally conveyed.

These Jordan Basketball shoes are the product of evolution. They’ve gone through a process of streamlining and remastering, and they remain faithful by keeping the Nike Air logo right on the heels and their historic silhouettes.

It’s no secret that many websites have at least one type of Jordan shoes in their top 5.

Michael Jordan totally approves this idea and design, since they honor his classic shoes, but at the same time, they update them to meet the needs of even the most demanding athlete. The Air Jordan 4 Retro Cement is no exception and it certainly emanates everything the brand stands for.

These pair of shoes are a longtime fan favorite, and now anyone can purchase them for the first time since 1999. The splashing design, premium leather, and Nike Air Logo stamped around the heel make them nostalgic yet extremely powerful to wear, another hit by Nike.

Nike Men's LeBron Soldier IX
LeBron Soldier IX

LeBron’s Soldier Shoes have always been in the top 5 of every basketball shoe enthusiast, many people swear by them and they have reason to do so. The Nike LeBron Soldier IX Men’s Basketball Shoes excel at everything you can think of.

Although some basketball players feel that the Soldier VII let them down, this new pair of shoes brings the great cushioning feel back.

When we talk about traction, The Soldier series has always been top notch in this category. The new sole pattern makes their tracking better than any time before. These shows have been manufactured to be used on all types of surfaces, be it wood or concrete; yet the feel and grip always are the same.

The newer patterns are specifically designed to help you drive your slides and brake on your cuts.

The new Zoom goes back to the original cushioning concept, and we are happy they did. The large Zoom units are super firm and give a great hop and responsivity. Once you get used to it, you’ll come to appreciate the Soldier IV.

Generally, the fit is reported to be as perfect as it can be for all sizes. The strapping mechanism is mainly strap based, that is one firm strip that locks the ankle and heel. There is one other strap that goes around the whole foot and straps in the middle. This makes it lockdown perfectly tight and feels great on the foot.

Under Armour UA ClutchFit
Under Armour UA

The Clutchfit Drive was and still is very famous amongst basketball shoe lovers since they were notably used by Steph Curry, current MVP of the league.

The Under Armour Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive 2 is the second model, but Steph Curry went on to have his own shoe, so does it live up to the original? Let’s begin by talking a bit about the traction. Nothing fancy here, just a solid herringbone that as many of us know does the job.

The simple design leaves nothing to the imagination and they play just great.

As for the cushioning goes, you might be happy to find out that it is very soft and designed to be comfortable for your foot.

This optimizes its responsiveness to your moves which always great for your game.

It is no secret that Under Armour always tries to experiment with different types of cushioning, and although the present cushioning might feel comfortable to some, and not too comfortable for others it does show a lot of promise for the future.

The fitting is quite accurate, you can expect your foot to slide in without much resistance, without making it too loose for a good fit. One thing to highlight is that for some type of feet, those that are wide in particular, the basketball may feel a bit too tight.

Adidas Performance Light Em Up 2
Adidas Light Em Up 2

When we look at the Adidas PerformancenLight Em Up 2, we look at foot technology made for blazing speed and dynamic agility.

If you want to gain speed and become a human blur, then these best basketball shoes can help you gain quickness and step up your game. Built with their patented Bounce cushion technology and a superior traction that has been vastly improved, you’ll feel much more powerful cuts when you hit the courts.

These shoes are mainly reported to perform great and belong on the high-end spectrum of anyone’s basketball shoe list for 2018.

They work really well on any type of court and the cushioning lets your feet do the work with so much more ease. They treat your feet like a top basketball shoe should: they hold the foot still in their place and lock it down with a wrap-around lace system.

If you’re into variety, you’ll definitely notice that Adidas offers a variety of colors and designs, so you’ll have a lot to choose from to fit your particular taste.

If there is a possible issue with the shoe is that it can be a bit constricting around the top because of the wrap up lacing and limits the space for extension. Depending on your type and shape of foot this can be either an advantage or disadvantage.

Nike Men's Hyperdunk
Nike Hyperdunk

When we first glance at the Nike Hyperdunk 2015/16 Men’s Basketball Shoes we may think that they sacrifice performance for looks. As a matter of the heel may seem to be a bit too high for function, and is there more for aesthetics than for anything else.

The traction leaves nothing to the mind, they use a vanilla herringbone which has proven to be a top performer. The rubber sticks very well to the surface of the court.

You can make a fair comparison between the traction of the Clutchfit Drive 2 and the Hyperdunk when it comes to traction quality.

Cushioning is based on the Zoom technology but reports state that it doesn’t feel as great as the Zoom on other basketball shoes such as the Soldier IV.

The fit, like with most Nike shoes will be a perfect fit, even if your feet are a bit wider than usual. In fact, the opposite may be true here, if your feet are too narrow you might actually want to order a smaller size. The toe box is comfy, yet doesn’t suffer from dead space.

The lockdown mechanism fits the foot around the heel and up to the lower mid-calf which may be a bit strange for someone who hasn’t used these types of shoes.


The best basketball shoes are the ones that improve your playing performance, reduce any injury occurrences and contribute to overall confidence.

Choose a pair that can be worn comfortably both on and off the court. Since they are designed as fashionable merchandise, you have a plethora of style, material, and color to satisfy your needs and expectations.

You can have a positive buying experience if you take the time to research individual items and its descriptions as well as user reviews and comments from different websites. When buying online, check for return policies so you won’t regret your decision afterward.

Find shoes that provide maximum comfort at a price you can afford so you can take your game to the next level.


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